Terry Meme
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3 keys pure or item overpay. Trade offer me or add me :)

Haunted Flames.
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Buying discounted unusuals. Please send me a trade!

No Taunts please!

Stock: 33 keys pure.

Send trade offer or add me.
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No promises that I will sell this, just getting an idea of what it could be worth. (Backpack doesn't take Kill streaks into effect of price)

Comments will also help to get a community idea.
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Buying ALL trading cards for 1-2 scrap EACH card!

Valve games: 2 scrap
Non-Valve games: 1 scrap

Currently have (66.55) Metal for cards or discounted TF2 items
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1. 13.44 Ref
2. 4.66 Ref
3. 5.33 Ref
4. 2.33 Ref
5. 2.33 Ref
6. 2 Ref
7. 4 Ref
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Buying DISCOUNTED items! (Less than or equal to cheapest seller on outpost/backpack)

Also buying stranges, cosmetics, and other items

Add or send me a trade offer whatever is easiest!
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Looking for 24 keys pure, 22 is the lowest I will go however open to all offers except taunts.
1. 4 Ref
2. 6.55 Ref
3. 3.22 Ref
4. 3.88 Ref
5. 3.88 Ref
6. 3.88 Ref
7. 17.11 Ref
8. 8 Ref

Overplay will be accepted!
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1. 4.66 Ref
2. 8 Ref
3. 2.33
4. 1 Key and 26 Ref
5. 11.66 Ref
6. 6 Ref
7. 3.55 Ref
8. 7.11 Ref

Overpay will be accepted!
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1. 2.33 Ref
2. 1 Scrap
3. 7 Ref
4. 1 Ref
5. 5.33 Ref (Kilstreaker!)
6. 10.66 Ref (Killstreaker!)

Pure or item overpay!
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Purely testing the water for this item there are NO PROMISES that I will sell this item, purely seeing how much it is worth.

Killstreaks ARE active on it!
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1. 10 ref
2. 2 Keys
3. 5 ref
4. 1.33 ref
5. 1.33 ref
6. 1.33 ref
7. 1.33 ref
8. 3.11 ref
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1. .66 ref
2. 1 ref
3. 1.33 ref
4. 2.66 ref
5. 1 ref
6. 19 ref (Kill streaks active!)
7. 6.66 ref
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1. 22 keys or 23 in unusual
2. 5.33 Ref
3. 1.22 Ref
4. 4 Ref
5. 10.66 Ref
6. 15.33 Ref
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Beautiful hat in game!

Selling this Orbiting Fire War Pig for 43 pure,45 in unusual
Looking to downgrade!

No Taunts

Add me or send trade offer, whatever works best for you!
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1. 18 ref
2. 19 ref
3. 2.33 ref
4. 2 ref
5. 2.33 ref
6. 2 ref
7. 2 ref
8. 6.66 ref
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1. 15.66 ref
2. 5 ref
3. 6.33 ref
4. 14.44 ref
5. 3 ref
6. 4 ref
7. 4 ref
8. 6.33
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1. 2.66 ref
2. 2 ref
3. 2 ref
4. 2 ref
5. 1 ref
6. 1 ref
7. 0.33 ref (one rec)
8. 1.33 ref
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Looking to buy 2 keys for 34.11 EACH!

Add/Send trade offer. Nearly instant accepts.
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Crone's dome: 46 keys or 47 in unusual

No taunts, pure = Instant accept
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Fountain of Delight Shred: 45 Keys pure or 48 in unusual.

Not interested in taunts.
Currently have 88.33 ref Buying keys for 34 pure!
I Have mobile auth enable!
Key-banking~! Buying for 34 Ref and Selling for 34.33!

Keys in stock: ( 7 ) Metal in stock: ( 88.33 )
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Pink as Hell Fast Learner: 10 Ref
Killer's Kit: 4.33 Ref

Everything else is 1.33
Pure or item overpay!

Please do not add me unless absolutely necessary
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Virtual Viewfinder: 1.66
El Machacho: 1.66
Deus Specs: 1.66

Everything else 1.33
Pure or item overpay
Also hat banking, do not add me please, unless absolutely necessary.
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Terror-Watt Head Warmer: Looking for about 23 keys and 26 in unusual overpay.

Smoking Bubble Pipe: Looking for about 18 keys or 21 in unusual overpay.

I Do not accept Dead Presidents or Robo-Hats. Please Stick to trade offers.

I prefer Pyro, Soldier and Engineer unusuals
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Looking for about 19 to 20 keys pure, or item overpay.

I will also accept the same Pro KS Kit with the same effect (Cerebral Discharge) with the color/sheen being (Deadly Daffodil)

Please help a skelebro out!

P.S (I will not accept killstreaked items or kits besides the Rocket Launcher Kit with the respectable Effect and Sheen)
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Looking to buy either Spectral Sepctrum items OR taking unusual offers

I have a total of 20 keys currently so please do act fast.

(for sepctrum items, I will be pricing the spell at 1 key, then add that to item's worth. I.e Bills hat key without anything. With Sepctrum would be about 3 keys unpainted, 4 keys painted with sepctrum)
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Head Warmer: 24 keys (27 in Unusual / Aussie) Non Duped

Capo 17 (has two spells as well which are nice, 20 in unusual / aussie non duped) (also will accept multiple "Robots Destroyed" Parts though overpay will be needed)

I won't accept other robo-effects (depending on hat/effect) DP as well, Duped hats are lower in my book
Selling ALL killstreaks fabs and kits in my inv for Backpack.tf prices!

BP: https://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198089468620

I will not accept other killstreaks for payment (I have issues selling them as it is. . .because mvm tours suck ;-;)
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HWNN 28 keys (33 in unusual / Aussie) Not Duped! (old backpack.tf price 2 on market)
Capo's 17 keys (20 in unusual / Aussie) As well Not Duped!

Use trade offers
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Looking for about 44 keys pure, or (46 in unusual offers)

Brigade Helm offers (none of the low priced ones), I WILL check for dupes

Soldier, Pyro and Engineer unusuals prefered!

Trade offers are the best bet, however adding me is ONLY for discussion (links will get you blocked)
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Selling for 44 keys pure or 46 in unusual/assiue

Please don't give me a link it will get you insta-blocked

Pyro, Soldier and Engineer unusuals are highly preferred!

3 man history! not duped!
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44 keys pure (47 in unusual/assuie overpay)

Pyro or Soldier and Engi unusuals highly prefered!

3 man history, clean as can be (I made sure)

Add me if discussion is nessasary

No lowballs

You give me a link, insta-blocked no butts cuts or mutts about it!
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Looking for 33 keys pure or in unusual/assuie overpay (36 in unusual/assuie)

Killstreaks enabled

Unusuals for Soldier and Pyro are highly preferred

Will ask for more if your unusual is duped (I WILL check)

Please use trade offers (add me if discussion is highly needed!)
(I won't accept KS Fabs/Kits)
Mobile auth enabled.
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Looking for 33 keys or unusual overpay (36 in unusual/aussie)

Killstreaks are active!

Unusuals that I prefer are for soldier and pyro

I will ask for more if your unusual is duped!

Please use trade offers (if discussion is needed, add me)

(I don't accept killstreaks as currency, have to many)
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Degreeser 8 keys (quick sale normally 10 keys also a copy of Oblivion GOTY will work)
Rocket Launcher : 2 keys (quick sale normally 3 keys)
Minigun: 16.33 Ref (quick sale normally 18.66 ref)

(keys, tour of duty tickets, metal and items are OK!)

Add or Trade offer (trade offers faster with pure)
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7 Keys pure for Oblivion GOTY Edition.

Buying Oblivion not selling

English versions only (due to tf2outpost having multiple versions listed)
All for a little under the backpack.tf prices

Direct Hit: 3 keys

Sandman 2.66 ref

Grenade Launcher: 17 ref

Shotgun: 7.33 Ref

Back Scatter: 3.11 Ref

Big Kill: 1 scrap (lol)

Backpack.tf (my backpack) link: https://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198089468620
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Selling Kill-streak Kits for the Backpack.tf price!

Southern Hosp - 2.66 Ref

Black Box - 11.44 Ref

Bone Saw - 3.44

Spec Grenade Launcher - 2 keys

Spec Flame Thrower - 1.33 keys

Pro Degreaser - 9 keys

Prices are FIRM

Link to Backpack.tf (my inv, find/search for kill-streaks)

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Buying Tour of Duty Tickets for 8.33 for EACH ticket

Add me or use Trade offers

Have enough metal for about 8 tickets as of right now
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Backpack.tf prices link to the right to my BP https://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198089468620

I will accept pure, hats, and tour of duty tickets as payment

I don't mind if you need to add me, however paying in pure using trade offers is the fastest way.
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Looking for a Field Tested WarHawk Rocket Launcher. (Buying for 4 keys and 10 refined, 4 keys and 12 ref is the highest I will go)

Paying in pure, I do not want a festive version only the basic.

Add or use Trade offers.
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Backpack.tf prices

Pure is accepted and quickest however Item overpay is highly Grand

Add me or use Trade offer~
All backpack.tf prices

Add or use trade offers, Fast trade if in pure, item overpay is accepted <3
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Selling this Clean Smoking Bubble Pipe for 18 keys pure or in unusual overpay (21 in overpay)

Trade offers, If you are trade banned you will be ignored (not sure why those people even add me)

Mobile Auth is enabled along with quick trades
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Buying your unneeded craft hats for 1 refined each!

Add or Trade offer, currently have (26) refined in stock!

Fast trade, mobile is enabled!
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Trading these nice unusual hats

Both are clean

Pure or unusual overpay

Connoisseur's Cap: 14 keys (16/17 in unusual overpay)

Grenadier's Soft Cap: 23 ( 25/26 in unusual overpay)

You can add me for discussion
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  • Completed
Buyout (for pure): 15 keys

Unusual OvP: 16-17 keys



You may add me for discussions (I'm usually online all day/night)
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Selling some really nice cosmetics, MOST ARE PAINTED KEEP THIS IN MIND

Taking offers on there, or backpack.tf prices

:) Don't mind being added either, I am fast at accepting/adding

I HAVE THE MOBILE AUTHENTICATION (may accept trade holds if price is right)
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Trading these very nice and clean skins for offers mostly, (Two are strange!)

Either offers or backpack.tf prices

I HAVE MOBILE AUTHENTICATOR (will accept trade holds if offer is right)