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Overpay in Unusuals
Keys/CS:GO items preferred
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Looking for offer on a Clean Stormy Tartan.
Only one on Outpost as of right now
Price last updated a year ago so please no lowballs
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Just looking for offers
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Selling this 1 of 1 on Op, Clean Stormy Tartan for offers
Just looking for offers
Looking for offers
Add me for a fast trade
Add for Quick Trade
7.33 Pure

Send a Trade offer
Selling For 1 Key/16ref
Overpay in Items
Send A Trade Offer If You Want
Add for quick trade
.44 Each
Overpay in Items
10 Ref Pure
1.55 Pure
Overpay In items
Item overpay
bp.tf price for pure
Just looking for offers
Selling this for a decent CSGO Knife

Overpay if offering in TF2

Don't add me without commenting or you are going to get blocked
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5 Pure or 6 Unusual for the Defiant
4 Pure or 4.5 Unusual for the Tartan
Both for 8 Pure
2 Scrap each only those send a trade offer
Selling these two hats

Green Confetti Hood

Price: 9 Pure/10 1st Gens

Stormy Storm Dapper

Price: 1.5 Pure/2 1st Gens
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Buying discounted items
Selling these two sexy demo hats

7 Pure/8 Unusuals for the Juju
3 Pure/4 Unusuals for the Rimmed
Trade offer
Dark Age Defender - 4.33(SOLD)
K9 Mane - 1.33
Bear Necessities - 1.66
Greased: 2
Bicorne: 1.66(SOLD)
Battin: 1.33 (SOLD)
Spent Well Spirits: 2(SOLD)
Buying quicksells leave offer below
30% off 1st gen/Non 2013 Halloween
35% off 2nd gen
50% off 3rd gen/2013 Halloween
Looking to break down into a few lower-tier non 3rd gen's
Unusuals:7-7.5 (depends)
Past offers:
5 Pure (low)
G.fetti rack+ P.Fetti Softcap(retract)
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Selling this Sniper Set which includes
Phosphorous Cold Killer 
Pro KS Strange Cleaners Carbine
Strange Hitman's Heatmaker
Villains Veil{Black}    
The price is 8.5 pure
Unusuals 9+
10+ Third Gens
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1:1 for BL2 or 4 Keys
5 Keys in items
Send a trade offer
Overpay in items
B/O: 11 Buds
Favorite effect on my favorite class gonna be damn hard to get this away from me
1/3 in the world 1/2 on OP
Past Offers: 7 Pure
Vivid Rack
RA Lid twice
Burning Tricorne+Blizz Hallmark
CV Caribbean
Another Vivid Rack
Blizz Kiss King+Logo Hallmark
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Pretty simple BP for a KS Modest Non-Gifted
Offer me some QS's have 48 Keys pure
Just got this amazing looking 1st gen unusual
Looking for offers
Don't add me offer here
5.5 PURE will get you this instantly
Got this baby one my first tour
Offer Under 2 are instantly hid
Unusuals 3+
C/O: 2 Buds+9 Keys/DbD Hermes
Past Offers: 2 Buds
Bubbling Cannon+Orb Fire glengary
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Selling this here all-class just looking for offers
Not accepting random adds
If I have to have a buyout it would be 5.5
C/O: PE Attendant (few days until taking)
Edit: Now have a bud to add for upgrades if needed
1:1 Send trade offer
Looking for around 6 in offers 5.5 in pure
(Edit): Now have a Bud pure in case I need to add
A bud/19 keys or offer
Selling this Lid for 1 Pure or offers
Buying a Max's have 3 buds (1 Bud+Keys)
Hey wanting to sell this Rancho Relaxo with Screaming Tiger
Anything Under 4 Buds= Instant Hide