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Hello guys!
If you like this strange flamethrower you can add me to discuss it's price or give me offers.
You can send me a trade offer too, but I will surely see your add better than your trade offer.

Have a nice day and good luck in trading!
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I am selling this machina for offers in metal B/O is 15 refs
Hi guys!

Flare gun - 3.66
Axtinguisher - 2.66
Gloves of R. Agillity - 2.66
Shotgun - 3.00
Axtinguisher - 1.66
Smg - 1.33 - 1.66

Overpay in items!

Trade offer or adding I accept them both.
Have a Nice day!
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Hi guys!

Jumping items : 0.33
Weapons : 0.11
Send me a trade offer or add me ( adding can be great )
Hi guys! I am unusual guy so OVER PAY IN METAL!

Flare gun for grenade launcher / black box / crussader crosbrrow / (festive)
Axtinguisher for eyelander / force a nature / holy macreal / (festive)
Shoutgun for eyelander / force a nature / holy macreal / (festive)
Gloves of running agility for eyelander / force a nature / holy macreal / (festive)
Backburner for shotgun / buff banner / frontier justice ( festive )
Smg for revolver ( festive )

That is it if you want anything add me or send me a trade offer ( you can both )
Have a nice day!
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Add me or type down

1 ref each

Happy New Year
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Add me

Happy new year
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So its 1:1

Add me

Happy New Year!
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Have some things that I dont really need. You can offer me if you want.

PS: Please say first what do you want to offer so i can add you if i want.
Selling everything in my bp for metal/keys or offers :D
Hey guys i sell my bp for metals or keys i'd like offers but it will be in overpay. Happy Trade And Game!
Hello guys im selling everything tradeble in my bp for key/metal or offers but if in offers Overpay
50% of the paints on the painted hats/miscs
Please no trolling offers add me or type down.

Happy trade!
Looking offers for this sweet machina

Sheen:Team shine


B/O: 4 keys
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Hi Selling this specialized grenade launcher agnoizing emerald

Dont add me or type if your offers/pure arent up 2 key

So add me or post down below

C/O 2.3 keys

Happy trading!
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So guys im selling these two sexy guns both specialized

Cow mangler 5000: Agnoizing emerald

C/O Still no :/

B/O 2.5 keys in keys,metal 3 in items

Loch N Load: Hot rod

C/O Still no :/

B/O 3 keys in metal,keys 3.5 in items

Add me or to make it easier just type down here so i can say do i like it or no (and add you ofcourse)

Happy Trade!
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Hey guys im selling EVERYTHING in my bp for keys,metal,offers (if in items overpay)

Add me or offer here

DIsclamer:Cow mangler got killstreak shine:hot rod
Im selling this specialized revolver for strange ambrassador + Your sweets cuz its strange got parts, and the shine is villanious viollet.

Please read it. Add me or offer here

Happy Trading!
Hey guys this is my spy set i want offers on it and if you dont see the revolver got killstreak and parts the shine is villianous viollet so i want offers for my spy set thanks!Happy trading
Hello guys!

I got some killstreak stuffs my price:

Revolver violet - B/O - 3 keys it got parts C/O still no :/

Fabricator want you to offer violet shine machina Im inputing it when i got metal i buy parts so offer now when the price is still not that big cuz if i input it will cost pretty much

Happy trading!
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Hello guys got these two killstreak weps :

Specialized killstreak killing gloves of boxing strange effect:Villainous Violet - Offers under 1 keys No thanks

Killstreak frontier justice - normal - Sold!

Add me when im online im here if you want to post your offer here its ok but it will be faster if you add me.

Thanks happy trading!
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Hi selling these parts on 2 scrap got 5 kb-808 4 money furnaceses and 3 bomb stabilizers.

Add me!
So i sell weapons

clean = 1 scrap

dirty = 1 weapon clean weapon

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So i got fabricator for wrap assasin specialized effect deadly daffodil i inputed some and you have to input 17 parts.

Please add me if you want it to say how much can you give.
1:1 Easy right?

I will give it for a key or 6.22 or offers but i want more key or metal so if you offer overprice and if you got metal or key i will want them more so offer must be good .Thanks
So i think its really enough


fast huh?
So i get this specialized axtingiusher with effect Agonizing emerald I want offers in keys and normal offers too but more like in metal and key.
Hello buying money furnaceses 1 scrap each thanks
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So the wep for 2 key + YOUR gift warp.

Fell free to report me if i dont gift it to you.

Gift warp price is 1 key

The wep - 3 key So 2 key and gift warp
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Its fair so if you like the offer add me.If it types im busy -Im not there

if it types im online - im here
helllo guys want to sell some stuffs.

Lacking mask - 2 ref

schadenfude - 4 ref

caffine cooler - 2 ref

fast learner - 4.33

brown bomber - 1.66

glengarry bonnet - 6 ref

vintage scarf - 1 ref

scotish cape - 2 ref

Just add me if you want type here.If you want make me offer but let it be overpriced or really good.
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This is it


cape-2 ref

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Hey sup? I sell each 2 ref.Fast add me.Backpack.tf prices
Hey i make this offer and i think its fair beacuse other are like 1 key so just add me.5.33
Well each 3 ref - backpack.tf prices! Just add me
Well sneaky pats for 2.66 and baby face is getting up so i want offer. We start from 3 ref for baby xD thanks. [bp.tf2prices]
Ouu yea.Selling this strangifier proffesor speks for 3 keys or offers.Add me!!!
Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo My hat for your sweet 4 refs.Or ofcourse good offers. Please dont say like "3.66 no more" I dont want lower then bp price. Thanks
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Well the belt 3.33 cheapu 1 key and 2.66 thanks
Well i make that offer in 11 11 2013 and the paint spell pigmentation is still dont desapearing so i think its buged.Offers with keys or stranges when you add me in the trade you will see that it got paint spell.
Selling track terrorizor for 2.66.Dont type like 2.33 no more i dont gonna accept.I can get offers too. Thanks
Selling sir hootsalot for 2.33 its the price i can get offers too.Thanks add me.
Hey hey im selling hootsalot for 2 ref dirty and chameleon for 2.66 just add me no bad feelings.
Well this for 4.33 the real price just add me. I can do with items but lets the offers be good.
well its a level 100 hat i think 2 rec will be added so add me trade me deal done ;)
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0.44 for that sweet ass gun
im giving my ham shank for 1.33 just add me just trade me xD
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backpack tf2 prices or to say you 2 scrap each fast trade bro
selling this hat for offers OR metal i mean 1.33