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Taking offers on this taunt.
Tyrants helm 27.66 ref or item overpay.
Crocleather slouch 18 ref or item overpay.
pyromancer mask 9.24 ref or item overpay.

I understand they are painted but I am going off strictly what says they are worth with the applied paints.
16.33 ref or item overpay
Selling this killstreak minigun kit for 23 refined metal or item overpay.
Selling this killstreak frontier justice kit for 5.66 refined or item overpay.
Thanks ^^
.33 for rainblower kit
Mannrobics Sold
RPS Sold
Oblooterated Sold
High five Sold
Schadenfreude Sold
Rancho - 18.77 ref / item overpay
Brewed Sold
Buy a life - Sold
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Hey traders

Today i am selling these items :)

1. gold botkiller specialized ks sniper rifle mk1 with good parts. BP.TF price = 6.91 keys. My price = 6 keys

2. Strange rocket launcher with nice parts. BP.TF price = 2.62 keys. My price = 2 keys

3. Vintage Tyrants helm painted black. BP.TF price = 1.08 keys. My price = 1 key

4. Pyromancers mask painted TS. BP.TF price = 14.58 ref. My price = 13.5 ref.

5. Crocleather slouch painted White. BP.TF price = 15.77 ref. My price = 14 ref

WIll take ref equivelant in duel games for any of these items, must be full games though.

Thanks and have a good day
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Hey traders!

Today im here to sell you this bazaar bargain w/ pro ks

It has really high tier sheens and eye effects in the eyes of most people, and on the market most want upwards of 4.5 keys equivelant.

I am putting this up for offers, looking for about 5 keys pure or maybe same price in items if i like them :)\

leave offers here!

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Hey traders

Selling these nice soldier items for their price in ITEMS or a tad less in pure :3 (im nice trust me ;-;)

all parts and paints are half values.

offer accordingly
ty babes
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Hey traders
selling these 4 ToDs for 7.66 each, so lets just say 30 ref for all 4 or a mixture of keys
OR item offers for each ticket being 8 ref each

add me! thanks!
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Hello Traders!

Today I am looking to buy quicksell unusual hats and stranges (the lower tier stuff, in bulk)
Offer me a price, and i will reference it to (don't get me wrong, I know it can be inaccurate but it's ok as a general guide) and outpost trades of the item.
Things i simply do not want;

3rd generation effects,
robo hats.

I have a small supply of keys (9) but i also have 2 ToD tickets and about 8 ref, so about 11 keys in currency.

I will counter-offer if i feel you are willing to go into reasonable parameters for price range that we can both agree on.

That's about it!

Good luck and happy trading!
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Hey traders
This was a sweet in one of my recent trades, and the parts happened to be worth a lot, but i am quite satisfied wiht my diamond RL, so here i am, selling it.

The parts are worth about 6 keys on + a few ref for the rocket.
I only want 3 keys for it

If you wanna do this deal, just add me :)
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Hey traders

I have 2 ToDs for sale :)
8 ref each

add me!
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Hey traders
trade says it all, i have 9 of these battle worn parts for .33 each or 3 ref for 9 :)
add me!
hey traders!

trade says it all, name tag for 5 ref, add me!
Hey traders

I have 9 keys, 7.22 ref, 2 ToDs, and a name tag, Im buying most things in tf2, aside from killstreaks and certain festives, for 25% off price.

I will also take VERY low tier unusuals, and for a 30-40% discount (being as it will be difficult to sell...)

Thanks, leave comment here, cya!
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I simply want 14 ref for this

i got trade holds, sorry

add me

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Hello traders,

Just yesterday i was not satisfied with my 2/4 mann up count, and wanted some closure, so i bought 2 tickets and finished it, and to my suprise, got 4 boxes, 2 of which contained these beauties!

So today i am looking to sell these, note of course, since they are new that i won't be letting them go easily!

SMG - 11 keys pure / offers of 12+
Shortstop kit - 5 keys pure / offers of 6+ (i know its high but i think most will agree, fire horns is highest tier to most people)

If you agree with these prices, you may add me, and i will trade them.

Thanks, cya!
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Hey traders,

Today i am looking to purchase one of the following items for keys/ref pure.

I have 5 keys, 8 ref in stock, i am mostly looking for the original,

I will pay-
5 keys 8 ref for strange original
3 keys for collectors concheror
4 keys for collectors escape plan

I have trade holds sadly

Contact me if you agree to these prices, thanks!
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Hey guys

Today i am selling the following

- Blood botkiller stickybomb launcher - 17 refined metals (tradable in a few days)
- Large luchador - 1.33 refined metals

Add me for trade
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Hey traders!

Today im here to buy most things in tf2 for 20% off

things i am not accepting-

Craft numbers
uncraftable/untradable things

pretty much i am taking everything else

I only have 5 keys atm, but i will instantly buy ANY STRANGE ORIGINAL for 5 keys

I have trade holds// sorry about that

i want to bulk buy most craft hats due to low value

Thanks and good luck!
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Hey traders

Selling this professional heatmaker strange with emerald and singularity

I am open to ANY offers, but note, nothing under 4 keys pure will be taken, will consider all item/pure offers over that
No painted items allowed / craft numbers

Becomes tradable in a few days

Add me if you have interest in purchasing

Ty, cya
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Hey traders

Just want to buy a distinctive lack of huge painted spine chilling skull

- bird man of aberdeen is 1 key 2.33 ref abouts with the paints + cosmetic
- abundance of tinge is like 10 refor so, haven't bothered to check lately
- stock of 16 ref ish
- large luchador, just a craft hat, 1.33 or so, give or take

taking keys on the high end of 18.77, this is roughly 2.5-2.8 keys or something, its hard for me to do math >_>

Contact me if you are willing, sma is not enabled, no mobile >_>

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Technically, i should be asking for 6 games, but i dont have sma enabled, so im giving a discount

simply 3 ref for 5 duel games
add me for instant trade

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13 ref or 26 duel games

sma not enabled

Add me for trade

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1 uncraft white paint for 10 ref or 20 duel games.
add me if you agree
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Selling this hat for 15 ref or 30 duel games ^^

Contact me via adding by steam

Looking to 1:1 the white paint with the villains.
1:1 the parrot thing with the croc
1:1 the beard to the teurforts

The 2 cosmetics that are not painted are simply there for adds..

I have trade holds.

Add me
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Today i am here to sell 3 white paints, and 3 black paints.

First of all, lets get some things strait,
- I dont value these less because they are uncraftable, it really doesnt make any difference in the long run.
- I dont have SMA enabled, i own a phone, but i am not so great with all these new doo-dads, so i really dont care about it at the moment, maybe some day.

Now, to the trade, shall we?

For these beautiful paints, i am looking for-
offers, anything over 1 key and 2 ref will be looked at. (everything is valued at mid price) (some overpay may be required depending on the offer, no painted things please)
These paint cans are yours for 1 key (pure)
Or, 2 ToDs per can.

Message me on steam or here if you are interested.

Thanks and cya later!
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Today i joined a 6s team as scout and i figured i wanted to make my scout look good so today i am buying every cosmetic above for 1 black or white paint each! (accept the buck turners, ill do 2 cans if you can do maybe.. 3-6 ref in change)

SMA is not enabled sadly

Add me if interested or post below

Thanks and cya!
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Hey people of outpost!

Today i come to you selling 3 black paints and 3 white paints (sadly i dont have SMA enabled so 3 days)

But today i am here to sell these for 2 keys each, OR 3 ToD tickets per tin, thats 18 tickets for all, or 12 keys

If you agree with these prices add me and we can trade :)

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3 black/white paints of your choice for these 3 pieces all at once

Simple as.. sadly i have eskrow so 3 day wait :( sorry


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Hello people of outpost :)

Today i bring you 3 cans of black and 3 cans of white paint (now tradable, but still got the eskrow hold cause of the no phone thing :( )
I would like 1 key 12 ref for each paint (or a deal, buy all 6 for 10 keys)

If you want any of these paints, just add me, and we can make a deal!
Thanks and cya!
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Here to sell 3 cans of black and 3 cans of white for 2 keys each :p tradable tomorrow at 8 o clock (thursday)
I have eskrow on but i plan to enable steam authenticator today

if you want to buy, just add me ^^

Thanks and cya!
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Tradable on 7th

I just want 2 keys for it.
I dont have steam mobile authenticator enabled as i do not own a phone (well, i barely use it)

If you wish to have it for 2 keys, contact me, and we can trade.
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Hello people of outpost!

Today, i want to trade 1 key and 3 ref for 3 team captains and 1 patriots peak.
If you are willing to do this trade, add me.
(i do not have steam mobile autenticator on as i do not own a phone... sad in these times i suppose but i was never a technology junkie)

Thank you and good bye!
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Hello people of outpost!

Today i simply want to buy a white patriots peak. the price is around 4-5 refined, and the 1 key applied value of the white paint.

if you have one, contact me, and if you have one but arent happy about the price, contact me and im sure we can make a deal


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Hello traders!

After a year long break from tf2 i decided to come back and start fresh.
So i am looking to sell this for 1 key and 4 refined metal

Its really that simple, if you dont want to pay 1 key 4 ref, dont add me please, thats all i want
Post if you wanna trade and add me - thanks

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Bread box > 3 keys.
loose cannon > 5 keys.
Mutated milk > 1.33 ref.
Killstreak unarmed combat > .33 rec.


Will 1:1 the cannon for summer shades, you do wrap.
Bread box for a villians veil, painted black + change.
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Selling the following crates for 1 scrap each, add me!!!!
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Nothing under 3 keys is really considered.

HIGPS crafted war pig level 42...

For those of you who dont know HIGPS is a great show that teaches new players and players in general about weapons, gamemodes, and other items, and how to use them and when... its a great show and i have learned alot.... there is FEW of these HIGPS crafted hats because the only time i believe he crafted hats and gave them away was when someone gave him 170 refined metal to sort in his backpack and he has like half of it still.... so nothing under 3 keys is considered.

Dont think i will sell it unles its a great offer..
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I can pay a number of buds or keys for a quicksell, orbiting planets charmers/fedora... but it needs to be a quicksell, im getting my friend something for his birthday..
Ok, trading these items for a strange pro degreaser, the loose cannon is EASILY 10 keys, and the bread box is 4+, they are rising, and the excess stuff is about 3 ref..

The effects have to be team shine / incinerator or fire horns.

add me!!!
desc tag for 3 refined or overpay! but please, dont be cheap with a 1 wep overpay, i want atleast a .66 overpay but please dont go above 1 ref overpay, i dont need to take that much away from you.
1:1 for each, so ye :P add me! only white btw, if its black, show me ingame and if i like it i will buy it (quite firm on white)
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Lookin to buy stuff for a discount in pure! trade me!
6 for 2, the amby is 7 keys alone, and its also rising.
5 craft hats
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2:2 note the killstreaks on the ambassador and the REALLY NICE parts, If you want seperately, 7.5 keys for the ambassador and 3 refined for the scatter, add me!!!