1 key only ;)
Looking to buy cheap quick-sell unusuals!

Simply just multiply .6 x the price of your unusual! That's how much I will pay!

I've got 22 keys in stock as of right now. It will change in the future.

Please, don't add me to offer. Offer below.
Pure only.

Don't add me saying you got an offer. I will decline it.
Looking to buy a Strange Professional Killstreak Rocket Launcher!

Must be at a discount!

Offer below, don't add me.
Flippin Awesome - SOLD

Oblooterated - 2.00 Refined

Buy a life - 2.33 Refined
Anger - SOLD

Charmer's Cheapu - SOLD
Samur Eye - SOLD

Head Warmer - SOLD

Combustible Kabuto - 2.00 refined (painted)

Purity Fist - SOLD

Dogfighter - SOLD

Tuxxy - SOLD

Add me or send me a trade offer, trade offers are always faster!
Buying REALLY cheap stranges.

The stranges must be under 2 refined, preferably under 1 refined.

Add me!
Killstreak Botkiller Rocket Launcher - SOLD

Botkiller Minigun - 3.33 Refined
Looking to sell this hat for 1 pure earbud, otherwise 2 earbuds in unusual offers.


Looking to buy extremely cheap quicksells!

(14 key stock)

The Q.S must be 30-40% off BP.TF price.

Offer below please,

You can add me if you want, but your offer has to be extremely good.
Little Bear - SOLD

Level 3 Chin - SOLD

Vive la France - SOLD

Lumbricus Lid - 5.00 Refined

Winter Wonderland Wrap - SOLD

Distinguished Rouge - SOLD

Cut Throat Concierge - SOLD

Add me or send trade offer!
Rancho - sold

Level 3 chin - 3.33 refined

Lid - 6 refined

add me or send offer
Hello! Here, I am looking to buy ALL trading cards at one weapon each!
3 ref for nametags
Medal - 5 keys

add me
Vintage Loch N Load - 2.33 refined

Vintage Foster's Facade - 1.00 Refined

Triggerman's Tacticals - SOLD

Genuine Aperture Labs Hard Hat - SOLD

Genuine Quadwrangler - 1 Key

Genuine Dragonborn Helmet - SOLD
  • Completed
Botkiller - 4 ref

Level 3 Chin - 3 ref

add or send trade offer
  • Completed

Here, I am buying ALL craftable hats at 1.00 refined.
I will not pay extra for paint.

I am buying robo hats, only at 0.66 refined.
Again, I am not paying extra for paints.

Feel free to add me or send trade offer!
  • Completed
3 ref a tour
  • Completed
Buying SUPER cheap quick sell unusual hats.

I'm looking for 30-40% backpack.tf price,

I only have 12 keys in stock, so, yeah, it has to be cheap. This should rise in future.

Please don't add me, offer here. You can add me ONLY if it's a super good deal. But, I'd like it better if you were to offer below.
  • Completed

Five Nights at Freddy's


  • Completed
0.22 a pan
  • Completed
Buying a specialized killstreak market gardener with manndarin effect! 1 key

add me
  • Completed
Ap-Sap - 6 refined

FlapJack - 7 Refined or 1 key
  • Completed
Selling all of my taunts.
(Some of them are not shown, but are for sale)

Conga - SOLD

Buy a life - SOLD

Flip - 1 Key

Oblooterated - SOLD

Square Dance - SOLD

High five - SOLD

Laugh taunt - SOLD

Relaxo - SOLD

Deep Fried Desire - 1.66 refined

I see you - 1.33

add or send trade offer!
  • Completed
The Manniversary Paper Hat - SOLD

The Noble Amassment of hats - SOLD

The Combustible Kabuto - 1.66

Digit Divulger - SOLD

Cool Breeze - SOLD

Genuine Centurion - SOLD

Genuine K-9 Mane - 1.33

Genuine Marxman - SOLD

add me or send a trade offer!
  • Completed

add me or send trade offer.
  • Completed
Anger - 2.66 refined

Weight Room Warmer - SOLD

Birdman of Australiacatraz - SOLD

Last Breath - SOLD

Pyrotechnic Tote - 1.33 refined

Robot Running Mann - 1.33

Ornament Armament - SOLD

Razer Cut - 1.66

Add me or send me a trader offer here.
  • Completed
7 ref for 1 key add me
  • Completed
3 refined for birdman

2 ref for ornament
3 refined if ur buying all at once

add or send offer.
  • Completed

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