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Hi there,
I am selling my "The Gun Mettle and Tough Break Festivizer" for 5 ref.
Just taking metal straight up and not willing to budge on the amount.

Feel free to add me to friends and trade or just send me a trade offer.
I am mobile authenticated with no trade escrow.
Not trading anyone with a trade escrow/wait :(
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Hey, in need of five keys.
Straight up, yes I don't have any rep at the moment; I'm hoping that this trade, which I'll probably do kind off frequently, will help get my rep going.
Because I have no rep:
-I will go first (PayPal verified)
-You must have decent reputation and also be willing to leave rep on one of: tf2-trader, or (since half the reason for this trade is to build my rep up, quite honestly).

Why am I trustworthy with no rep:
-1 year steam account (not that much, but hey)
-Level 12 Steam Account
-35 games
-800 hours of total gameplay (and it ain't from idling :) )

I'm good at catching out you baddie scammers, so I wouldn't try (sneaky-beaky like)
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