Backpack.tf prices. Painted Hetman's is 1 ref extra for the paint.
Backpack.tf prices for all of the above. Taking offers, but don't give me bullshit.
10 Keys for the Unusual, backpack.tf prices for everything else. Thank you. :D
Selling everything for backpack.tf prices, can negotiate with items. Looking for offers for the Rocket Launcher.
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This is a level 69 birdman of australiacatras. Most people would want lots of overpay for a level 69 item, but I don't want any overpay. Either 6 ref or 1 key and I'll pay you back your 1 scrap. ^^ have a good day! :D
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Looking for offers. Add me or leave a comment. Thank you! ^.^
Looking for metal or lieutenant bites for these hats! :D

2 ref for the hachimaki

1.33 ref for the grimm hatte

Or lieutenant bites for both of them! :D

Thank you! Have a good day! ^.^
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Selling these two hats. Metal only please.

2 refined metal for the hero's hachimaki

1.33 refined metal for the grimm hatte

Thank you! ^.^
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Looking for 3.66 ref for this. Only metal, please. Thank you! ^.^
Looking for 2.33 ref. Only metal please. Thank you! ^.^
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Looking for either 1 reclaimed metal or offers. P.S. I've seen people selling them for keys... Have a good day! ^^
Looking for 3.66 refined metal. Or offers. If I don't like your offer, you will have to overpay. Have a good day! ^^
Selling this spy misc for a villain's veil. I might not accept some painted ones though. So tell me in the comments or add me directly on steam! ^^ Have a good day!
Looking for offers/a strange shotgun with strange parts. Thank you. Have a great day! ^^
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Hello. I'm selling this heavy hat for 1.66 Refined Metal. Or the "One-Man Army" heavy hat. Thank you and have a great day° ^^
Hello! I'm selling this hat for 3 refined metal. Offers will be accepted. But if you're paying in items I'd like 3.33 refined metal, please. Have a good day! ^^
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Selling these Super Monday Night Combat colectables for 4 refined metal each. Offers will be taken into consideration. Please overpay in items. If the item is too expensive I'll even out the trade a little bit. Thank you and have a great day! ^^