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Selling this lovely unusual at a discounted price for 12 keys or unusual offers! If you guys are interested, send me a trade offer or add me! If you guys want to negotiate, that is also fine too!
Heyo! Selling this lovely ALL CLASS universal translator (Not the prettiest, but definitely one of the more unique hats!) with the effect starstorm insomnia (nice looking halloween effect). Bp.tf price is 30..5 keys, however, I am only looking for 26 keys or whatever your best offer may be! Don't be afraid to offer, all offers will be considered! If you guys are interested send me a trade offer or add me! (I will also match the lowest price as long as it seems reasonable enough)

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Heyo guys! I'm buying all low-tier unusuals for quickselling price!

My pricing guideline
12 keys --> 7-8 keys
13 keys ---> 8 keys
14 keys ---> 9 keys
15 keys ----> 10 keys
16 keys ----> 10 keys
17 keys ----> 11 keys
18 keys ----> 12 keys
19 keys ----> 12 keys
20 keys ---> 13 keys

Current key amount: 21 in stock

Send me a trade offer: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=141739509&token=UtMietEn

If you guys want to sell any unusuals, you always got me. Even if it's crappy or more cancerous than itsy acore, I will always be interested.
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Hey, I'm selling this very clean (non-duped and has a very short history) silver cyclone disco fever for unusual offers (mostly looking for spy and a nice effect magistrate's mullet However, any unusual offer is more than welcomed!) or pure keys! Looking for around 23 keys (3 keys underneath market price). If you guys are interested send me a trade offer or add me!

Trade offer https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=141739509&token=ti4ZIr8y&for_item=440_2_6049261450
Heyo! I'm selling this lovely stormy storm bot dogger (An all-class hat with a very nice effect) for 16 keys pure ( I will match the lowest seller's price always!) or unusual offers! Mostly looking for spy unusuals, but any and all offers are welcomed!

Trade offer Link https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=141739509&token=ti4ZIr8y

Send me a trade offer or add me to discuss!
Heyo! Selling this lovely clean stormy storm (Lovely effect) bot dogger (It's all class!) for 18 keys pure or unusual offers! If you guys are interested, add me to discuss!

Trade Offer link https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=141739509&token=ti4ZIr8y
Hey guys, I'm selling this lovely strange unusual private eye aces high for 11 keys and 15 refined OR unusual offers! Send me a trade offer or add me. It is also negotiable!
Hey guys. Im selling this lovely specialized ks terror watt a rather festive tree! Taking offers on it

B/o 26 keys (below bp.tf price, free killstreak on the hat!)

C/o nothing

Good luck and happy trading.
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Heyo! Selling this lovely Strange Unusual Spirit of the Bombing Past for only 15 keys! (Worth 18 on bp.tf, and sure as hell cheaper than the other dude selling it for 25 keys). If you guys are interested add me, or if you want to negotiate with other unusuals or bargain the price down thats fine with me!
Taking offers on this haunted ghosts pom pom provocateur for offers! Lovely effect, great winter-themed hat, and its 1 of 1 in the world!

Add me or send me a trade offer https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=141739509&token=UtMietEn
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Hey hey hey guys! Did you guys ever want to look more "dapper" for those grill gamers in team fortress 2? You're probably gonna say no! But who cares?! Selling this beautiful all class unusual with a first gen effect and Halloween spirit (don't worry, I usually don't consider the spells as extra on the hat.) However, please don't lowball, sure my friends call me ridiculously stupid but I still have some common sense. So if you guys are interested, add me and we can discuss!

B/O 33 Keys (Very negotiable 😄)

C/O Kill-A-Watt Wraith Hood + 5 keys pure,
a blizzardy storm modest pile of hat,
and a very very well-thought out scam attempt :D (It's four scam attempts now)

Trade offer link
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hey Hey Hey, do you want traders to bask in your glory over the beautiful sunshine that is coming right behind your head? Wait, wait what?

That's right ladies and gentlemen, I am selling this beautiful unusual (that is clean although if its gifted not sure if it does count as clean or not) for offers and pure! If you guys are interested in buying this lovely hat, send me a trade offer or add me! That's all I got, and happy trading.

Send your trade offer here! https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=141739509&token=UtMietEn
Hey selling this unusual kiss king orbiting planets for offers. Would expect some unusual overpay, or pure would be nice. Anyways taking any offers! Send me a trade offer or add me!
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Hey! Selling this non-duped Janissary Ketche with Cloud 9 effect for pure offers (11-12 preferably, this is one of 2 on the market) or unusual overpay! Add me.
Buying all tf2 and csgo trading cards for 1 reclaimed metal!
Taking offers on these lovely painted hats. Add me!
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Taking offers on these painted hats. Feel free to add me anytime
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Hello ladies and gents, selling this teufort kicker painted deep commitment of purple for 3refined or other pure offers ( price is negotiable is basically waht I'm saying.) Add me or send me a trade offer!
Paying 8 Keys pure for any spy unusual, even ones that need hardcore radiation therapy and are duped (try to refrain base metal billycock, although i may accept it still). Keys are available tomorrow, so if you are interested selling your unusual because you can't afford cancer treatment for your unusual, hit me up and add me.
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Offer up on this lovely festivised brain candy knife that will soon be tradable. It is up for offers, but this is one of the only items I won't let go so easily.
Taking offers on these lovely items for CS:GO. M4a4 Desert Strike FN starts at 6.10 on the market and includes a sticker starting at 19 dollars. Looking for around 5 keys, but is negotiable. Stat Trak Scout BS has a Ho Ho Ho sticker. The scout starts at 39 cents, but the sticker is worth around 12 dollars, Looking for .75 keys. AK-47 Safari Mesh FT starts at 15 cents, however, the Harp of War Holo starts at around 15 dollars, Looking for around .75 keys. Dual Berettas BS has a market value starting at 8 cents, but stickers are worth around 7 dollars. Looking for 7 refined or 90 cents worth of skins. Stat Trak Galil Ar FT starts at 25 cents, but stickers on it are worth around 5 dollars, looking for 7 refined. AWP worm god is minimal wear, starting at around 80 cents on the market. AWP country sticker is worth around 2 dollars, looking for .5 keys. If interested, add me and we can discuss. Prices ARE NEGOTIABLE. Thanks, and happy trading.
Selling these 2 lovely items for

Crone's Drone painted extraodinary abundance of tinge for 1.5 keys

Strange Lurker's Leather painted Gold for 14 refined

If you are interested in selling, add me and we can discuss. Prices are negotiable.
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Buying all craft hats 1.33!
Hey people of the world. This combat slacks is up for offers. Any STRANGE SKINNED KNiFE automatically buys the hat. Thanks and happy trading!
Selling this pretty competitive loadout for offers! Note that theres only 8 level 149's in the world, but that doesnt mean that im gonna put a ridiculous price tag, Bid wisely my friends
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Selling this lovely hat for offers! (You might have to provide wrap doe, sorry :P)
Selling this beauty of a killstreak knife for a key. Price is defnitely negotiable, and i do take items if they are decent enough to keep (no overpay if i like them :D) Add me to discuss :P
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Hello folks from the world of outpost. Today here, I have a Strange Vintage Camera Beard for sale, but I'm dumb and do not know what I can sell it for. So offer up!
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Hey, selling these items for under market/ bp.tf price. Feel free to add me or just offer below!
Send me a trade offer or add me!! One key only for this piece of beauty (Please note that this hat is extremely ugly)
Selling this lovely (ugly) craft number 54 Mk50 for only a key and 6 refined! Negotiable too!!! Add me for a fast trade or send me a trade offer.
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Taking offers on this lovely Prussian Pickel thingy. Do not know if this counts as a glitch, but you can see the paint blot on the item, but in the description, it doesn't say what the hat is painted with
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Offers on this lovely hat painted team spirit. It may be glitched due to the fact that if you go into your steam inventory and look up the item, the label saying what the hat is painted with will not appear, but then again I do not know if it counts as a glitch
Taking offers on this very lovely Blizzardly Storm Janissary Ketche!

Seriously though, this is the first time I'm going to put this up, but for all you quicksell buyers, I'M NOT GONNA SELL IT FOR UNDER 11 KEYS!
This beautiful killstreak Collectors Big Earner for 3 keys or item offers!
What am I, stupid? Well yes siree ladies and gentlemen, BUYING ALL UNIQUE BIG EARNERS FOR A SCRAP EACH! GO ON, START CHEERING!!!!!!!!
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Taking offers on this lovely and beautiful Strange Professional Killstreak Connivers Kunai

Feel free to add me, tradeable on the 21st
3 refined metal to take home this lovely Genuine Killstreak Conniver's Kunai

Feel free to add me!
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Ladies and gentlemen, here I present to you, a lot of festives.

Bp.tf prices, for the axtinguisher 2.66 (Got killstreak)

Add me for a fast trade
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Buying any trading cards for a scrap each add me!

Stock ATM: 10 scraps
Offers on this smexy unusual! Clean history and well is plain sexy. Taking offers on it!

B/O 1 Bud

Taking offers on this lovely bubbling Thief of Hamburgers.

1 of 5 in the world, only one on the market, clean history, etc etc.

Offer up, also looking for all class unusuals. Feel free to add me. Pure also works exceptionally for me :D

If its not in my inventory, it is on da market :D

Buyout is 1 bud or 12 keys
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Well anyways, feel free to add me or post an offer down below, selling this for cheap
Taking offers on this Janissary Ketche, interested in pure, but more interested in any all-class unusual. I'll take duped, cancer effects, just about anything BESIDES nuts n bolts

Sadly is duped, only asking for 11 keys now

Sold for 10 keys :D
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All Killstreaked items up for offers or pure refined. Feel free to add me to offer or buy, i dont bite!

B/O Sledge hammer 1.33

B/O Vintage Kritzeberg 1.66 SOLD

B/O Vintage Axtinguisher 1.44 SOLD :D
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Well looks like I overpayed too much for this item. Now its your turn for me to scam yo... I mean taking offers on this stupi... Beauty to behold killstreak Genuine Diamondback
Taking offers on this lovely strange skull island topper. Prove to those hat owners that you dont need one of their generic craft hats to be a part of the gang.

Please provide wrap unless if your offer is just too good for me to reject
Why so much hate on 3rd gen effects?

Selling this beauty of an unusual for beautiful offers. (Please try to refrain from nuts n bolts and massed flies, but I still do accept them)

Not selling this for much guys, just shoot me your best offers. 1st Gens and 2nd Gens would be great. Also willing to swap this unusual for ANY all class unusual. Thanks, and happy trading!
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Taking offer on these killstreaked spy weapons with damage dealt and strange sniper with dominations, scouts killed, and medics killed
But pshhhh who pays extra for killstreak guys, am I right. So free killstreak, however the parts are around half price so its a win-lose!

Add me for a fast trade