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Selling Max Payne 3
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Selling all these kits for offers.
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Quickselling N&B Soda Topi for 9 keys
Add me if you want to trade or comment here.
  • Completed
1 for 1
Add me
  • Completed
Trading 1:1
These Holiday cards for those cards.
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Offer for my SKS Weapons
Sheen for ham is Emerald
Sheen for SMG is Violet
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Selling these collectors level items for offers
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Dead Presidents Antler
Aces High Gym Rat

I propose the saddest trades
Selling this Cauldron Bubbles Samur-Eye for Buds, Unusual Offers or Offers
5.8 in buds or 6.5 in unusuals/items
Selling a Hellfire Larrakin Robin for Offers
Selling a Specialized Killstreak Three-Rune Blade with Team Shine for Offers
Selling these stranges with strange parts for the Full price of the strange + Half the price of the strange part
Overpay is required if the payment is not metal/keys
Don't add me
Selling these items for metal or offers
Selling a killstreak sharp dresser for offers
Taking offers on a proffesor specs strangifier
1 ;1 add me
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Selling these soldier items
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Selling these Sniper Items for offers
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Selling these paints for offers
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selling gmod 2 keys
offer on trading cards
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Got 2 buds and keys give me ur quick sell unusual offers :3
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Offer for these fine items!!

B/O for bird cage: 1 bud
C/O: Full 2011 Fesive Set (Rejected)
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Offer here
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Nice clean adultswim items
Don't really want to sell em but let's see what these items can get in offers

Brocks Locks Sold for
Track Terrorizer
  • Completed
Offer here
Not so nice spy set
If you want the stuff separately fill free to offer
Old unusual hat trade = http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/7935937
Unusual sold for 1 bud and bills
  • Completed
Selling these nice gen items and one mercs muffler!!
  • Completed
This Trade was made for people who actually care about levels :3 Offer up
  • Completed
Buying the laughing taunt

Lowest offer wins!!!
  • Completed
I would Like replacements + sweets for the head warmer and wraith wrap Offer for brown bomber and Robot Running man
  • Completed
Offer for these western items :D

  • Completed
Offer here or add me
B/O for unusual: 29 keys
C/O For Unusual:
Nuts & Bolts Noir + s festive amby with 3 s parts and with name and desc tag
25 Keys
Bud- Highest
Smoking Larkin Robin (RETRACTED)
Savage Crate 30 + 4 Keys (RETRACTED)
Circling tf2 sign janissary Ketche
N & B fez (Needs to add more)
Nuts and bolts Buckaroo hat (Rejected)
Green Confetti BackBiters + Sweets

Hat of Cards sold for 2.44 ref
Gold Dirty Rouges Col Rol sold for 1 ref + Hotdogger
Le Party Phantom sold for 2 Ref
Strange sold for charmers chapeau
  • Completed
Offer here or pay in key offers :)

B/O 2 keys 1 ref
  • Completed
Selling these items:
OFFER HERE first before sending me a trade
  • Completed
Selling this blizzardy storm engineer cap with white paint and name tag!!
Offer here!!
B/O:2 buds
C/O: 32 keys
  • Completed
B/O 32 keys
C/O none

Offer here