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Its a pretty sweet demo hat not gonna lie
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Trying to get out of the robohat scene and seeing if anyone wants to try to make a profit.
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Willing to overpay. Anyone who wants to try their luck at getting profit, here's your chance. Just don't be ridiculous
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Hey fagets buy my hats. Mostly looking for a 2:1 trade for the classes listed but all offers are welcome

In buds I'm looking for a quicksell-ish 5.5 buds for both hats. Which is pretty fair considering the Drill Hat itself is 4+ on Bp.tf

Also since I'm not a premiumfag anymore I'm probably gonna forget to bump this and its gonna expire in a week.
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Mainly looking for Scout hats in the 4 bud region. Depending on my personal opinion on the hat.

In buds I'm looking for 3.5 (3 buds 10 keys). Which is fair considering the hat is something along 4-4.3 on bp.tf
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Demo or Scout unusuals. No other classes

Prices via buds
Soldered Sensei: 3 (3.5 on bp.tf)
Metal Drill Hat: 4 (4.6-5.8 on bp.tf)
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Soldered Sensei: 3 buds (3.5 on bp.tf)
Metal Drill Hat: 4 buds (4.8-5.6 on bp.tf)
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7,33 ea

29,00 if you buy all. That's like, one rec cheaper than normal.
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B/O is 10 buds
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sold for 3 scrap and a handjob gg
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Both for 6. Could be a quicksell. No revenue for me.

I dont like unusuals anymore please help.

Pure only, if your offer is not pure I will report you until you die.
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Time Warp is pricechecked at 7+. This hat is currently pricechecked at 5.3-6.9 on bp.tf.

I'm trying to sell for 5 pure. I really really dont feel like unusuals anymore :/

For the record, I've had 2 guys try collecting the 5 buds. But I havent heard anything from the first guy in a while. The other guy tho is still active. So dont be like that one jew who offered 100$ and then went to cry at mods when I declined :)
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6:2 / 4,66 ref for both Name and Desc Tag.

Dont want to buy seperately so please dont add me if you only have the other one.
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Bitch I'll make as many new trades for the same hat as I want

I want to get rid of all unusual related things. Please help me. Pure only. Offer below.

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Pure. Only. (Buds, Max Heads, Keys, Bills)

Dont find unusuals that neat anymore :/

Is this a quicksell? Sort of. But dont expect to get a 90% discount just because you are paying with pure.
I'm aiming for 6 which is a really fair amount if you ask me. I have received offers over that in unusuals.
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''Quickselling'' for only 5,66 because I hate scraps and only peasants like scraps.
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Offers for Set or Head Warmer

B/O: Every single Gunslinger in game so I can delete them

■■Nothing worth mentioning
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Hai, I got shit I dont need. Buy them pls.

Fortune Hunter: Sold
Well-Rounded Rifleman: Sold
Desert Marauder(After Eight): Sold
The King of Scotland Cape: Sold
Foster's Facade(After Eight): Sold
Attendant: 2 Ref
Procedure Mask: Sold
Das Metalmeatencasen: Sold

Add me.
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HWNN: Sold
Rebel: 1,66 Ref
Federal Casemaker: Sold
Liquor Locker: Sold
Cocktails: Sold
Slouch: Sold
Bazooka: Sold

Just add me.
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Bushwacka: Bought
Stickybomb Launcher: Bought
Loch 'n Load: Bought
Blutsauger: 1,33 Ref
Reserve Shooter: Bought
Fists: Bought
Southern Hospitality: Bought
Ubersaw: Bought
Just add me.
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Add me.
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Add me.
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All hats : 1,33 Ref

Bazooka : 0,33 Ref

Add me
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Genuine KE painted Brown --> 4 Ref

Add me.
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4 Ref

Add me pl0s
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fuck yo tea
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Summer box is stupid and gay

Rifleman: cock
Tyurtlenek: 2,00 Ref

Just add me.
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Add me.
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Sold for Green Black Hole Head Warmer. I'll miss ya fez!

I'm sorry I cant make up my mind with what to put on the right side of the trade.
Alright so another new trade:

Alrighty I'm kinda tired of this hat and would like to move onto a new one. Preferably Scout, Soldier or Pyro.

All offers are appreciated but please, I have had unusual offers at the 6-7 range and I expect them to stay that way.

SFM picture by JUMPixel: http://i.i...B2.jpg

C/Os from older trades, go dig em up if you want proof.
-Misty Skull Attendant
-Beams Baker Boy + 0,66 in pure

Note: This is one of the very few clean ones, if you want this hat cheap then go speak to the guys with duped ones.
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Basically a free hat if you own the paint.
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Need to get rid of these for metal so I can craft hats:

Grizzled Growth: Sold

Adventurer's Aspect: 4,33 Ref

Dirty AE Fast Learner: Sold

AE Heavy Duty Rag: Sold

On a scale of 1 to 10 on how firm my prices are, I'd go with 10.
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Add me.
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Heya! Kind of getting tired of my Fez and would like to move on to a different Spy hat, preferably one in the trade.

Buds and promos in general are of course liked.

SFM picture by JUMPixel: http://i.i...B2.jpg
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I need 1 of each.

Name tag: Bought
Desc tag: 1,66 Ref

Just add me.
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Add me
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Add me.
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Pure or baker boys. Nothing else please.
Preferably mixed
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Selling keys at 5 ref ea

I have 8 keys.
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Pure only
Clean unlike the majority of these on OP.
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Made new trade to be more specific with the things on the right.

Picture below

Taking offers on this set(Or hat, whatever floats your boat) that is extremely precious to me.
All kinds of offers are appreciated, of course common sense is a good thing to have while offering.

B/O: 8 PURE or 8+ IU (Unusuals preferred)
Some offers:
-Sunbeams Baker Boy + 0,66 buds in sweets (Older Trade)
-Misty Skull Attendant (Old Trade)
Please refrain from offering on individual items (except for just the hat)

If you are going to offer in unusuals, take a look at this cool list I made below to see if your hat is in the group of hats that I appreciate the most.
Class tokens and hats in trade are highly preferred.

-El Jefe
-Backwards Ballcap
-Ye Olde Baker Boy
-Front Runner

Soldier: (thanks to my new gay mouse I suck at solly nowadays)
-Hat With No Name
-Honcho's Headgear
-Sergeant's Drill Hat
-Tyrant's Helm

-Head Warmer
-Brigade Helm
-Flamboyant Flamenco
-Napper's Respite
-Triphkmdlfk... Slug
-Vintage Merryweather
-Wraith Wrap (Not going to overpay for a stupid steaming one)

-Tavish Degroot Experience
-Conjurer's Cowl

-You can offer on heavy but I doubt I will take a heavy hat.

-Same as Heavy, I despise engi but that doesnt mean you cant offer with his hats.

-Blighted Beak
-Prussian Pickelhaube (No, your N&B Pickelhaube isnt worth 10 buds because it cant be uncrated anymore)
-Surgeon's Stahlhelm
-Vintage Tyrolean

-Your Worst Nightmare
-Swagman's Swatter
-Master's Yellow Belt
-Desert Marauder
-Villain's Veil

-Familiar Fez (This isnt a free-upgrade-station btw)
-Cosa Nostra Cap
-Charmer's Chapeau
-Le Party Phantom
-Noh Mercy

Screenshot below, ultramega thanks to JUMPixel