Unique AWPer Hand for 2.33 (backpack.tf price).
Add me.
2 Refs (backpack.tf price) or your Offer.
Add me for 2 Refs.
2 Refined.
backpack.tf price
Add me.
Downgrading to Unique one, or selling it for 2 Keys.

backpack.tf price.

Just add me.
Australium Gold painted.

4 Refined Metal.

Add me.
I'm only selling my spare weapons, each weapon worth a scrap or 2 weapons, you can check my backpack.
You should.
Buying these cards for 3 scraps / 9 weapons each.
Add me.
Add me for 1 Key. Can do with game(s) depends on what game(s) is it.
Looking for offers too.
Add me for 2.33 Refined Metals.
Looking for offers too.
Buying any craft hats only for 1.11 refined metal. ANY craft hats ONLY for 1.11 refined metal.
Add me.
Buying any Craft Hat for 10 Scraps only. ANY Craft Hat for 10 Scraps ONLY. (5 Craft Hats wanted)

Add me. (I'll delete when the trade is done)
Scrapbanking. 2 Weapon for each Scrap. (53 Scraps left)

Add me. (I'll delete when the trade is done)
Your offer please gentlemen.
C/O : 3 Keys 4 Refined (Festive) Holy Mackarel, Sandvich, Ubersaw, Huntsman (5.66 Keys).
B/O : 8 Keys.
I dont know how much are these, lol, your offer, for the untradable item you have to trade a gift wrap to me. Add me.
I heard this hat can do 1:1 with the genuine one. But make your offer.
I only trade with genuine Hetman.

PS : Please read "But make your offer." So that you not like a morron here.
Your gentlemen's offer please.

PS: Not buying this over 8 refs.
7 Ref, the real price is 7 Ref, not 3 Keys.

PS: Douches will be reported.
5 Key for Gold, 2.33 Refined for Silver. Or 13 Craft Hats or Offer.

Add me if you agree with my current price.
Results of my research. Add me if you want to do this.

PS: Douches will be reported.
8 Craft Hat. Or 4 Keys. Or offer.
8 Craft hats. 4 Craft hats each.
Add me.
5 Keys, or offer (not less than 5 keys and have to overprice).
10 Mann Co. Keys or offer.

Add me if you agree with 10 keys.
[QUICKSELL] Selling L4D2 for Festive Keys (Minimum 1 Naughty & 1 Nice), make your own offer please, then add me.
Selling my Spare-Dirty weapon for 1 weapon only, buy 2 get 1, you can pay a scrap for 3. Or offer. Add me.
Upgrading these dirty hats, make your own offer please.
I'm not selling these hats I'm just upgrading it thank you.
Yup, dirty All-Father (Mann Co. Orange painted) just for 3 key QUICKSELL
Downgrading, or you can buy this 6.5 Key / 19.5 Ref (Gold Painted)
Scrapbanking, buying Ellis Cap or Craft Hat each 1 Refined Metal.
Selling spare weapons for scrap each weapon. Add me.
For dropped Brown Bomber or an Eerie Key.
Buying craft hat each 24 weapons = 1.33 refined metal, add me for quick trade, also you can offer me hat/misc, but still, I'm buying them with weapons.
I also selling spare clean weapon for 1 scrap only!
Dont have spare weapons.
Upgrade my dirty fast learner + 2 key for clean fast learner, add me.
Eyyup, scrapbanking, each scrap 2 weapons. 1 craft hat for 12 scrap.
Level 99 Bussiness Casual, offer please :)
C/O = Dr. Derp's Soul http://steamcommunity.com/id/drderpyrocks/
B/O = -
Yup.... or you can pay with new hat/miscs or... just put your offer here please
B/O a Bill
C/O 2x Hazmat Headcase (or 1 Hazmat + 1 S.Rainblower) + Liquidator's Lid + Captain's Cocktails lvl 42 + Gentleman's Ushanka
Downgrading, downgrading, downgrading mates..... Or offers :>
Scrapbank, Weapbank, Selling New TF2 Item, Also Selling Hats.....
Look my backpack to see what Hat/Misc/Weap I have
Post your offer here :)
Selling this clean Last Breath, Im looking for good offers, so post your offer here!
Downgrading these hats to dirty, you must add some metals, also downgrading Your Worst Nightmare and Sergeant Drill's Hat, if you want buy you must pay more than real price.
Selling these and many more, 1 scrap for clean one and 1 weap for dirty one, post what you want here
Downgrading painted Hero's Tail to unpainted one plus 2 ref, only add me if accept this price
Selling Team Captain for 7 Ref
Add me as friend only you accept this price and want to trade me fast, Thank You.
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We run ads to help cover the costs of running TF2 Outpost! Don't let us down!