Looking for outpriced unusuals off backpack.tf high priced or quicksells, i might take unusual overpay or pure keys depending on offer hit me up!
Looking for offers nothing really múch to say
Looking to buy 1 unusual for my 2, i would mostly want an quicksell or an 3rd gen or any bad effec
ref for key and 7.66 for strangifier usually worth 9.33
Buying all valuable stuff add me
Keys in stock:29


Looking for cheaper unusuals
feel free to send me trade offer or add me
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Looking for 21 keys pure or unusual offers feel free to offer!
Looking for 20 keys pure or Unusual offers!
Im buying stuff for pure worth more than what im paying in pure

basiclly selling for itemoverpay
Looking for Pure mostly but i can be up for unusual offers aswell

its clean so dont worry and u get free paint

add me if u wanna discuss

i can take cs:go knifes if anyone has one or more feel free
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backpack.tf prices or offers!
Huntsman: 8.33 ref (killstreak)

Spy Boots: 3 ref
all for 0.22 under backpack.tf price!
cheapest one on the market and cleanest on the market!

Selling for 22 keys pure or unusual offers (quicksell)
Selling for 10 ref has halloween spell!
Buying keys for 18.66 each

if im offline send me an trade offer!

Happy Trading!
Buying these miscs for:

Pyromancers Rainment's : 6 ref

Pyromancers Hood: 6 ref

Weight Room Warmer: 5 ref

Kringle Collection: 4.33 ref

Charmers Chapeu: 4 ref

Snow Sleeves: 4 ref

Sweet Frickin Ninja Hood: 4 ref

Lunatic Leather: 4 ref

All this is bought with pure metal if im offline send me an trade offer!

Happy trading!
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Silver Botkiller Sniper Rifle Mk.I: 5.22 Ref

Strange Silver Botkiller Wrench Mk.II: 4.88 Ref

Strange Silver Botkiller Stickybomb Launcher Mk.I: 2.33 Ref

Strange Silver Botkiller Minigun Mk.II: 3.66 Ref

Strange Carbonado Botkiller Knife Mk.I: 3.66 Ref

Strange Grenade Launcher: 1.88 Ref

Strange Silver Botkiller Medi Gun Mk.I: 3.66 Ref

Strange Silver Botkiller Scattergun Mk.I: 5.44 Ref

if im offline send me an trade offer!

Happy Trading!
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selling the winter woodman for 16 ref usually goes for 1 key pure!

and selling the tour of duty tickets for 8 ref each
8 ref for the ticket

if im offline send me an trade offer!
all for 0.22 below bp.tf prices
Selling for 8 keys usually goes for 15 keys 100% clean with a pretty short history

Cheapest and cleanest on the market!
Selling this none duped unusual for a quicksell off 9 keys add me!

Or up for offers!
Selling 3 keys for 19 ref each
quickselling for only 9 keys (any unusual for 9 keys is a pretty good price :P)
Selling for 10 keys pure or unusual offers

Happy trading! :D
backpack.tf prices or item overpays prefer adds wont charge any metal at all for paint
item overpay or pure

i might take a small amount more for desciption and name tag (really small)

and it has a part on it worth 7 ref
selling this one key for 19.11 add me please
Selling for offers

selling strange double dynamite 14.33 and essential for 17 ref

feel free to send me a trade offer or add me :)
Backpack.tf prices

u can add me or send me a trade offer

see ya :D
Selling for offers :/
Hello there :D im selling these pretty little hats/miscs they are so good looking

I do take offers on all of them but if u dont have a offer its just backpack.tf price

Add me or send me a trade offer :D

See ya soon ya Maget :O
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add me or send trade offer
Beak: 10 ref usually worth 15 ref on bp.tf with paint

Deadliest Catch: 1.66 usually worth 2 ref on bp.tf

Sharp Dresser: 2.66 ref (craft number)