WUBzzard Storm
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Looking for offers of 1.8 - 2 in Unusuals
1.6-1.8 in pure.
Offer below
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bp.tf prices.
Flashdance Footies lv 69. 3.66
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Unusual Offers Quicksell
30% +
No new Effects
1st and second only
Preferably class listed above
Other classes, 35 % off
1 Bud, 12 keys
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looking to buy a bud for 2 keys under market price
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Looking at offers for very low priced Pro Killstreaks, used or unused.
Offers around a key
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Hey there
Selling this awesome hat for a price of just 24 keys.
It's valued at 1.9 buds or 28 keys so its a mild discount.
I'm interested in Soldier and Demo Unusuals if you are wanting to trade.
Hit me UP With some OFFERS
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I crafted the new badge and got a dota 2 item :(.
I have never played it so This is bad on my part.
I am looking for some tf2 items, Mainly pure or new taunts.
I am looking for offers around 2 keys.
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Selling the bud for 14 keys.
Buying Buds for 2 keys UNDER market Price

Keys 10
Ref 30
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Looking to sell these for full bp.tf prices

Looking for more on:
The Double dare Dog (Lv100)
Flashdance Footies (All Class Lv69)

PURE IS BEST but I will take item major overpay.
Offer below or add
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Looking for high end bp.tf prices
Key each, Send trade offer or add tot rade
Selling Some of the New Items. Looking for around bp.tf prices.
Bit more on the Taunt
Also Looking for new items such as the weapon and the hat.
Interested mainly in pure.
Offer below.
If it concerns you, Also looking for nice unusuals for soldier
Thanks and good luck
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Looking to buy a CSGO gift for 4 keys. its going to be a friend's christmas present.
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Looking for a strange mann of the seven seas for 1 key
Normal for 2.22
Add to trade
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I have this amazing pot that is *Stewing* its amazement up as this is a magical pot. When you wear it, You become, FANCY.
So if you would like to become fancy, A mild price of 1.7 buds is all it takes to achieve it.
*1.7 BUDS* = 32 Keys
1 BUD = 20 Keys
Thanks for reading and how You Consdier how fancy you wanna be
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Hello People of tf2, I have this amazing taunt. It makes you drink coffee while you MAKE IT RAIN.
How amazing is that?
Pretty Damn tricking amazing!!
Now lets talk business, I am looking for 2-2.5 buds
2 Buds in Pure or 2-2.5 in another unusual taunt, or unusual hat.
Multi Class Taunts Prefered with the exception of the FBV AND Rancho
Soldier UNUSUALS or DEMO unusuals Are highly preferred
Thank you for reading and I hope you will soon know what it is like to be AMAZING
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Its 1 of 2 on market
1 of 5 exist.
Its Just tooo Epic
I have it with my Soldier set and its just so epic.
I don't mind using this for a while.
I am LOOKING For a good Demo + Soldier unusual. 2-1, 3-1, 1-1 (sweets)
Not Interested in only pure
If you are going to offer, think, would you take that offer if You had such a Nice hat?
I am Looking for offers worth around 5 buds
Put Your offer below and Ill consider :D

(past trades)
Smoking Kiss King Janada2
Stormy Stash HulaHoop
Bliz Storm hard Counter, Orb Fire Swag, Stormy Stuntsman and Blis Capotain Rib
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Buying Goat Simulator for 2 keys. Add to trade
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Looking to upgrade my normal ks market gardner for a spec/pro ks market gardner
Will add
Mainly looking for Green, Emerald, Violet Ts Or Mandarin Sheens with effects of tornado, incenerator.
Comment what you have below or add to discuss
Its 1 of 2 on market
1 of 4 exist.
Its Just tooo Epic
I don't mind using this for a while.
If you are going to offer, think, would you take that offer if You had such a Nice hat?
Put Your offer below and Ill consider :D

Smoking Kiss King Janada2
Stormy Stash HulaHoop
Bliz Storm hard Counter, Orb Fire Swag, Stormy Stuntsman and Blis Capotain Rib
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bp.tf price
.66 for base
5 ref for misc
bp.tf price
Hi, This is my Killstreak Trade shop.
I am Looking to basically switch my killstreak stuff, for YOUR killstreak stuff.
These are the ones I want and are willing to trade

Shotty, I am looking for Mandarin or Daffodil, TS as well with effects, singularity, incenerator, or tornado.
- I also have a spec shotty violet I am selling for 3 keys or I can do that, with my pro shotty kit, you pay me a s shotty and 1 key or just 3 keys.
Bat outa Hell: wanting to trade for 2 of the following. Pro Market, Pro bottle, Pro Escape
Mantread: A Different Pro With Mandarin, Teamshine or Daffodil with Incen, Tornado or discharge
Escape Plan: A collector one with spec mandarin (will add) or a pro strange one mandarin tornado, incen singularity (will add)
Market: Wanna get a SPEC ks with mandarin

Grenade, for another s.f. grenade spec with colour of team shine or violet or for a s grenade with a pro of ts/ violet with effect, Singu, Incen, Fire horns, Tornado
Sticky, spec with ts on a gold bot one or for a pro normal sticky with the listed effects.

Vaccinator: Wanting a Pro S. Quick Fix with Daffodil and tornado, incen, flames, singuliarty or discharge. Will add a stragne quick fix and other stuff.
C/o s sapper, s scotch saver, s private eye (4.6 low)

If you thought they were bad deals, I WILL add for a pro of course.

Also Buying Ks for discount price
Selling ks for a determined price
or Trading ks for Similar ks

Leave you offers below and happy trading to all
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Taunt Buying Shop.
Taunt: The High Five!
Craft: 5
Uncraft: 3.66

Taunt: Meet the Medic (NOT AT THE MOMENT)
Craft: .88
Uncraft: .55

Taunt: Schaudenfraude
Craft: 3.33
Uncraft: 3

Taunt: Shred Alert
Craft: 7 ref
Bought 24
Post a comment before adding or send me a trade offer.
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bp.tf price
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scrapbanking. BUying all craftable weps, Looking for bulk.
Send trade offer or add me
1 scrap - 2 weps
bp.tf, With purchase of a hat or sticky bomb, You get either the scots, or fists or the natascha for FREE
I have the following prices
Genuine Double Cross Comm : 3 keys
Genuine Buck Turner All stars : 1 key 3.33
Genuine Hero's Tail : 6 ref
Genuine Dashin Hasashin : 2 keys
Genuine Merc's Pride Scarf: 2 keys 5 ref
Genuine Archimedes : 2 keys 2 ref
Genuine Shred alert : 1 key
Genuine Noh Mercy : 4 ref
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Taking offers on a bud
Scout, SOldier Demo Medic Unusuals Prefered.
I am looking for the unusual to be worth 1.5 or 1.4
1 st gens and 2nd gens are prefered.
Will SEll for 16 keys and 4 ref
It's too good to need a theme.
XD My b/o is 3.2 buds or 55 keys.
If offering unusuals. I am hoping for 3.5 or so.
C/o Miami Voodoo JUJU (ingame)
Orb Fire Cowl + bud in sweets
Offer up I don't mind
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Its valued at 2 buds and I am asking for offers around 2.3
The classes listed get top priority.
A bit more overpay in others.
Offer below
And have a nice day :D
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bp.tf price
+ .66 on flame
Bp.tf Price
+ 3 ref on the rail
Selling for bp.tf prices
+ 30% of paint
Selling this Orbiting PLANETS JEEPCAP
*I ride my jeep around the world* #bestthemeeva
XD Well I am looking for 22 keys or a bud and 4 keys.
I also accept UNUSUAL offers of around 23 keys or so.
I am mainly looking for the classes listed above but I am open to offers :D
Steaming Hustler (super nice)
I am selling (is it considered quick) it for 22 keys pure or a bud + 6 keys.
I can also do unusuals but It should be an upgrade and possibly contain sweets cuz I lovem.
"Hey what's up, THERES A BIRD, offer up, You'll be heard"
Bp.tf + 30 % of paint
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bp.tf value
bp.tf values
40% of paint
1 key on strangifier (profitable, the unique bushi dou is 6 ref, the strange bushi dou is 2 keys :D keys = 8.33)
Item overpay 1 ref
Add me or offer below
Bp.tf Prices please.
+.66 on flame
Pay what their worth
I am selling this Super Awesome BURNING FLAMES PLUNGER
Ironic ain't it? You'd think the flames would be doused when the plunger went to work, But Its too good to Go out.
Well For this Beauty, 3.5 Pure would be a nice price. Or 55 keys, whichever is avaible.
I am Open to all kinds of offers, I take mix, Unusual and maybe ks but as long as that is not the main value in the trade.
I value sweets highly cuz I luv em.
As obvious, Overpay in Unusual but just pay unusuals around 3.5-3.7 range as thats a decent overpay (may or may not add sweets)
Did I cover everything?
Offer Below for they will be heard.
Thanks and have a nice day!!!

C/o Haunted Ghosts Snaggle
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I am asking bp.tf prices on each.
Middle price if there is range.
1 ref item overpay
add me to pay pure or if you know I will accept your item offer
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I am selling this Original for 8 keys
Yes it is specialized. I accept Keys, ref, hats, miscs. I won't ask for overpay on regular items
If ks, overpay a lot.
No Collectors
Offer, I am very negotiable
I have keys, You have Unusual.
I am willing to buy discounted. Looking for 30% off
Preferably the classes listed above
Offer your unusual below.
I will take or counter offer.
Keys, 13
Ref 33
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Buying Keys for 8.11
Bp.tf Prices
1 key on strangifier
+ 40% of paint on track
Selling taunts.
I am hoping for bp.tf ITEM equal (so trading for items, NO OVERPAY)
Great heh?
I take metal as well.
1 key 3 ref on shred (0 avaib)
6.66 on the hi 5's (2 avaib)
.88 on the meet the medic (0 avaib)
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