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Scorching - 120
Aces - 20
Cloudy Moon - 100
Green Energy - 75
Terror-watt - 30
MIami Nights - 25
Nuts n Bolts - 20
Searing Plasma - 45
Steaming -20
Massed Flies - 20

all prices done in keys. all prices done in keys. all prices done in keys. all prices done in keys.
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highest offer so far has been gbh toughstuff for this chemset plus collector whoopee. Too attached to my whoopee to accept

collector backward's ballcap chemistry set

Past offer: nuts and bolts crown of the old kingdom - five posts from start.
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Selling #50 team captain and #30 Original.

Buyout is 30 keys for both I guess.
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150 keys or offers on the ballcap
offers on whopee
other two
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Not buyign ToDs atm

buying unique tyrannuses craftable - .12 USD each

buying unique craftable ballcaps - .17 USD each

Buying Unusual Tyrannus and Orbiting plantes ballcap for varying price.s


If you have no rep at all, you go first.
If you don't have any rep for the quantity you are trying to sell, you will go first. I.E you only have rep for trading 4 tods for paypal, and you want to sell me 100.
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Haven't really done anything with this kit. Still ever slowly working on it.

Buyout is set at 150 keys I guess :3
If you offer a collector chem set, I will not 1 v 1.
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Buying keys and/or max head with paypal.

Ideally I want to buy 33 keys in one go @ 1.8 USD a piece. Leave your rep page links here.
Got some paypal and rep. Looking to buy a purple/green confetti all-class for a reasonable price. Don't care if duped
Look at them.

hats are on my trading account
searing slug - 40 keys
scorching slug - 120 keys
Green energy slug - 70 keys
Cloudy Moon slug slug - 105 keys
Terrorwatt slug - 15 keys
steaming slug - 15 keys
flies slug - 20 keys
miami slug - 30 keys
Aces Slug - 15 keys

If offering unusuals, overpay is required.
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degreaser for 1 key
huntsman for 3 keys

nothing else. send trade offers. Will not pay full price for gifted, can care less for parts.
Buying these items for paypal.

1 strange degreaser - like 2.70 USD

Each Craftable tyrannus as .14 USD - 1$ for black/white ONLY NEED ONE EACH. Most other paints will not add value.
Each Uncraftable Tyrannus as .12 USD
Each Craftable (and craftable only) ballcap as .35 USD each - need 190~

If you sell multiple at once, I'll add in a little extra depending on how many.

I'd really prefer to buy in multiples of like 5 so that it's not super annoying but I'm down to buy single. If you constantly try to sell me 1 at a time, I will not buy.

If you have no rep I will not go first. You must have at least double the rep of me to make me go first, and the rep must be older than 6 months.
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Looking to buy More unusual tryannuses at discounted rates.

I love 'em slugs. I actually don't have any halloween ones of any effect (besides moon I forgot about)... So sell 'em to me for PayPal, I got the rep. If you claim your price is say 150 keys, I'll need you to prove it to me with multiple sales not just what you paid for it. I've had people in the past get a friend to fake sales with them, so don't you try and trick me. Faking past sales is price manipulation and that's a 'No-no" here on outpost.

For most low end effects (Nutz & Bolts, Steaming, Confetti's, Dead Pres. Etc.) I'll pay 80% of bptf low end. If it's 10 keys, I pay 8. If you force me to buy keys for these, I'll Drop it down down a key for anything worth less than 20 keys. SO if it's 20 keys, I'd be paying 28.8 USD paypal . If you force me to buy keys, that would be 15 keys. Not 16.

If you have an effect that costs more than 20 keys, is updated price within the last 30 days and has sales within the last 30 days that suggest that last update is correct, I will try to offer a reasonable price. If you are found to be an abusive trader, I will not trade with you.

If any prices are found to be extremely out of date and current selling price is lower than 80% Of lowend, I be paying less. It would behooves you to make sure your bptf pricing is correct before you get all pissed at me for offering lower. I know how hard slugs can be to sell, so don't you dare think you can take advantage of me over it.

If you have no rep, I will not go first. If you want a middleman fine, but it will not be some random ass scrub from your friendlist.

If you have no rep I will not go first. You must have at least double the rep of me to make me go first, and the rep must be older than 6 months.
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Buying quicksells or knives (not quicksell) with 45 csgo keys.
I will not pay for hte gaben tax though, you are buying keys with it anyways so...yeah.

will also sell the csgo keys for 1 tf2 key + 3 ref
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offers and whatnot.

bazaar has more stuff up, and updated more easily for me.

80 keys for hallmark
100 for scorching slug
70 for cosa
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200 keys or offers.

If your offer involves a slug I'll look into it more. I lost my PE slug on sweets (RIP MY BABY T_T) but oh well :3
offers n stuff
All are clean minus the slug (not duped but gifted)
Current offers:

180$ steam wallet via steam community market before tax - supposedly collecting offer.

Miami tippedlid plus frostbite slopoke for vive http://img.../74akT
offers or whatevs. WIll accept csgo and paypal. Paypal requires rep. Csgo I'm down to ovverpay, but not by the 500% people seem to want.
All except the Purple Energy Tyrannus are clean.

If offering cash, you must have rep.

200 for Vive - Vive is still up, it's being brokered by a friend of mien ( ). I have it brokered because it's so much more uncommon than my other hats, and much higher I don't have time to baby sit it. Plus he's beast.
90 for Clean 2 owner Green ENergy Tyrannus
55 keys for Purple Energy Tyrannus
70 keys for clean Lantern Cosa Nostra
35~ keys for Forest Fire Flame Thrower HOT (WW)
80 keys for 1 of 1 Ghastly Ghost Jr Razor cut
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Selling this beautiful 1 of 1 probably forever Secret To Everybody Whoopee Cap.

Buyout is set at 150 keys or unusual offers.
DOn't be affraid to offer, unless you are rude as fuck to me, I won't bite.
Offers in money, csgo stuff and/or tf2 items.

All minus the counterfeit and brainiac are clean.

WIll not accept gifted/signed items at full value either.

RIP the tyrolean and happers to Imissosama - beat me twice the same way in crabs 3:2 with the final crab being both us crabbing all my unusuals for sale atm
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csgo/tf2 offers welcome.

If offering cash, you must have rep.
If offering cash, you must have rep. Steam profile rep does not count. All minus the PE and scorching are clean.
Selling these guys. Would love some more unusual slugs, or unique slugs. Counting 10 unique craftable slugs as 1 key.
If offering paypal/google wallet you must:

* Have rep
* No pending reports anywhere
* reasonable amount of paid games
* not be sketchy
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Looking at offers.

If offering cash, know that I"ll go off the steam market and remove 15% of median value. So if median is say 150$, I'll sell for 127$ PP.
Unusuals or knife or money offers in Steam wallet (you buy of steam market), google wallet/paypal if you have rep
85 keys pure or csgo offers

if offering unusuals know that I will not value most 3rd gens and gifted items at full value.
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1 of1 forever
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Craft #50 tea mcaptain. Nice number, right in da middle.
30 keys for 1.90 USD each

half of my rep is here:

You go first
will not trade with someone if they have:

low hours
only free games
low steam age
false rep
sketchy account
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70 keys or offers

got a guy paying 60 pure at the end of the week. Got no problem waiting

sold for 60 keys on july 16th if you want to look at my bptf history.
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not quickselling anymore. making new trade
Selling these slugs or looking for offers.

Also willing to buy more slugs.
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Use trade offers.

buying slugs yo'.

1.33ref for craft
2rec for uncraft
I will not add for paint.
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Pure or offers. Not interested in 3rd gens lke killa-a-watt and terror-watt unless its an easy sell
Craft #50 team captain!

What a rare thing, to see a lowcraft team captain on the market! I wanted to originally make a #50 set, but I couldn't find any solly/heavy shirts that I liked with it. So I'm going to sell this.

B/O is 40 keys

Been offered a bubbles bubble +20 keys or Stormy storm gilded guard + I think an SF prof shotty - may have been normal shotty don't remember atm. Both offers are fond on my bazaar trade with it.

I have gotten other offers, but those are the only two (same user as well) worth mentioning.
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Buying all unusual slugs.

I already own (either this acc or my alt):

purple energy
Circling Hearts
2014 halloweens (don't want them atm)
miami nights

Add me if you got some. I'll beat those shitty quickbuyers who are paying you like 50% of bptf low end. I will not however buy from you if you have multiple (3+) quick buy trades that list every effect for a price list that you were too lazy to make on your own.
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90 keys for villains
50 keys for spartan - sold for 50 keys pure to President.

will not accept 3rd gens at full values
32 keys for miami
120 keys for scorching
25keys for idea tube
65 keys for Purple energy
85 keys for Reggae
60 keys for razor cut
65 keys for Cosa Nostra
s for Pickelhaube sold for less than its worth in bazaar auction

Or unusual/csgo offers
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that bazaar trade is always updated.