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c/o: emehrgerd.
all of focokens skills
NO INDIVIDUAL OFFERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

selling this scout set for idk what. Will never break it up.

post offers below

hide=polite nty.

Lets begin


any offers or add for individual items will be hidden and ignored

buyout is 5 buds
Lets see how this goes

offer only

Buyout not yet set

I'm in no rush to sell this hat.

If you add me without a post in this trade the first thing I'll do is block and remove you

Orbiting Fire Connoisseur's Cap = 1.7 buds + 10 keys.
1 key for 1 wrap
1 key for 2 snipers killed parts. add me for fast trade

+rep in outpost and steam profile would be

1.66 for 1 part
buying strange weapons in bulk.

doesn't matter what strange as long as it's in bulk and in huge discounts.

btw the strange part must come separate from the machina

I'm not gonna take the machina if it already has the parts attached.

C/O: s. machina+headshot + 4 keys
selling keys at 4 refs each

no less and nothing else

+rep and share the love in outpost would be appreciated

Just post the offer or that you have it.

c/0: a medigun + bills might take it.

2 buds 6 keys
60 keys
festive medigun+bills
a bud, stormy storm nappers respite (dirty), white Bill's, 4 keys?

I'm not in ANY rush to sell this

Plenty of good offers so far. None of them is great though.

Please take a hide as a polite no thank you.
buying ref with keys.

3.88 for each keys

+rep and a heart would be appreciated

metals only, not taking any other offers

have a nice day!
buying craftable familiar fez for 2.33 each

do not add me unless you agree with the price

do not offer.

refs in stock 2

5 keys

Storm is dumb
1 key
1 key and 1 ref
1 key and 1 ref
Just because it's a "new" Dante doesn't mean the game is bad
Offer of the highest amount of DmC for my entire backpack
Kinda sad how underrated this game it.
Every lowball or anything other than DmC copies will be politely declined.

Over everything the amount of DmC copies will matter the most
Fifty+ammount of DmC or don't even comment please.
Fairly low amount of people have DmC apparantly
Even if it's a small amount, if it's DmC make a offer
Rising value of strange festives should be taken into account.
I'm thinking about quiting tf2.

Selling my entire bp as a set for paypal money

For individual items I want 200% overpay so please don't offer.

If you add me I'm just gonna block you, ignore whatever delicious/bad ofer you have and move on.

Offer below before making any moves please.

Lowball will get you on the wall of shame

Will take steam games too.

Lets see how this goes

offer only

Buyout not yet set

I'm in no rush to sell this hat.

If you add me without a post in this trade the first thing I'll do is block and remove you.
yeah. Do it. DO IT!
Please don't add me, the moment you mention the trade I'm going to block you and unfriend you. Unless you offered below.
add me if you agree
selling these for 13 keys or a good offer.
I'm not in a hurry so please no lowballing

overpay in items
naughty keys for 6 refs each

no offers unless overpay

2 keys each

add me if you agree

in stock: 1

sold: 21

I will be restocking later

3 keys for genuine original
looking for the cheapest holy macrel or mackerel
add me if you agree with price or offer below
add me if you have.
I hate this scarf
bills AND the scarf. add me if you agree or offer or overpay in other items
add me if you agree with price
scrap for a weap

add me for a trade

the hat is 2 refs
weap for scrap

add me for quick trade
1:2 add me for quick trade

currently 8 in stock
blizzard prussian pickelhob

add me
i will not take any offers of any other item
A genuine cowmangler, heard there was one. like the bison.
add me for quick trade

the other things are there just to sweeten the offer
add me if you agree with price
trading steaming towering pillar of hats for either a combo of
v. bills + s. festive knife
v. bills + s. sapper + sweets
v. bills + earbuds.

kinda willing to negotiate.
big kill for crate 40,

just add me if you agree with the offer
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3 keys
  • Completed
add me for quick trade
  • Completed
a bud for a series 30 crate or 3 series 40 crates
  • Completed
price is firm