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selling my awesome first gen spy unusual on the steam market!
Backpack.tf values it at $46 without paint, but im only selling $45. save a dollar and get the paint for free!

Thank you for checking out my trade! have a great day and good luck trading!
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15.75 key unusual. I would like a bud, 15 keys pure, overpay in less than 10 items, or unusual overpay (does'nt have to be super overpay). Please add me to buy. We can negotiate deals on the hat, as I am a flexible guy.
I'm only looking for quicksell unusuals, anything else will be ignored, i have 11 pure keys. add me if you want to trade. i hardly check outpost, but if you're more comfortable with leaving offers, then by all means. i usually check this about 1 time per day.
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i want 1 key for these cool shoes, if you're interested please just friend me and when im online, ask me about it, and we can work out a cool deal.
I want 9-10 keys for this revolver. it is so expensive because without kills it flashes a gold glow making it look exactly like an australium revolver. After 1 kill, it glows gold nonstop. After 5 kills your head glows gold like a sun. please add me as i will not check on outpost too often. I am open to offers. i would prefer you not offer items.
I am asking for 4 keys for this beautiful killstreak sniper with strange parts. If you pay in items, i want 5 keys. add me and send me your offers. i do not check outpost often.
I'm looking for 14-15 pure keys for this lovely hat. i would only like pure keys, only add me if you have the amount of keys to pay for it. idgad if you have items, i only want keys.
This fis has a good sheen and killstreaker. Your eyes light up on fire after 5 kills and the weapon glows a red colour. add me if interested. i would prefer you pay me in keys or a bud (the actual misc), but if you pay in items i want a 3 ref overpay.
i will but 2 trading cards for 1 scrap