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Pretty straight forward; looking for interesting ways to invest my refined metal and keys, feel free to either offer below or, preferably, send me a trade offer. I'm only quickbuying items such as unusuals and hats.
I have 77 keys and 56 refined metal.
Thank you for your time and I wish you happy trading!
Selling this Clean Unusual Phosphorous Backwards Ballcap for 70 keys PURE or 80 keys in unusual OVERPAY.
The history of the item can be viewed below:
Feel free to Add me, Comment your offer below or Send me a trade offer (recommended)!
Looking forward to trade with you, have a nice day!
Hello there!
Selling these 2 Clean Unusuals for unusual offers or pure!
Green Energy Ye Olde Baker Boy: 60 keys: SOLD
Phosphorous "Attitude" Backwards Ballcap: 70 keys, History: http://backpack.tf/item/1662776043
Add me, send me a trade offer or offer below!
Have a good one!
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Hello there! Selling this unusual All class Modest pile of hat with the Searing plasma effect. I'm looking for offers around 65 keys, if you'd like to offer an unusual I expect some overpay. Send me a trade offer or feel free to add me if you'd like to negotiate an offer. Thanks for your time and have a good one!
Hey there! Selling these 2 rare items for these prices:
Professional Killstreak Diamond Botkiller Sniper Rifle: 10 keys pure, 15+ keys on unusuals
Level 221 Axtinguisher (Collective): Open to any offers, Fallout 4 Game Key (Region Free)
Send me a trade offer, add me or offer below!
Happy trading!
Hello there!
I'm willing to Quickbuy your Clean Disco Beat Down Killer's Kabuto for 22 keys!
Add me or send me a trade offer if you're willing to discuss with me, I am open to you making an offer and/or negotiation.
Thanks and have a good one!
Selling these sweet items for the following prices:
+The Cut Throat Concierge: 3.66 refined
+The Last Breath 6 refined SOLD
+The Frickin' Sweet Ninja Hoodie: 4 refined
+The Flamboyant Flamenco: 4 refined SOLD
+The Outta Sight: 3 refined SOLD
+The Lunatic's Leathers: 4.33 refined
+The Fashionable Megalomaniac: 2.33 refined
+The Level 221 Australium Axtinguisher: Add me to discuss
if you want to pay in items then the overpay should be at least 1 refined
Please send me a trade offer and I'll respond ASAP
Thanks for passing by and have a good one!
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Selling this Clean Festive Factory New Shell Shocker (Pink) for offers more-less than 20 euros. I want to stay in the 15-20 euro price range, so no lowballers below that price please. If you need to negotiate the price then feel free to add me, otherwise send me a trade offer.
Would gladly swap for an AWP | Asiimov of any condition with the addition 1-2 CS:GO keys from my side.
Selling this Clean Frostbite Charmer's Chapeau for offers around 100 keys, same goes for pure.
History of the unusual: http://backpack.tf/item/3393240262
Send me a trade offer or add me if you want to negotiate.
Have a good one!
Hello there! Selling this Clean Short History Strane Unusual Phononaut with Magnetic Hat Protector effect for unusual offers equal or more than the backpack.tf high end!
Feel free to offer either pure (84 keys) or other unusual offers, but must be clean!
Item history: http://backpack.tf/item/4309261567
Add me or send me a trade offer if interested! Negotiation is allowed!
Thanks and have a nice one!
Hello! Selling the AK-47 Redline with Bish, Bash Bosh (all holo) and Delicious tears for 3 keys of any kind but sticker case keys!
Add me or send me a trade offer (recommended)!
Have a good one!
Hey there, looking for a white colored polar pullover for a black one + 1 refined!
Send me a trade offer or add me, trade offers are recommended c:
Have a good day!
Hello there! Selling this skin for overpay!
Add me or send me a trade offer (recommended)!
Happy trading!
Hello there! Selling these skins for overpay!
Normal sticker: 50% value on weapon
Holo/foil sticker: 100% value on weapon
Add me or send me a trade offer (recommended)!
Happy trading!
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Well hello there I trade this beauty for some of your offers
My Item
AWP | HyperBeast
in Condition Battlescarred
Overpays appreciated also lowball gtfo and go die no offense
Feel free to send me a trade offer or add me ;)
Private profiles will be declined
Bye Have a nice day --=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
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Hello there, selling this Unusual Team Captain!
I'm mostly looking for unusual offers but I'd set 70 keys as a starter price (must be more than that).
Feel free to either send me a trade offer or add me!
Thanks and have a nice one c:

History to whoever is interested in it: http://backpack.tf/item/1330574092
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1 weapon = 1 scrap!
Feel free to buy more than 1 items at a time!
if you want a specific weapon, search my inventory and make a trade offer if I have a dupe!
Happy trading!
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Hello! I'm Quickbuying TF2 Unusuals or CS:GO Knives for Pure Keys!
Offer Below or shoot me a Trade Offer if interested!
Feel free to Add Me if you have problems or questions!
Happy Trading!
-Note: I'm NOT trading my other unusuals!
Quickbuying Unusual Blizzardy Storm Mining Light for 14 15 keys pure!
Shoot me a Trade Offer or Add Me if you got any questions!
Happy trading!
This nice clean short-history item for only 12 keys! (History page: http://backpack.tf/item/429961931)
Buds = 11 keys
Please do not offer duplicated items
Offer must be pure C:
In case you pay in items, I will have to request a 37.34% overpay
Have a good one!
C/O: 11 keys pure!
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One bud for 12 keys pure or a 16 keys unusual C:
Feel free to send me a trade offer C:
Have a good one C:
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Note: If you want to leave me a trade offer, you should wait some time since I am on a trip, so please have some patience, but if you find me online feel free to add me (Brb on Jan 2nd)

Shotgun: 16 refined
MK 50: SOLD!

All offers must be in pure, otherwise I expect a 1 refined overpay, unless you are giving the Strange Powerjack for the MK 50
Have a nice day and thanks for coming by :D
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2 Mann Co Crate keys for this awesomely rated game (credit goes to creators) OR I can exchange it with surgeon simulator 2013!
Feel free to add if not able to send trade offer, you do not need to comment to my profile if you are interested in this specific item, thanks!
Hello and thanks for passing by!
I am selling these lovely items for pure metal/keys (offers accepted with 1 refined overpay on items that are below 4 refined and 1 key on items that are more than 4 refined)!
Haunted Pocket Horsemann: SOLD!
Au Courant Assassin: SOLD!
Strange Snack Attack: 4 keys!
Brown Hottie's Hoodie: SOLD!
Vintage Baseball Bill's: SOLD!
Collector's Fan O' War chemistry set: 1.5 keys (1 key of any kind and 4.33 refined)!
Remember, if you do not pay in pure, you should overpay!
Thanks again for coming and have a good one!
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Selling this item here for only 2 keys!
Send me a trade offer! c:
Add me if something's wrong or you wanna negotiatiate the price!
Feel free to offer as soon as you are overpaying by 1 key!
Happy trading and thanks for coming by!

EDIT: All kinds of keys are accepted as pure!
EDIT2: 8.66 ref = 1 key
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Hello people!
I am selling this fancy fedora for 6 refined pure!
if you pay in items I'd like an item that is equal to 1.4+ keys!
Add me or send me a trade offer!
Have a good one!
Hello, I am selling this beautiful Bill's Hat for the price of 7 keys!
It is also clean and painted Hue!
I would love if you paid in pure but if you have any offers, you are free to show me, but please, not a lot of items!
Here's the sad part, the overpay must be at least 1 key and if you are paying in more than 3 items (unless it's keys/refined) then it hats to be 2 keys :/
Medium tier unusuals that are being quickselled are also accepted and I am willing to give change of a couple of keys for them!
Thanks for passing by, if you like this trade be sure to bookmark it!
Feel free to add me if you want to discuss the price, you can send me a trade offer as well if I am offline!
Have a good one!
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Pleas pure but offers on 1.5 keys (stable prices) are also welcomed with orange and lemon beverages and hot chocolate ! c:
Thanks for passing by lad, here's mah merchandise!
Level 3 chin: SOLD!
Noh mercy: 3 refined!
Track terrorizer: 2.33 refined!
Spook Specs: 2 refined!
Distinguished rogue: 1.77 refined!
You can either add me or send a trade offer (In case I am offline)!
If you are not paying in pure I'd like at least 2 reclaimed overpay!
Ahoy and beware of sharks!
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Selling this beard for 6.33 refined or 1.1 keys in not-pure!
Add me or send me a trade offer!
Don't forget to comment that you are adding me for a trade or else I will think you are a phish bot!
Very good game, high quality graphics and very enjoyable gameplay! For 2 keys or 14 refined!
Please only pure offers, unless it's for pixel piracy, then I shall accept :3
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Hotrod: 5 ref
Turnout gear: 3 ref
Pure please but you can offer in items overpaying!
Hello and thanks for scrolling over me :3
I would like to sell this cloak for 2.55 refined pure or 3 refined in items :3
Have a good one!
I am selling this strange reserve shooter for 5 ref!
Offers in items are acceptable but the items have to be easy to get sold AND also have an overpay of at least 0.66 refined!
Send me a trade offer! Don't comment below/add me!@ :3
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Hello and thanks for passing by!
I am selling this for 3.66 refined pure or 4.33 refined in items!
Add me or leave me a trade offer!
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Hello and thanks for taking some time clicking on my trade!
I am selling...
Collector's Holy Mackerel for 2.5 keys (2 keys+4 ref) or 3 keys in items!
Mann Co. Painting Set for 1 key or 8 refined!
2xName Tag for 2 refined each!
Leave me a trade offer if interested over here:
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Hello and thanks for your time coming here!
If you are interested in the feesh, leave a comment in my public comment section, if you have a problem leaving a comment, add me and I will accept when. Do not try leaving me a trade offer because I will be away for a couple of days, so you will also have enough time to think about it. Also, I have the item on the market in a good price, so check it out if interested!
Hello! I am selling this unusual for 18 keys pure please, if you are offering another unusual I'd like it to be at least 1 bud, don't waste your time on checking backpack.tf, there's no state price, thanks for your time :D
Hello, I am selling this (lvl 99) cosmetic for spy for 3 ref pure! Add me if you'd like to buy it or just send me a trade offer:
Thanks for your time! :3
Hello and thanks for taking some time clicking my trade!
I am quickselling this cosmetic, Cool Breeze for only 2.33 refined!Feel free to add me but I would advice you to shoot me a trade offer right here, because I will possibly be offline: http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=144228617&token=RAaPWQqV
I would like your offer to be pure but offers are fortunately accepted if they are followed with an overpay of 1 reclaimed or more!
Thanks again for your time!
Hello, thanks for your time reading this QUICKSELL!
I am selling this here for 8 refined instead of 1 key, feel free to add me but I suggest you leave a trade offer over here, because I will possibly be offline, but in case I am feel free to add me! http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=144228617&token=RAaPWQqV
Hello, I'd like to sell this for 7 refined, could you please buy it for me? c:
Here's the trade offer button:http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=144228617&token=RAaPWQqV
Welcome to Darth's shop! We sell everything on a discount here!
Cool Breeze: SOLD!
Lonesome Loafers: 3.33refined!
Name Tag: SOLD!
Strange Outback Intellectual: 1key!
Paisley Pro: SOLD!
Thank you for taking a look on our little shop!
You can either add me or send me a trade offer right here (in case I am offline or you want everything to happen faster c:) ! http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=144228617&token=RAaPWQqV
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Hello and welcome to Darth's shop!
Add me or send me a trade offer(recommended)! http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=144228617&token=RAaPWQqV

~Strange Outback Intellectual: 1.3 keys / 11 refined!
~Brawling Buccaneer: SOLD!
~Second Layer: SOLD!
~Hazmatenhelm: 2 refined!
~Ghastlierest Gibus: SOLD!
~Vintage Merrywear: 1.66 refined!
~Honcho's Headgear: 1.66 refined!
~Gaelic Garb: 1.66 refined!

Please overpay by 0.33 refined on each item if not paying pure! Have fun trading :D
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Hello, I am selling these things here for the following prices:

-Clan Pride: 1.66 ref
-Honcho's Headgear: 2 ref
-Soldier's Stash: 1 key
-Color No. 216-190-216: 2.33 ref
-Soldier's Stogie: 3 ref

Only pure please, otherwise I expect 0.33-1 ref overpay, send me a trade offer if interested in something and/or add me.
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The Genuine AWP is killstreak, only a Bill's, offer me below ONLY if you agree with the price or else leave the page, items from the trade are going to be sold for a Bill's, so don't offer anything else than that, would prefer painted a distinctive lack of hue.

Just add me, comment below ONLY if you don't can/want to add
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7 ref or 1 key 1:1 or 7:1 pure only add me or throw a trade offer
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1:1 pure add me