Hash Brown
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Hit me up with trade offer, pure only.
Blizz Bonk Boy : B/O 43 keys, No C/O's yet
S. Summer Shades: B/O 6 keys
SK Aussie Minigun: B/O 21 keys
Lime Duffel = 5 ref
Bouffant = 6 ref

Send a trade offer or add me if you want to discuss.
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selling all these for bp.tf prices!
20% item overpay
send trade offers
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Selling this soon to be NOW all-class translator! Possibly going misc too!

Great effect, will be great for combo effects.
I'm taking offers no less than 60 keys, any other offers will be ignored.
Very interested in unusual offers,

Previous offers (c/o):
-Blizz Bonk Boy + aussie minigun & strange shades OR terror-watt outta sight (68-70 ish)
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Stock : 65 keys
I can get more keys
Add me or send a trade offer.
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It's like Christmas morning.....

Selling this great looking Cold Killer!
This hat has a clean history and looks great on this own or with other miscs! Looks amazing with other effects aswell as matching with the Villain's Veil amazingly well.

Looking for 57 keys 54 pure, but open to offers.
If you are paying in unusuals, looking for around 62 keys.
At the moment I'm really looking to cash out, so any pure or unusual offers are greatly appreciated.

I'm happy to recieve any offers, so don't be afraid to ask. Offer here, add me or send a trade offer, I accept most friend requests.
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I will buy any unusuals for the right price.
I will usually offer anywhere from 25% to 50% discount dependant on hat tier, effect generation and public appeal eta.
I'm happy to recieve any offers and will always counter if I think the price is too high. Either that or i'll decline as its too much.

To know what i should pay, take the bp.tf price of your hat (if it has been recently updated) and multiply it by 0.7. That will leave you with what you can expect. I might offer for or less.

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Selling these clean hot dogger's that are soon to be all-class!
I'm taking in any offers, but im looking for over bp.tf price.
Orbiting Fire = offers over 15 keys
Circling TF Logo = offers over 23 keys

I'm willing to negociate any offers and I have 18 keys that I can add.
Happy Trading!
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Just looking for offers on this at the moment, so hit me up with a few.
Yes, I am aware of the all-class hype this hat possesses, but still looking for reasonable offers.
Add me or send an offer, you can also offer here but I might not respond instantly.
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1 key 10 ref
send a trade offer
Looking for:
13 ref for the top shelf
2 keys for the night terror
10 ref for the blue mew pistol
6 keys for lugermorph

Everything else is up for bp.tf prices! Mainly looking for pure only.
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Selling all of these for the listed prices.

S F SK Black Box : 3 keys 2 ref 2 keys 12 ref SOLD WITH ITEMS FOR CSGO KNIFE
S F Bonesaw : 6.33 ref
S F Gloves of Running Urgently : 13 ref
S PK Loch n' Load : 5 keys 1 ref
S F SK Grenade Launcher: 6 keys 1 ref 4 keys
S F SK Eyelander : 4 keys
S F SK Chargin' Targe : 2 keys
S Merc's Pride : 4 keys 13 ref

If you are paying in items, you need to overpay.
Add me for a quick trade or send a trade offer, I should respond to both ASAP.
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Looking for offers on this hat.
Great looking 1st gen effect.

B/O 27 keys
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Selling this super cool Team Captain!
A god tier hat with a decent budget effect (2nd gen).

B/O : 67 keys pure or more in unusuals
C/O : None yet.

Highly interested in unusual overpay, will take in any offers, so don't be afraid to offer. Add me if you want to discuss.
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Buying discounted SOLDIER unusuals!

Looking to upgrade my soldier loadout, so I will not offer a massive discount on nicer hats like a war pig or stash.
That does not mean you discounted your 30 key unusual to 28 keys, I want a solid discount, but not too much.
Leave an offer here, add me, or send a trade offer, Ill respond to all of them.

STOCK : 51 keys (can get few more)

Happy Trading!

Brought :
Vivid Bullet Buzz for 29 keys
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A little info about the hat:
- 1 of 3, 1 of 1 on the market
-Most recently sold price was 45 keys pure for a none strange version
-History is super clean
-Nice 1st gen effect

Selling at 35 keys pure, but open to offers.
More but not too much more in unusuals!

Add me or offer here.
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Selling these great unusuals! Both have a CLEAN history.

Mallard Reggaelator

B/O : 47 keys pure or more in unusuals
C/O : EOF Dapper w/ 6 keys in adds

Memory Leak Tyrant's

-Hat also has 14 key spell and 1 key spell
B/O : 27 keys pure or more in unusuals SOLD FOR 27 KEYS PURE
C/O : None yet

Offer away, Id be happy to recieve any offers! Add me to send a trade offer, both should get a fast responce, or offer here, I do check quite often.
Happy Trading!
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buying 1 ham shank for 0.66, send a trade offer
Brokering this lovely aussie spec killstreak smg!

B/O = 9 keys or a sniper unusual
C/O = Just got

Hit me with a trade offer or add me if you are interested.
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Selling all of these items for bp.tf price!
Killstreak Medi Gun Kit = 2 keys or 36 refined SOLD FOR 36 REFINED

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Hi there! Selling this sexy pirate hat for keys or unusual offers.

This hat is DUPED, however this is why the price is lower.
B/O : 45 keys pure OR 50+ in unusuals
Offer here or add me for the quickest response.
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Hi there! Selling this multi-class unusual with a nice effect!

This hat has a long, but CLEAN history.
B/O : 31 keys pure or 34 keys+ unusual overpay

The hat is painted white which compliments the effect nicely.
Offer here, send a trade offer or add me. All should get a quick response.
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Buying keys for 17 refined each! Send me a trade offer and ill accept as quick as I can!
Hey there! Welcome to my unusual buying trade!

Stock : 50 keys

I'm looking to buy unusuals for around 60-70% of their lowest bp.tf price. I'll buy anything, even if its gifted or duped, but I will pay less if they are (not much less but).
Hit me with an offer on this page or send me a trade offer, and if I don't agree, then I'll send you one straight back. Happy Trading!
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Looking to sell both of these for around 80 keys+ in unusuals.
Highly interested in soldier unusuals.

I am willing to trade them individually.
Offer away.
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Hi there!
I'm looking for around 13 keys pure for this unusual. Price is negotiable but I am unlikely to go lower.
I'm also looking for around 15 keys+ in unusual overpay. If I don't like the hat(s), then you will probably need more overpay.
If its a robo hat and or extremly low tier hat (eg n&b steel toe) then expect overpay.

Add me or send an offer. I check often.
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looking for overpay in tf2 items, very interested in an exquisite rack
swagmans = 14 keys in pure or 16 in unusuals/items
add me if you want to negotiate or offer

c/o misty skull wayfinder + 10 keys
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I'm looking for offers on this hat. I'd sell for 14 keys pure.
I'm interested in a low grade stout shako unusual or any other unusual offers, so either add me or leave your offers here.
Happy Trading!
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Looking for 27 keys pure or unusual overpay.
Mainly interested in demoman and soldier unusuals, so I might do an even trade with those unusuals.
Also interetsed in australiums.
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looking to sell this short history, clean hat for its bp.tf price. B/O is 35 keys

I do accept unusual overpay, but you dont have to include much, but im more interested in a demoman unusual.
If you offer a hat below its value you need to add something or no deal, but always feel free to send a trade offer.
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Any offers welcome. taking 31 keys B/O.
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Hey there!
Im looking to trade out this hat with one of the new effects. I'm only looking for offers of 28 keys + or more in unusuals (depending on the unusual).
Feel free to leave any offer you like and I can give a quick yes,no, maybe answer.
If I don't respond to your friend request or offer, it means im away/idle, so leave an offer and I will get to it ASAP.
B/O : 30keys+ in unusuals
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Minimum of 1.4 buds pure, 1.8 buds in unusuals.
Well kinda.

This is the Only version of this hat IN THE WORLD.so ya know, offer high.
Im looking for either another toy soldier hat with a nice effect/ rare effect (has to be overpay) or 1.5 buds in pure. I can even consider any other unusual if it is in overpay by about 1.7 buds. Or maybe even equal if I like the hat so much, so fell free to offer your 'nice' looking hats.
Reasons you should purchase:
*Looks great with golden garment + villains veil.
*Has the shortest history ive ever seen on a hat.
*Smoking effect works well with the hat.
*I'm asking you nicely.

B/O 2 buds
C/O (none)

Add me or leave a trade offer, I couldnt care which one, you can even leave a trade down below if you want. Decisions decisions. Offer way.

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So im selling this hat for around a B/O of 18 keys, but I;m willing to negociate if you are offering pure. So...

B/O 18 keys pure or 24 keys in unusuals (willing to negociate if the unusual is one I would wear)
C/O (none)

Im especially looking for the soldier unusuals selected. Send a trade offer or hit me with a friend request depeneding on what mood your in.
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Any pure or item offers on these games.
Hey there! I'm trading this hat for an upgrade along with a key and some metal.
B/O Capo's capper w/searing plasma or 14 keys + very few sweets if possible
C/O none yet

Just add me on Steam or leave a trade offer to get to me the fastest way possible.
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Texas Ten Gallon - 2.33 ref
Level Three Chin - SOLD
The Egghead's Overalls - SOLD
Killstreak Shotgun - SOLD
Rancho Relaxo - 1 key

Engi Taunt and Ten Gallom - 1 key 1.66 ref

Oblootrated - 2 ref

Add me if you want to trade, I will be online most of the time, if not, send me a trade offer and I will respond ASAP.

I'm willing to negociate but I need PURE unless you offer overpay in DEMOMAN or SOLDIER items.
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Hi there!

Im looking to sell my ENTIRE BP and these are the highlights of it.

U.Conquisador - 15 keys or Unusual Overpay
Dashin' Hashashin - 1 key
Blood Banker - 1 key
Tyurtleneck - 1.33 ref
Kringle Collection - 1 key
Sharp Dresser - 2 ref
Diamondback - 2.66 ref
Direct Hit - 2 ref

ALL OF THESE ITEMS ARE UP FOR OFFERS. But there has to be a reasonable amount of overpay......

Add me if you are paying B/O or send me a trade offer! Offer below!
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Taking offers for any item in my BP!!

Unusual Steel Shako : Kill-a-Watt

Around 28 keys. Offer away.
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Hi guys, selling this sweet unusual here.
A few notes.....
-Very Clean
-Very short history
-33 exist
-Its a nice hat
-And a nice effect

I AM looking to sell this reasonably quickly, but Im not quickselling it.

B/O 19 keys (with paint)
C/O (none)

Add me if you are paying pure or have an unusual offer I cant refuse, but if other wise, place your offers down below with your price. Make sure to LIST THE EFFECT.

Happy bidding?
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7 keys pure, or item overpay.

I may be interested in an other collector's if it is for soldier, but.........


I accept bill's as 6 keys. Offer here or add me if you are paying in keys.
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add me.

Troublemaker - 4 ref
Ham - Offers
Buccaneers - 4 ref
Fruit Shoot - 1.77 ref
Merc's Muffler - 1 key


Fruit Shoot
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add me.
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Im looking for 1 bud for this hat. Or 18 keys and lots of sweets. I may 1-1 on a soldier unusual ONLY, and it cannot be a nuts n'bolts.

Add me on steam for fastest responce.
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2 keys. In pure. Only. Add me on steam.

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Add me on steam for maximum effieciency.
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Rocket Launcher = 8 keys
Shotgun = 5 keys

Add me on steam or make an offer here. I will respond quicker if you add me on steam though.

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I sell by backpack.tf prices (highest end).

I will accept items but there has to be overpay by at least 10%, and thats if I like the items. My favorite class is soldier, so ill be more likely to accept soldier items.

Add me on steam ONLY.