Spec KS Strange Minigun Team Shine, not really looking to sell mostly looking to swap for a Hot Rod with decent parts

Strange KS Silver MK.II Sniper Rifle w/ Good Parts :)

Strange KS Sticky Double Spelled, haven't seen another one like it :?

Booty Hat ;)
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Strange Pro KS Rocket w/ Damage Dealt. Emerald and Flames

Strange KS Sticky w/ Exorcism and Pump. Bombs

Strange Sniper signed by max (circa 2013, before aussies)

offer me boiz
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4.5 keys or offers
strange noble, all class strange hat

offer me
Wrapped Hat: 5.66 Ref
Scoped Spartan: 4.33
Graylien: 4.66 ref
Strange Rotation Sensation: 12 Ref
Strange Sniper Rifle w/ Doms: 2 keys, or 1 key if the offer is good enough

Don't add me, trade offers are there for a reason.
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Strange Rocket: 6.33 ref

Lvl 99 Pool Party w/ EOTL Early Supporter Tag: 4 keys or offers

Strange Rotation Sensation painted Drab: 13 Ref
lvl 99 w/ early supporter tag

don't offer backpack price, everybody is selling higher then that
Nice hat, can barely tell it isn't white paint. 13 Ref Takes it!
Oh geez, one of those trades.

Yes, I am going to be "that guy." I currently have 4 Keys and 11 Refined pure, and I am taking offers on them.

I do have some rules though
1. I absolutly do not count strange parts, paints, spells. I will however add a slight value increase depending on them. Levels are Craft #'s do add value in my eyes though.
2. I am not looking for quicksells, I am just taking offers.
3. I am not selling my keys for pure.
4. There is 100% no reason to add me, if you add me it better be the best deal of my life.

TL;DR Taking offers on keys and not for pure
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Slowly rising, cheapest on Backpack.

Offers :)
1/1 Lvl 100 Strange Business Casual

This is one of my all time favorite cosmetics and now that is it strange it is even better then unique. I honestly never considered to sell it, and probably going to remove this trade. But, I am willing to take offers.

Entertain Me ;)
6 Ref
17 Ref
1.77 Ref
3.66 Ref
2.66 Ref
9.66 Ref
5.33 Ref
1.66 Ref
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1.44 Ref
1.22 Ref
12 Ref
1.44 Ref
1.66 Ref
1.55 Ref
1.22 Ref
2.33 Ref
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14.55 Ref
1.22 Ref
5.33 Ref
1.44 Ref
1.77 Ref
2 Ref
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Lurker's Leathers: 6 Ref
The Vascular Vestment: 3 Ref
Pop-Eyes: 2.77 Ref
The Mann of the House: 1.66 Ref
The Shogun's Shoulder Guard: 5.33 Ref
Steel Sixpack: 1.66 Ref
The Level Three Chin: 4.55 Ref
The Dogfighter: 12 Ref

Please do not add me, all adds will be INSTANTLY blocked.
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Six Pack Abs: 1.22 Ref
The Snow Scoper: 5.66 Ref
Seeing Double: 1.44 Ref
Blighted Beak (Uncraftable): 4 Ref
Security Shades: 1.22 Ref
The Allbrero: 1.44 Ref
The Heavy Duty Rag: 1.22 Ref

Please do not add me, all adds will be INSTANTLY blocked
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The Menpo: 2 ref
The Half-Pipe Hurdler: 1.44 Ref
The Centurion: 1.44 Ref
The Point and Shoot: 14.66 Ref
The Cold Killer: 2.33 Ref
The Fruit Shoot: 1.33 Ref
The Hero's Tail: 4.66 Ref
The Surgeon's Stahlhelm: 1.44 Ref

Please do not add me, all adds will be INSTANTLY blocked
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Two Keys, The Sheen is Team Shine. Will most likely not take item offers, but you can try :)
offer me, ill instantly accept a strange festive wrench
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offer me
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closed the last trade on accident :^)


So what is this dank item? Its a Strange Skull Island Topper! Its a pretty common hat, most F2P (Free 2 Plays) get it to fit in, or just to have something in their head. Personally, It's a pretty ugly hat, but *gasp* its STRANGE!. Yes Sir, now you can act like a F2P noob but be 10x better, because this thing is rarer then a H.O.U.W.A.R.

Strange Skull Island Topper is 588 as of April Fools, 11:13 AM Eastern
631 (and one Unusual :o) as of April Fools, 11:13 Am Eastern, but no more of these will come into existence.

"But Edgy, Gift Wrap only works with tradeable items"
Yes you are right good sir. Valve, as usual, as to screw things up with their "Mobile Authentication." Its a great idea, help new traders not get scammed, but if you do not have this, you must wait 15 days to trade! Isn't that silly? Before it used to be 3 days, and during that small time people would use gift wrap to go around it. And Valve said no no no, shame on you for trying to trade normally. So they removed gift wrap use all together! But they brought it back, For tradeable items ONLY.

Valve Pls Fix
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don't be afraid, i might take your offer :)
6 keys
Please note, I hate this class.

Do you play a class that takes zero skill on pubs? Do you wanna annoy everybody on the server because you're a GOD? Well I have the set for you! A COMPLETE Strange Stock set for Spy :0!

This set includes:
-A strange Revolver, to mow down those enemies your teamates did all the damage to, and take the credit
-A strange Knife, to shank those enemies that made fun of you on ctf_jail_v2
-A strange Invis Watch, it isn't a Watch, Its a Rolex!
-A strange FESTIVE sapper, Regular ones are lame, this one is wrapped!

I am only looking to sell this dank set as a set and for pure only but offer me
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I've waited 1 week to make this trade

I have 12 keys pure, but I am not looking for quicksells only! I want genuine offers on these keys, you do not have to quicksell your items, but use common sense. I will not pay 12 keys for your overpriced item thats worth only 9.

TL;DR Actual offers
It is NOT gifted, and clean

Only selling as a set, or it must be a pretty amazing offer
offer me

best offer on unusual smoking doctors sack

8 keys pure, Proof v
♥Nobody♥: hye 4:51:32 PM
Courtney's Left Tit: weird i thought i accepted it 4:51:38 PM
♥Nobody♥: Could u Sell Your unusual for 8 keys pure 4:51:41 PM
♥Nobody♥: oh lol 4:51:46 PM
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i am the second owner of this medal, which is neat. Therefor, i expect slightly more.

Offer me :^)
mines clean, i expect yours to be as well.

offer me any effect
General Patton would be proud, Shotgun is NOT sale.

Im reasonable
offer me friends
i actually like dp, offer me i can add
8 keys or offers
offer me
1 key or offer
offer me
id like an all class hat
you'd think its dumb to paint it white but it looks good :^)

1 key or offers
8 keys or offers
offer me boys
offer me boys