Vintage KGB -- 0.22 ref
Strange Scotsman's Skullcutter -- 0.33 ref
Strange Revolver -- 0.88 ref
Strange Homewrecker -- 0.22 ref

Will consider overpayment in items!
Go ahead and add me if you want to trade.
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Strange Revolver -- 0.88 ref
Strange Medi Gun -- 1.22 ref
Vintage KGB -- 0.22 ref

Will consider overpayment in items!
Hetman's -- 1.33 ref
Brown Bomber -- 3 ref OR 1 key + 2 rec

I'll be sure to view all offers
Brown Bomber -- 3.33 ref
DIRTY Silver Bullets -- 1 scrap
Apparatchik's Apparel -- 1.66 ref

I'll check all offers in items, though you'll probably have to overpay in items a little for a deal.
--Spreadsheet Prices--
Brown Bomber -- 3 ref
Dashin Hashhashin -- 6.33 ref

Will view all offers
White Paint -- SOLD
Green -- 1 rec
Strange L'etranger -- 1 rec
Battle Bob -- 2 ref

Will check all offers
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2 keys, 5.33 ref, or overpay in items.
Feel free to add me.
Superfan (Team Spirit) -- 4 ref
Tyrolean -- SOLD for 1.44 ref
Sharp Dresser -- SOLD
Will view all offers.
S. Boston Basher: 2 scraps
Meet the Medic Taunt: 1 Key or 2.44 ref
Cheese Wheel: 0.66 ref
Will trade all for Brown Bomber
Selling this clean taunt for a key, some meta, or offers.
Offer away
Offer away.
Will trade the tossle for a nice-looking scout item, preferably one of the ones listed. For the fast learner I'd be willing to trade the AA and a ref.
Offer for the Apparitions Aspect.
Grenadier's Softcap - 2 Ref
Hottie's Hoodie - 3.33 Ref or 1 Key + 1 Ref
Add me, just trade me, or make offers here, doesn't matter.
Trading Conjurer's Cowl for a key or just two refined. Add me or just trade, I'm fine either way.
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Larrikin Robin is LEVEL 100