Oh no!
This user has been banned permanently by Pretender. The reason for this ban is as follows:
Trades are very trollish and unrealistic. 6th ban, extended to perma.
Buying a dirty Archimedes for a Refine! Add me!
Dingus Count: 3
12 Refine for an Ebenezer! Add me!
Buying these and other dirty hats and miscs for .44 each! Add me!
(Not looking for Starter Hats!)
Offering a refine for each DIRTY hat and misc and 1.5 scrap for a DIRTY Quack. Add me if interested!

Note: Don't bother posting if you're going to comment negatively on my personal offer or if you're looking for more than a key, ie: "add 6 KeyS n DeAL Hurhdur." All non-related posts will be reported.
Buying these dirties for .44 each! Add me!
You might be curious as to what's in this marvelous little box. Maybe it's a Portal Gun, The 10th Class (Atlas or Pbody), or maybe even a Combustible Lemon Launcher? Grab it now for a bud or feel free to offer below! Also don't believe everything spreadsheet says people! ;3

Offer away!

Some dingus added me randomly and asked for my box for his kringle. Never. lol
Buying these and other dirty hats and miscs for .44 each! Add me!
(Not looking for Starter Hats!)
Heavy's Hockey Hair -1.22 ref
Crests - .55 each
G. Crafty Hair - 2 ref
G. Area 451 - 1.66 ref

Add me if interested! Thanks. :3
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I am trading my spare Strange Widowmaker for a Strange Holy Mackeral!

Do not offer items other than promos, salvaged stranges, or unusuals for my strange widowmaker. I am not interested in you're generic hats, stranges, or tools that can crafted, unboxed or found at any time. The price of this item is rising as is the demand for them so in all honesty I believe a 1:1 trade would be fair. Though my reasoning may not particularly settle well with you please respect it. I'm sure there are other individuals selling for less on the market. I wish you good luck in finding them! Cheers, and happy trading!

Please don't add me unless you're trading your strange holy mackerel for my strange widowmaker.
1:1, Add me!
12 Refine for a Strange Festive Mackeral. Add me if interested!
Looking for offers on this fine Hat! Stranges Festive Offers and Key Offers are welcome!
Buying the Spycicle for 2 reclaimed!
Will buy them individually for a rec each! :3
Buying a dirty dome for 2 scrap! Add me!
Selling this fine Pyro Hat for 1.44, add me!
Looking to buy a Strange Festive Mackeral!
Looking to buy for the lowest offer! Offer below!
1:1, Add me!
3 keys! Add me!
1.33 refine for a Genuine Chief Constable! Add me if interested!
Buying Mann Co Supply Crate Keys for 3 refine each! I will not pay your ridiculous high balling prices so go away if you're offering above that.
Add me if interested!
Buying Festives for a reclaimed each! Add me if interested!
Looking to trade my dirty unpainted misc and a reclaimed for your dirty gold painted one. Add me if interested!

Idiot Count: 1
I'll offer up the keys and metal I have in my BP for a S. Festive Fish. This is just a personal offer, if you're interested feel free to add me or post offers. Otherwise don't bother spamming me. Thanks and have a good one!
1 Crate for 1 Festive! Add me if interested!
Check my backpack before adding me please! Thanks! :3
Selling Nice Crates for a reclaimed each! Add me!
1:1, Add me if interested! :3
1:1 with either a naughty key or festive huntsman! Feel free to offer!
Add me if interested in 1:1'ing!
Buying these Festive Weapons for a Refine Each! Add me!
Hello there, I am currently looking for the following items on the right for reasonably cheap prices. I am not paying your buyout nor should you expect me to pay close to it. I am quite patient so don't bother leaving ridiculous remarks because you don't agree with my prices. I simply won't deal with it.
I'm only interested in Genuine and DIRTY Items!

G. Crafty Hair - 2.66 refine
G. Area 451 - 1.66 refine
Archimedes (Dirty) - 1 refine
Bootie Time (Dirty) - 2 reclaimed
Offering a Key for a Dirty Kringle or Dirty All-Father!

You can also leave offers of other dirty items. Buying other dirties that I don't already own for a reclaimed each. Add me if you're interested in my Buyout price. If not you can offer below. Thanks.
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Buying any DIRTY hat or misc that I don't already own for 1-2 reclaimed each!

Leave offers below or add me!
1:1, Dirty only! :3
Heya', I'm interested in downgrading my beard to an unpainted one!

Buyout: Replacement Painted Gold and a key!

Offers must include a replacement beard! If not I expect well over 4 keys!
Selling Dirty All Father for keys and metal! Looking for around 4 keys! Offer! :3
Selling these Dirty Dr. Whoa for 2.66 refine or a key! Add me if interested!
Selling the following:
Super Meatboy - 2 keys *SOLD*
The Ball - 2 keys
Section 8 Prejudice - 4 keys - *SOLD* for Payday!
Selling these two games for four keys each or both of them for a Bill's Hat. Feel free to add me!
Selling this fine copy of Garry's Mod for either of these four choices: Payday: The Heist, S.T.A.L.K.E.R., 4 Keys, or Offers! :3

If offering in items, I request you to overpay as reselling is a pain...
Selling a copy of Section 8 Prejudice that includes all of the downloadable content! Game is downloadable through Steam but requires Games for Windows Live in order to play. You know what that means right? It means you can get those luscious Xbox 360 Achievements on it! They'll tack on to your overall Gamerscore on Xbox Live, therefore making your E-Pen even larger!
You will be loved by men, women, and children alike. You'll be a hero son! A hero...

Price: 4 Keys or Payday: The Heist or Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl

Idiot Count: 4
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Buying THESE and OTHER DIRTY hats and miscs! Feel free to offer! No Starter Hats!

Buying these hats for .33-.44!
Buying Archimedes for 1 refine!

Idiot Count: 1
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Offering .55 for a Dirty Killer Exclusive! Add me or offer below!
Buying these DIRTY for a reclaimed each! Add me!
Buying these DIRTIES for a reclaimed each! Add me!