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Selling this rare, Strange Specialized Killstreak UNUSUAL Brain Candy Knife!

Effect: Hot

Will instantly sell for 80 Keys, but I'm open to offers and negotiation!
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Looking to sell this Great 1 of 3 Sniper unusual for 38 keys pure. Offer pure only, please!
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Sign's Quickbuy Shop
I'm here to quickly purchase your unusual! I am paying in pure.
Key stock : 14
Refined Stock : ~20

BP.tf listed price -> my price
11 keys -> 8 keys
12 keys -> 8 keys
13 keys -> 9 keys
14 keys -> 10 keys
15 keys -> 10 keys
16 keys -> 11 keys
17 keys -> 12 keys
18 keys -> 13 keys
19 keys -> 13 keys
20 keys -> 14 keys

Preferences :
Soldier <- Demoman <- Scout <- Medic <- Sniper <- Spy <- Engineer <- Pyro <- Heavy

Leave your offers below! ( and yes, the prices are negotiable. it just depends on the hat+effect! )
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Hello everyone! I'm looking to sell a clean Noble Amassment with the effect Dead Presidents. It's a nice budget all-class!

B/O : 20 keys pure, though 25 and up in item offers will be considered.
C/O : currently none
Hello everyone! I'm looking to sell an absolutely STUNNING Morning Glory One-Man Army! Only 5 exist and will ever exist, and its the only one on the market!

B/O : 32 keys pure, though 45 and up in item offers will be considered.
C/O : currently none
Hello! This trade is for collectors. If you are not a collector, then you may not be interested in this item; unless you like the novelty of it.\

I'm looking to sell a glitched Loaner Potassium Bonnett.
Proof of this being a Loaner can be found here; http://img.../3a4Zy
It's a pretty novelty glitch item, and definitely for collectors.

B/O : 30 keys pure
C/O : ( None. All offers are welcome! I could lower my B/O if you're paying in pure. )
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Hello! I'm looking to sell this amazing, clean all-class hat. It's a very simple hat that works with most loadouts; paired with a very noticeable effect like this, and you can't go wrong! It is clean with a very short history. It is 1 of 2 on the market.

B/O : 60 keys
C/O : Blizzardy Storm Head Warmer (62)

Feel free to offer! I'm looking for around 65-70 keys in offers/mixed, but we can negotiate. Unusual weapons/taunts are appreciated, but all-class hats will immediately take top priority.
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Sold for a Steaming topper!
Looking to sell this Disco Beatdown Gridiron Guardian!

-Only 22 in existence
-1 of 2 on Outpost!

B/O : 12 keys pure
C/O : N/A

One key and up to 19 refined can be added to unusual offers to either even the prices or as sweets.
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Selling skins i dont use for backpack.tf prices
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What it says on the tin. Random things for random things. I have trade holds because I don't have a phone (fucking Vaaalve..)
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Taking offers in pure or items for these items, going by BACKPACK.TF price.


Rocket Launcher - 16.61 ref
Hound Dog - ~17.33 ref

Prices are pretty much firm unless your items are plenty, varied, and at least a few all-class/multi-class.
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Random skins. Boomstick is Strange.
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Selling this "Undercover Pro Sniper" set.

-Minimal Wear Night Owl
-Darwin's Danger Shield
-Bolted Bushman [Level 69 {Mmmm, Level Collectors pls}]

Looking for offers.

C/O: [None]
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Offer up on these skins. Not the best but they exist.
What the fuck is this?!

Are quests in Spy VS Engie and it showed up for like a second as a glitch?

It can't be a contract, those wouldn't have a backpack icon since they don't show up in one's backpack as an item...so what the fuck is it?!?!
Selling everything in my backpack that's not for Heavy in exchange for Heavy items.
Looking for offers on this Craft #16 Leftover Trap.
Looking for offers on this Factory New minigun skin.

Mainly looking for other skins.
Selling this Strange Fashionable Megalomaniac with Kills & Assist parts for 2 keys pure or over 2.3 keys in mixed offers.
Looking for offers on this beaut for when its tradable. It is a 1 of 1 for sale, 1 of 2 Nuts N' Bolts Siberian Facehugger, which is a limited 2014 winter cosmetic, meaning its one of the only ones that will ever exist. It is clean and has no "Gifted By" tag. It shall be tradable by the 15th, so I have a long time to check out your offer. The hat also allows you to wear items such as the Big Steel Jaw of Summer Fun with it, and it looks pretty cool.

There is also a glitch where this cosmetic has the effect on your hip. If you want to fix this, simply check the "Adjust Unusual" box.


Best offer as of now: 14 keys pure [low, added to discuss]

If nobody wants this, I definitely don't mind keeping it. I mean cmon, forever 1 of 2. I don't mind keeping a hat like this.
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Backpack.tf Prices, or if the item you want is killstreak, make an offer!
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Instant B/O: Any unusual. ANY.

Flames and Hot Rod look very nice together. A google search should bring up what these two look like together. They're like purple flames coming out of your eyes.

Current C/O: None.
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Pure only.
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Pure only.
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1 key and 14 ref. Pure only.
To celebrate Mortal Kombat X's release, I am looking to buy a Level 10 Ninja set. I am willing to pay 1.33 ref in total overpay for them if they're level 10.

Can also buy the normal set at not level 10, but I'd not overpay on them.
Paint must be included either on or off the hat.
30 pure keys and keys ONLY.

1 of 4 in the world.
1 of 1 on market.
Notice the parts and killstreaks on the weapons and the level on the eye-catcher (same as craft number). Looking for 24 keys pure but can do 23.
25 keys pure or overpay in a Sulphurous unusual.
One of Two on outpost.

20 keys in unusuals.

Quicksells allowed.

No 3rdgens/robo.

No gifteds/dupes.
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Team Spirit Heavy's Hockey Hair


1 Key pure, non-negotiable.

Add me if I'm online, or send a trade offer if I'm offline.
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Strange Professional Killstreak Half-Zatoichi
Killstreaker: Flames
Sheen: Manndarin


5 Keys pure, non-negotiable.

Add me as a friend if I'm online, or send me a Trade Offer if I'm offine.
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1 key pure each.
No negotiation.
Both are killstreak.
Hypno-Beam & Violet

Gifted, but clean with 0 scammers on its history.

Up for any and all offers.
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Selling this awesome Heavy misc!

1st gen, and a misc!

Wear it for heavy unusual combos!

All unusual offers must be 1.55+ Buds in worth.

B/O: 1.40 Buds

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Willing to pay 2 keys + overpay worth in items for non-source Half-Life 1.
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Sheen is villanous violet.

Only one on the community market is from a guy wanting $115.00, and there's no listing for a kit with this sheen on the community market right now, so....

I don't know what to think.
Offer away.
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Lets see if outpost can seperate me from my dream set.
Hiya! This is my ROCKY Heavy set, which is obviously inspired from the ROCKY movies that starred Rocky Balboa

All of the items will become tradable by the first day of 2015!

B/O: None, though the unusual is valued at 21 keys.

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Just obtained and one of a kind (duh)!

Craft #69. The ultimate Collector's Craft #!

1 bud PURE or 1.3+ in unusuals/promos (this is pretty low cuz a #69 track terrorizer has a B/O of 4 buds, search it)
(Trade used as reference; http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/21357477 [note the #69 pip-boy])
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14.88 (1 key + 2.22 ref) in pure, no item negotiation.
Buying Professional Killstreak Holiday Punch kit!

Paying 25.33 in pure refined(equals 2 keys)!

Looking for 4.5 keys pure (4 keys + 6 ref) or 5 keys in items!

Price is not firm, and it can be lowered if an item offer is items I really like.
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Offer up on my scout set.

Take notice in the strange parts on the scattergun.
B/O: 16 keys or 1 bud + .5 keys

Also taking item offers if it's overpay.

Past offers;

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Collectors Crates ~ 1 scrap each.

If you don't like the price, move on. It's for collectors of stuff, as was I at one point.

Purchasing an entire lot will now get you 1 scrap off.

Lots ~

Nice Winter Crates - 4 in total, currently all for 3 scrap

Limited Summer - 17 in total, currently all for 16 scrap

Spooky Crates - SOLD, currently all for SOLD scrap
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Green Giant cosmetic set

I was just recently able to complete my dream heavy set.
It is being sold as only a set or pay more than evaluated prices for seperate purchases.
Serious offers only; as in pure or unusuals.

Don't care much on backpack.tf prices, I value hats by their looks.

B/O: Stuff over a bud in MY valuated price.
C/O: None.
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Killstreak offers, Strange offers, or 5.50 keys pure. Hot Rod is free.

Also taking offers that I would like.
5.7 keys pure.

6 in items.

Sheen is Hot Rod.

Send me a trade offer.
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