Robo-Jeb! Please clap
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trade offer me
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Offer away!
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selling for $80 QUICKSELL
Am buying these games, Make me an offer
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Offers please!
If offering unusuals dont even bother offering anything which is worth less than my unusual unless its 1st gen.
B/O- 4 buds
1 of 1 Level 42 version of this hat!
add me or trade offer!
I will take unusual offers however if 1st gen I am willing to take an equivalant avlue unusual or if 3rd gen im willing to take 4.2 buds in unusuals
1: 1
Want pure for these things
offer me
quickselling for 5 keys!
quicksell, quicksell, quicksell, quicksell, quicksell, quicksell!
I'd like offers for this fab spy set
I'm looking to main demo so those who offer demo unsuals will be valued more
In pure I'm looking at a round 4 buds asa min! QUICKSELL! I will not count overpay for demo unusuals thoughn as i really want one!
Offers are still welcome though that don't fit this price range, you never know I might accept!
selling as a set!
although will take offers on my two unsuals alone
both unusuals have very short histories and are very clean
C/O-A Pyro set consisting of a pink Miami nights nappers respite, a pink Sub Zero suit, a pink Bruisers Bandana, a Strange Degreaser, and a party trick taunt + a key
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looking to downgrade this chapeau to the other one!
gotta get the synergy with smoking and stormy storm amirite.
I want 2 keys back which is exactly what they're worth!
add me
Buying red tape recorders for my chemistry set for any weapon of your choice or 2 for a scrap, even if they're uncraftable!
selling this lvl 100 backscatter for 2 ref!
add me
paying 1 bud and 10 keys for either a stormy storm chapeau or a blizzardy blizzard chapeau
as long as it ain't duped!
Most reasonable buyer trade
add me!
Looking to buy some chapeaus
I have 1 bud 10 keys!
make me some offers!
I'm not buying quicksells so I dont expect too much off however id like around 10% off, so like a stormy storm chapeau or a blizzardy blizzard one
quickselling for 1.5 buds!
add me!
no offers
poor poor illiterate people: eye (bit ironic isn't it), Based God Task Force 112
Selling all for the prices displayed!
All under
send me a trade offer for a quick trade!
Please note that the hitman's heatmaker is level 1! has a strange part worth 3 ref which I'm valuing at 1 ref!
each item corresponds with the pure on the right!
The craft number indicates the amount of pure I desire
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Level 69 neon anihlator!
1 ref, barely above
add me!
Offer below!
only add me if you're gunna pay 2.5 buds pure
C/O- Terror-Watt Tartan Spartan- retracted
B/O 2.5 buds pure
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I require 200 red tape recorders for ma chemistry kit!
I will very very happy to receive donations and will bless you with my holiness!
anyway im looking to buy them in exchange for any other weapon or just 2 for a scrap!
Ty very much!
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Looking to buy robot parts for the above prices
AKA each robot part corresponds with the pure on the right
Add me!
I've shown how many i want to buy by the craft number!
Offer away
B/O 4.5 buds
C/O- nothing
Offer below, add me if you're paying the b/o
not buying atm
selling Keys for 8.44 ref!
selling keys for 8.33 ref add me!
looking to buy unusual chapeaus' s for pure
From the following list: eerie orbiting fire, steaming, stormy storm, purple confetti. Dont bother offering anything else
I have 36 keys
offer away!
Don't feel afraid to add me! I won't bite
I ain't one of those quickseller buyers that expect 50% off but I do expect a bit
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1:1 add me!
please note it has a strange part soldiers killed! prices! With the gold knife you get the strange part for free!
each item on the left corresponds with the pure to the right, e.g. the blood knife is 2 keys!
add me! prices!
Add me!
Selling all this stuff for prices! Add me!
1: 3.8 add me!
selling all this stuff for prices!
selling this fantastic engie set for 3.5 keys add me!
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1:1 add me!
Leave your offers here!
C/O nothing
1: 17 keys and 4 ref!
add me
Add me!
1:1 key and 1 red
add me
add me! prices!
each item corresponds to the pure on the right! AKA the diamond botkiller knife is 3 keys
you get the strange part free!
add me!
B/o- 2 buds and a key
c/o- a smoking detective noir + 10 keys and 1.44 ref in items
I much much much much much prefer pure
add me if you're gunna pay the b/o otherwise offer here!
selling this PAINTED bill's for 6 keys
you get the paint for free :0!
add me to ttrade
B/O 2 buds 2 keys
I much much much much prefer pure
But i will take offers on this hat
Add me if you're gunna pay the b/o otherwise offer here!
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add me!
Buying your quicksell macho manns for 3 ref!
add me!