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Hi there

looking for offers on these items here.

Either post here or send a trade offer. Please do not add me. Thank you.
Key offers only please. Item offers will be ignored. Post here, add me, or send me a trade offer.
6 keys each. Add me or send a trade offer.
key offers only

dont add me
44 keys

pure ONLY

send me a trade offer -- do not add me

Trade Offer URL: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=104982424&token=mc8MoFk0
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i have 60 keys to sell for paypal

im gonna need to see a lot of rep if u want me to go first

anyway im selling them for $1.70 USD

please post here before adding me. thanks :)
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Selling these for pretty big discounts. Pure only. I will only accept trade offers. Do not add me. You will be ignored.

Trade offer URL https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=104982424&token=mc8MoFk0

Haunted Ghosts Troublemaker's Tossle Cap - 48 keys
Purple Energy Rimmed Raincatcher - 20 keys
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go go go

offer offer offer
gopher it
let's see what you're made of

nothing under 65 keys for the engie cap
Key offers or unusuals for those classes only.

Not interested in 3rd gen (save for cloud 9) or robo (save for RA/AF)

No B/o. If I see an offer I like I will take it
Key offers or unusuals for those classes only.

Not interested in 3rd gen (save for cloud 9) or robo (save for RA/AF)

I won't add to an offer, but won't mind a 2:1 if I like the item enough

No b/o. If I see an offer I like ill take it. thanks
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b/o is 70 keys
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idk dude

offer up

also its not selling for anything less than 60 keys so enough with your trash 30-something key offers
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35 keys or Aussie scatter or Aussie sniper
unusual offers or 30 keys

dont add me
30 keys, more in demo or soldier hats

Cowl - 25 keys
Max Head - 27 keys

trade offers only please
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im sorry but if a burning one of these is 63 keys there is no fucking way a scorching one should be only 45

offers under 60 keys won't be considered. at all.

a timeless, classic, lovely hat with a god-tier effect

decent offers so far:

Haunted Ghosts Milkman
Peace Sign Napper's and GE Engie Cap
Dead Presidents Rotation Sesnation
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b/o is 30 keys

overpay in unusuals/australiums/skins

i prefer demo and soldier

offers so far:

searing panama + 6 keys
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w/e dude just offer lol

offers so far:

DBD Full Metal Drill Hat + 5 keys and 4 ref
KaW Scotsman's Stovepipe +adds
Cloud 9 Fruit Shoot + 11 keys
Miami Nights Attendant
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B/O's in pure:

cowl - 35 keys
awp - 6 keys

overpay in unusuals/australiums - I prefer demo/scout/soldier

dont add me. send trade offers instead.
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B/O 7 keys
1:1 with another demo hat or downgrade i guess
B/O on this set: 27 keys

everything is clean

If you must offer unusuals, only the classes on the right will be considered.

australiums and strange festives are pretty cool too.
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unusual offers only

i prefer soldier stuff

those hats are cool
Looking for key/paypal offers or scout unusual offers

Post below and don't add me.
looking for cash offers only

spartan previously owned by streamers and former ESEA Invite players tagg and seanbud if it matters.
just looking for offers atm.

1 of 1 on the market at the moment

fyi: i value it far more than the garbage bp.tf price for it
as much as I want an unusual minigun, I understand the ridiculous hype for unusual weapons and am willing to wait it out for prices to stabilize as more pop up.

that being said, i want an unusual minigun with either of those skins, preferably those effects, and preferable MW or FT

the lowest I will pay would probably be 15 keys (im talking battle-scarred cool brick house)

also chances are if you own an unusual weapon right now you probably unboxed it, or sharked it off some poor kid, but either way you might be making profit if you sell it to me.
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45 keys

nothing else

dont add me
discounting these lovely things for pure

RL: 45 keys

Scatter: 28 keys

trade offers only :3-)-(
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dont offer unusuals

i just realized hats n shit are dumb lol

buy my shit pls its discounted :3333

everything is clean

scatter: 28

rl: 45

bombing: 25

rag: 15

brigade: sold for 30 pure

or buy it all for 135 keys (8 keys off)

my prices are firm :3-)-(
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3 keys ^^
bp price (32 keys)

pay with pure, no unusuals

trade offers only

dont add me
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only 1 key

send me a trade offer

dont add me


Major quicksells on these 2 hats

75 keys for the Trilby

40 keys for the western wear

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hmu with offers yo
hi there

ideally, i would like to 3:1 with a very nice unusual (I'd say the combined value of these hats is ~160 keys), preferably for scout, soldier, or engineer

post offers below and dont add me :3
Engie Unusual Offers :3
15 ref for lvl 99 one.

trade offers only
how much can you offer me :3
real life stuff sucks.

hey guys. taking offers on all of my lovely unusuals. these things are my babies, but some issues in the real world, along with slight boredom of tf2, have rolled around and i need some money.

All of these are 1st gen, with the exception of the frostbite engineer's cap.

All of these hats are clean, except for the Ten Gallon, but AFAIK the copy isnt on the market so its clean in my eyes.

Welp, here are the hats:

Searing Plasma Ten Gallon - 30 keys
Circling Heart Mirror - 40 keys
Circling Peace Sign Gridiron Guardian - 12 keys
Burning Flames Stout Shako - 50 keys
Scorching Flames Engineer's Cap - 42 keys
Frostbite Engineer's Cap - 20 keys
Circling Heart Flipped Trilby - 40 keys

Or buy them all for 220 keys and save 14 keys
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looking for another scout hat or 50 keys
Looking for 70 keys or another soldier unusual
looking for another demo hat, or 50 keys.
Trading this for 50 keys or more in demo/heavy/solly offers

Unusuals and Aussies are cool too :D