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I've decided to part with this lovely Orb Fire Beautiful Surgeon's Stahlhelm, a hat that is a personal favourite of mine, I'm willing to trade it, and a selection of sweets if our hats are not of the same value due to effects, in general the Stalh. goes for a bit more than the Pickelhaube on the market so hopefully this could be a 1:1 trade on both our sides - or perhaps you could throw in some sweets too

The effects I'm prioritizing are stormy storm and Scorching flames, and anyone throwing in a can of black paint will have their offer prioritized since I'm looking for that too.

Please don't just add me, unless you're offering a 1:1 trade with a scorching pickelhaube or a stormy pickelhaube with some sweets, so generally if you're interested please offer here!

Feel free to offer some Pickelhaubes with slightly higher effects if there are some sweets you want!

Happy trading!

EDIT: Just so you know the items included in the trade aren't the only sweets on offer, if you're interested in other sweets for the deal just ask!
1:1 with any item here

One of my items for one ruffled
A simple quick trade!

1 of my item listed here for one of the 2 items I'm looking for, simple 1:1!

Also accepting any offers
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1:1 trade
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My nice little unusual along with any sweets you require from my backpack for a Flaming DethKapp
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Unusual. Surgeon's Stahl.
Shogun's shoulder guard
Aqua flops
The FR-0
Snow Scoper
Bavon von Havenplane
Das Naggenvatcher x2
Genuine Awesomenauts Badge
Haunted Crone's Dome
The Last Breath (Uncraft)
Vintage Prussian Pickelhaube - Painted black
Genuine Cockfighter - Painted Black
Alien Swarm Parasite
Platinum Pickelhaube
The Soot Suit x2
The Scarecrow - themed: Level 13
Magistrate's Mullet - painted Gold
Genuine Stovepipe Sniper Shako - Level 1
The Founding Father x2
The Itsy Bitsy Spyper
The Cut Throat Concierge
Genuine Distinguished Rouge
Genuine Menpo
The Whirly Warrior
The Caffine Cooler - Level 1
Soldiers Stash - Purple (Uncraft)
Tyrant's Helm - Level 13 Painted after Eight
Lord Cockswain's Novelty Mutton Chops and Pipe
The bearded Bombardier

Willing to part with for GREAT offers:
Professor's Peculiarity - Painted Pink
The Filamental
Point and Shoot
Tough Guy's Toque - Level 100 - Pained Pink
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Looking for an Unusual Das Naggenvatcher, willing to throw in certain hats and miscs. from my collection, just make a post here and tell me what effect you're offering

Also looking to change effect on the Stalhelm to Stormy Storm, or anything else you think looks nice - feel free to drop an offer for that too.
1:1 for modest out of the following hats or miscs
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Offering 1:1 Card Trades
Any of my cards
For any Hearts of Iron III card except
The Raising and the sacrifice
2 Random Weapons / 1 scrap for a flare gun
1:1 Trade

Any 1 Portal Card for one of the following L4D2 cards
Boomer (Traded for!)
Hunter (Traded for!)
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Selling The Following Items
Crone Done: 3 ref
Letch's LED: 1.66 ref
Cock Fighter: (Black) 3.8 Keys
Shako: 1.33 ref
Business Casual: 1.33 ref (SOLD)
Plt. Pickelhaube: 1.33 ref
Headset: 1.33 ref
Key: 5.33 ref (SOLD)
1:1 Trade
As Simple as it seems.
As simple as it seems.
Sniper + 1 Scrap for Engineer
Offer away for any of these Robot hats
No current offers

Willing to insta-sell any of them for a Mecha-medes
1 Ref for Mullet

Add me for a fast quick trade!
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Looking to move up an effect or two:
Willing to throw in some Genuine and other hats as well as about £7 worth of keys
If you're going to offer in buds or keys I might still consider it if it's a nice offer.
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Go ahead and offer away
I honestly never play Medic so the items aren't of that much use to me, but just because I don't use them doesn't mean I'll give them away cheaper than I should
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Looking to quick-sell this for around 2.5 Buds
Add me for a fast easy trade
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Selling well below most B/O's and all market prices
Only 3 Buds
Add me now for a quick fast and efficient trade!
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Price in Buds

As far as unusuals go offer here.
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Selling this nice Little Unusual here
As far as unusuals go I'm either looking for other Medic Unusuals or to Upgrade the effect on this.

Also selling with a B/O of 4 Buds

Offer away.
Misleading Trade yes.
However I'm in a incredible hurry to trade this here unusual
Got a long line to possibe trades all involving Buds
So unfortunatley This old friend has to go.

I'm only selling it for what I need so I'm selling this at an exact price of

3 Buds

No Less, and no more

Add me for a fast easy trade, and happy new year everyone.
Looking to sell my Stahlhelm with Sweets for you Stahlhelm with another effect.
I'm mainly looking for Stormy Storm but other effects are accepted

Offer away.
Trading my Orb. Fire Stahlhelm for other unusuals
The Professor's Peculiarity takes priority above all other offers!
If offering other items except to either add sweets or make a 1:1 trade.
Selling this Beauty of a unusual, a good effect on a god tier Medic hat for Buds.
Taking offers in Buds only, not any unusuals unless it's another stahlhelm.

C/O: None

B/O: 3 Buds
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Selling S. Festive Ubersaw for 7 keys, no more no less, add me for a quick and fast trade as soon as possible!
Selling a Unusual Samur-eye just unboxed fro 3.5 Buds firm.
Nothing more nothing less.

However if you're willing to buy quickly and trade fast, I could be kind and throw in whatever sweets I can find lying around.
My Stormy Storm Samur-eye for your Stormy-storm Surgeon's stahlhelm (Or other effects)
I'm willing to throw in some sweets also, so please offer here, or if you're going for a 1:1 trade just add me.

I'm also looking for anyone willing to sell a Genuine Archimedes also, so please offer if you have one also.
Quick selling an unusual here: Offer away in buds and promos only.

C/O: $300 (Buds Preferred)
B/O: 3.5 Buds
1:1 Trade
Go ahead and add me.
Or offer and ask questions here.
Ze Unuzual hat guid sez my hat iz worth 16 budz
Zo I will have to zell it at that price exacterry zo
add me if you buy hat for 16 budz
Welcome one and all!
Here we have me trading my brand new, uncrated yesterday Stormy Storm Samur-eye!
What I'm looking for here is preferably one of the listed unusual hats, however I'm willing to accept others but try throwing something extra in if you're going to.
Also when offering hats I AM NOT LOOKING FOR:
Nuts and Bolts
Low tier effects etc
Demoman hats
Scout Hats
Sniper Hats

Thank you for your time.
Welcome one and all!
Here we have a brand new, just unboxed this beauty, but unfortunately I'm not much of a Demoman player, so now it's your chance to get a hand on it!
Now for what I'm looking for:

I'm a big Medic and Pyro fan: So any Unusual hats for those classes, I would most likely be interested in.
I am NOT interested in any craft number items, sorry, just not a fan of them.
I'm willing to sell this for other unusuals for any class except: Scout, Demoman or Sniper
I'm of course interested in selling for keys, buds, Bills and any other promos you can think off.

So offer away

C/O: None
B/O: 3 Buds

~Gentleman Ghost
Offer here, don't add me, thank you for your time.

1:1 Trade add me for a quick and easy trade.
3:1 trade
Add me now for a fast and easy trade.
Selling a festive Ubersaw for a Naughty Crate

Add me quick for an easy trade.
1:1 Trade, add me for a fast and easy trade.
1:1 Trade Medi-gun for Grenade Launcher.
Taking offers here on this lovely strange festive ubersaw!
Don't add me, work out a deal here first, and If I accept then add me.

I won't be selling this for anything less than 12 keys and that's final.
Just uncrated this beauty here, and I'm looking to see what I can get for it.
It's a Level 66 Stormy Storm Samur-eye (Even has a nice ring to the name!)
Taking offers in Buds, bills, keys and unusuals.
Don't add me, just taking offers for now, but if It's good I might take it.

Offer away

~Gentleman Ghost
Welcome one and all!
Here we have me trading my brand new, uncrated yesterday Stormy Storm Samur-eye!
What I'm looking for here is preferably one of the listed unusual hats, however I'm willing to accept others but try throwing something extra in if you're going to.
Also when offering hats I AM NOT LOOKING FOR:
Nuts and Bolts
Low tier effects etc
Demoman hats
Scout Hats
Sniper Hats

Thank you for your time.
1:1 Trade anyone?