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I'm taking money offers on my Miami Nights Infernal Impaler. It's previously sold on the community market in the last week for $120-$130.

If a price is agreed on I will list the item on to Marketplace.tf for you to purchase there to avoid complications.

Thank you for your time.
I'm taking offers. I would rather have knives than these awesome unusuals. I would love to have a StatTrak knife, but I don't know if many people are willing to do that. Anyways, hit me up with an offer and have a good day! :)
Selling this NICE unusual. Give me reasonable prices. NO KILLSTREAKS PLEASE! I am looking for pure, but I MIGHT take australiums if your lucky.

B/O: 2 .1 Buds Pure

C/O: None, just posted.
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Im selling this Aces High Plug-In Prospector

B/O: 2 Buds

(Other guy wants 2 Buds AND 10 Keys)

C/O: Collectors Professional Killstreak Short Circuit

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Give me offers. Leave it below. If you add me I will probably decline you by accident. I get a lot of spam of little fucks wanting free stuff.
I want either 1 pure key or even give me an offer, but I dont think I will be too accepting of most offers...

B/O: 1 PURE Key

C/O: None
Offer me

C/O: Old Offer was closed...

B/O: 10 Keys PURE!
Taking offers on this great misc!

C/O: 2 Keys

B/O: 10 Keys
Offer me on this Medic Unusual!

C/O: 11 keys + Genuine Tyrants helm painted pink as hell

B/O: 12 Keys PURE!
These are some craft hats I am selling. Leave the item name of which you want to buy below and what your paying. I will add you, but dont be shy to add me.

Have a good day :D
Im looking for offers or Hitman Absolution or some other game that I might have forgotten...
Selling these 2 Unusuals!
C/O: Collectors Handshake (Manus9696 |OiA| Made Offer.)
B/O: 2 Pure Buds (Last One SOLD For 3 Buds)
One recently sold for 1.4 buds! Don't take my word for it! Check It! http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/17246017

C/O: SOLD for 8 keys pure.
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The last one sold for 1.5 buds.
C/O: Collectors Scottish Handshake.

B/O: 2 buds.
looking for pure buds or keys only. Or an unusual offer. Leave offer below...
Im looking for Unusuals for 1 bud. Leave the unusual and effect in the comments. If you want to trade an unusual for an unusual say so and tell me which hat your giving for it. NEEDS TO BE THE SAME CLASS.
Lvl 69. Blighted. Just give me an offer.

B/O: No Buy Out
I'm buying ONE bud unusuals for the following classes.
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I have this nice Blighted Beak, painted a Distinctive Lack of Hue. Im taking offers and im looking to buy a strange shotgun.
Im looking for offers on my australium Tomislav.

B/O: undecided

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I have an Unusual Voodoo JuJu (Slight Return) with Miami Nights for 7 buds. It is going to be priced at around 7-9 buds, but I am trying to quicksell for ONLY 7! If you have an unusual offer or would like to buy the hat, please tell me in the section below. If you want to offer an unusual leave the name and effect below. IM NOT BUYING LEVELED ITEMS OR CRAFT NUMBERS! Thanks for considering on this deal.
Check me out on YouTube!

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Selling this fine hat. Around 7-9 buds. If you give me a good offer I will take it. Im selling it for 180 PayPal. Leave offers below.
Want to but strange chem sets for every strange EXCEPT Summer Shades and Toss-Proof Towel
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I just unboxed this lvl 92 Voodoo JuJu and I want to sell it for a different hat or, preferably, money. You can put all your offers down below. I will not accept any offers until there is a set price on the hat. I don't want to scam anyone and I don't want to be scammed. I will friend you if I like your offer, but only when a set price has came out.

B/O Unusual: ?

B/O Money: 200$
You get a ref profit! Friend me. First person to add is the first person i sell it to.
B/O of 12 buds or 13 in unusuals.

The only other one in existence ( a low level BUBBLING went for 6 buds)
YOU GET A REC OFF! Trade me!
Im looking for a MINIMUM of 4 buds, 1:1 unusual offers, or 200$ PayPal. It's one of the few, has NO TRADE HISTORY, and was the first Tsarboosh to EVER be unboxed.
The item is a level 99 and has a 4 person (including me) trade history. The item is a solid 2 keys without the level 99. I have had it appraised in between 2.66-3 keys because of the level, but i'm looking to quick sell for 2 pure keys.
Its a lvl 69 so its worth 6 keys, im looking for key offers. I want 4.