Selling This Clean Aces High Neckwear for 27 keys
Has spectral spectrum halloween effect
if not in my inventory it will be on marketplace.tf or steam community market
Selling all of these items for 2 keys each
send trade offer
36 Keys Pure
41 Keys in items
Full backpack.tf price in unusuals
2 Key
OR 68 ref
Selling for 32 Keys Pure or 35 in unusuals
Add Me
Looking for an Australium Rocket Launcher with either ks or spec ks to 1:1 with my phononaut
or 36 keys pure
Selling This Unusual Phononaut
Effect: Subatomic
B/O: 40 Pure Keys or 50+ In unusuals
C/O: None
Leave an offer down below
Looking for 36 Keys Pure on this Tesla Coil Hermes
Offers in unusuals around 43 keys
Send a trade offer or post down below
Pure Price: 33 Keys
Unusual Price: 39+ Keys
Item Price: 38+ Keys
Send Trade offer
looking for 34 keys on this balloonibouncer with midnight whirlwind
send me a trade offer or add me
Selling this Elf Esteem with Circling heart :D
B/O:17 keys
(Is on marketplace.tf for $23
11 keys pure or 13 keys when paying with items
Collecting offers on this Unusual Vintage Merryweather
B/O: 15 keys pure
C/O: None
Place your offer down below
If my item is not in my inventory it will be on marketplace.tf
11 ref each
Send trade offer
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Looking for 2 Keys for this Festive Rainbow Grenade Launcher!
Also accepting offers with slight overpay!
Add me or send a trade offer
Free paint
3 Keys 9 Ref
Or 68 REF
Selling this medic set for
1 Keys 7 Ref All together or
Ushanka: 1.55 Ref
Fash Mega: 2.55
Strange Foppish (Grey): 12 Ref
Strange Crossbow: 5.88 Ref
Strange Medi-gun: 1.33 Ref
Taunt: Meet The Medic: 2 Ref
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Howdy ho!
I'm Looking for Offers on this Strange Specialized Killstreak Scattergun!
Has parts

(Damage Dealt: 6.75 Keys
Dominations: 3 Keys
Demomen Killed: 7.66-8 Ref
) {----- (parts on the gun)
It Also Has The Sheen Mean Green
B/o: 4 Keys pure (5 In items)
C/o: None

I'm Open to offers of any kind! (Except Craft #'s)
Love You all and Happy Trading!
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selling these for 1 key each
add me or send a trade offer
Whole Set for 1 key Or
Black Watch - 2 ref
Bearded Bombardier - 5.66
Strange Killstreak Luck-&-Load - 9 ref
Send me a trade offer
7 ref
send me a trade offer
Selling these items for
Mistaken Movember: 2.33
Rogue Robe: 4 ref

Item overpay is accepted
Buying 2 Keys for 16 ref each
send me a trade offer
Selling these items for
Five Month Shadow - 4 ref
Golden Garment - 3 ref

Kazotsky Kick - 2 Keys 8 Ref (40 Ref)
Flippin' Awesome - 6 Ref
Boxtrot - 1 Key 5 ref
Schadenfreude - 11 Ref

Send me a trade offer (Because i probably wont be on to accept friend requests)
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Buying Rancho Relaxo: 10.33
Buying Conga: 7.66 (Will Probably be Dropping down to 7.55-7.44)
Send Me a trade offer
1 Key Pure or Overpay in items
DO NOT Add me, send a trade offer.
(Has Halloweeny Spell That makes is purple in normal matches, and change color on halloween)
3 ref
Add me or send a trade offer
2.33 ref
(Free Paint)
selling for 6.66 ref
Spec Sharp Dresser w/ Manndarin Sheen (Orange): 1 Key
Festive Minigun: 13Ref
Stickbomb Launcher: 1.66 Ref
Selling this
Tossle Cap: 2 Ref
Send a Trade offer or add me
Im on the look out for a strange Spec Killstreak Strange knife for those items in the trade currently,
Spec Sharp Dresser w/ Manndarin Sheen (Orange): 1 Key
Festive Minigun: 13Ref
Stickbomb Launcher: 1.66 Ref
Tyrants: 2Ref
Tossle Cap: 2 Ref
Send a Trade offer or add me

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1:1 with a spec killstreak Strange knife
Any sheen
send a trade offer
Selling this Double Cross Comm, for a bruisers bandana and a ref!
Or 1 key + 2 ref (Pure) Or overpay in items.
I really want the bruisers, Add me, or send a trade offer!
2 ref
Fail Craft Is fail xC
Buying all craft hats for 1.22!
Send me a trade offer or add me.
I shall respond ASAP (As Soon As Possible)
Hello there Traders!

I Am Buying soldier cosmetics (Usable in crafting and non-gifted)

Note: I do not pay extra for painted cosmetics!
Team Captain - 5.66 ref
Tyrant's Helm - 1.55 ref
Hero's Hachimaki - 1.66 ref
Lumbricus Lid - 3.44 ref
Kringle Collection - 4.33 ref
Hornblower - 4.33 ref
Viking Braider - 2.22 ref
Shogun's Shoulder Guard - 6.66 ref

Add me or Send a trade offer!
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Buying a strange direct hit for 2.22
1:1 with any key
Im looking to sell these awesome skins!
AK-47 | Jaguar - 11Keys(No lower than 9)
AK-47 | Blue Laminate - 1Key (No lower)
USP-S | Guardian - 2Keys (No lower)

Overpay with offers in skins. Unless paying in pure, Must have overpay.
Also will take any knife for all these items!

Add Me or Send a Trade Offer
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Buying esl challegers for 2ref each
Ak-47 | Case Hardened - 11Keys or u could offer No lower than 10 keys
I will take ANY knife. Other skin offers should add up to about 25$
Looking for any knife for all these items, or pure keys
Ak-47 | Case Hardened - 11Keys
M4A4 | Asiimov - 6Keys
M4A1-S | Blood tiger, ETC - OFFER
Thanks and have fun - Gaben
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