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Selling this Flip Knife | Damascus Steel with a Factory New exterior! Looking for keys or better knife upgrades!
Up for offers.

Pure preferred, overpay with items.

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Looking to buy a Ham Shank for 0.33 Reclaimed Metal!

Only trade if you have Mobile Authenticator enabled for 7 days!
Selling keys for PayPal money!
Selling for: $1.70

*I will only trade with people who I deem fit (reputable) and I shall go first because I have no reputation.

*I do not have a Verified PayPal account and have no idea what's the difference but it's just stated there, so yeah.
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Hey everyone, I hope your days are fine!

I am buying craft hats for pure, but on a few conditions:

1.) I prioritize Spy hats more than any other class hats, because ~tips fedora~
2.) I do not consider paint a valuable thing, so I will only pay half-price for paints I like and nothing for paints I dislike, as I will remove the paint anyways.

~ Offer away!
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Hey everyone.

I am buying taunts.

I will not pay extra for any "special levels", take note.

~Offer away.
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GG, for those who are investigating, this hat was sold for 492 keys.
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Looking for a Summer Shades, choose things from my backpack as items. (Excluding Team Captain.)
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Welcome to God Tier.

If you came here thinking that you'd be able to get a steal simply because the TC is signed by Mattie, you're wrong.

Pure is power, cash is king.

Unusual offers better be good - want a PURE buyout? 1850 keys take it.
Do not add me! ^^
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Selling all the craft hats, strange hats, genuine hats,stranges and killstreaks for pure only!
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Hello there, selling this thing:

B/O: 3 buds

C/O: n/a

I'll prefer pure over items, but if you offer in items, do overpay!
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Selling earbuds for 10 keys per.
Buying these arcanas for pure! Lowest offer gets the deal.
Selling for 16 each.
Selling non-gifted earbuds for 13 keys each!
11 CS: GO keys!
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Buying a Doomling Courier for one CS: GO key!
Paying 9 keys for an Inscribed Scorching Talon!

Add me or send me a trade offer!

Buying an Inscribed Dragonclaw Hook for 4 buds pure.

Add me or send a trade offer!

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Hello there, looking to sell this Cloudy Moon Team Captain!

*Other owner looking for 70 and above!

* 3 in existence!

* Only one on market! (Someone else put it on Outpost. ;_;)

* Not duplicated!

* Read this before posting on here, I am not adding value to this hat because it is gifted by Mattie.

B/O : 65 buds pure, 80 buds in unsuals


If you're paying in unusuals, make sure it's not a robo-hat, summer effect or 3rd gen effects, or valued under 10 buds.
I'm mostly looking for pure, I would rather accept 80 pure than a 85 or significantly higher unusual hat.
I have seen all methods of scamming, so don't try to even scam me or I'll report you on tf2outpost and steamrep and have all your scamming accounts and accomplices in trouble.

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I am buying unusuals for pure.

I am NOT buying duplicated, gifted, robohats/roboeffects, cancer effects and hats, heavy, summer effects and pyro hats, 2 and 3 gen effects.

Post here before adding me! :)
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Hello there!
This is a buy-and-sell post.

I'm buying non-gifted Earbuds for 14 keys each.

I'm also selling all my buds for 16 keys each. (Don't worry, their all non-gifted but some may be duped.)
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Buying non-gifted earbuds for 15 keys each!

Trade offer link: http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=124941059&token=IqwO9l-4

Send me a trade offer if I am offline, thanks! <3
Looking for 5 keys only.
16 key per bud
15.5 keys.
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Add me for fast trade!

Zacyacs (Julian)
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Looking to sell both my Bill's Hat:

White Bill's Hat: 4.5 keys

Bill's Hat: 4 keys

Please note that I am not paying extra for:



Halloween Effects


Craft Numbers

Thank you.
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Looking to sell my buds for 18 keys each, add me.
Looking for quicksell knifes, add me to negotiate.
I'm thick-skinned enough to say that this is themed as the Desert Marauder is themed as the desert is really hot. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
I'm not gonna add more just because of that so no worries.

B/O: 12 buds

C/O: Ghosts Flamboyant Flamenco

Pure is preferred but feel free to offer unusuals in overpay.


http://steamcommunity.com/id/WAAAAHT/screenshot/545255689060929973 (With Black Double Cross-Com)
http://steamcommunity.com/id/WAAAAHT/screenshot/545255689060921198 (Without Black Double Cross-Com)
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1 : 3

Add me for fast trade

I don't hate bronies, this was named by the previous owner.
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Selling this awesome Knife for 7 buds!
Buying Sunbeams TC for cheap, add me to discuss.
STOCK: Available

Each for: 10 Refined Metal and 25 Refined Metal in items

Listen up, kids: Sharking is defined as manipulating another user into trading/selling a valuable item for 10% or less.
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Add for fast trade! <3

Professional Killstreak Collector's Festive Black Box: 3 buds

Accepting offers as well!
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fairy heavy
C/O : 7 buds (MAYBE 8)
20 key per earbud

add for fast trade
Quick-selling this Unusual Burning Anger for 19 buds pure!
Item offers must be 25-30 buds!
Only 4 in existence!

People are selling this for:
Cleanest Anger on Market: http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/21947898 [30 buds]
http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/21780137 [20 buds]

NOTE: I can gladly keep this, I main Sniper anyways.
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Buying earbuds for 18 keys each.
Earbuds must not be gifted

add for fast trade
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Hello everyone.

Selling my Strange Vaccinator for 4 keys.
If it's not in my backpack, it's on the Steam market.


EDIT: Add me for fast trade! :)
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Whoa, classic strangifier.


add me
Specalized Killstreak Sharp Dresser - Up for Offers

Strange Bonesaw - 2 Reclaimed Metal

Strange Force-A-Nature - 1 Refined Metal 1 Reclaimed Metal

Unique Level Three Chin - 4 Refined Metal

Unique Frymaster - 1 Refined Metal 2 Reclaimed Metal

Add me!
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TVOT Bill's Hat for 7 keys + 1 refined metal

Add me for fast trade, and goodluck!
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I provide giftwrap.

add for fast trade
8.66 per key

add for fast trade