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Hey, I'm trading these Haunted Spooky Sleeves painted TS for 17 Refined.
Go ahead and add me to your Friends list for a really quick trade, or you could just use my trade offer link, which is probably the same speed.
Thanks and have a good one
Trading two keys for 16 Refined each. Add me to trade.
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1:1, or open to any trades you might have in mind. Add me to discuss.
1:1 with the Cold Killer, or your best offer.
Hue hue.

Hey, I've seen people offering Unusuals and shit for them. Might as well put these up. Might become tradable someday.
And when they do, I'll be ready, to uh... trade them, I guess.
If you've got some good offers, I'll take them.
Offer on one or both, but offering on both takes priority.
Don't be afraid, I don't bite. Even if you lowball.

Offer that went sour: White painted G. El Jefe
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Currently the rarest genuines on the market.
Only selling as a set.

B/O: 1 Bud for the set
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One key each.
Add me to Steam.
1 key for a V. Demofro
2 keys for the G. Deus Specs
Four keys.
Add me to Steam.
It's cleaning house day for my backpack!
Currently trading these items for keys/metal.

V. Killer's Kabuto (Black)- Gone with the wind
V. Heavy Duty Rag (After Eight)- Gone, Gone, Gone
Boston Boom Bringe- Done
Sight for Sore Eyes- AND IT'S GONE
V. Texas Ten Gallon- Gone with the wind
Assless Chaps- 1 key 1 Refined
Stereoscopic Shades (Team Spirit)- 2 keys
Ball Kicking Boots- THEY ARE GONE
Add me to Steam directly to trade.
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Trading the entire set for:

8 keys


One of the items listed


Your best offer.
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Trading one Dota II invite for one craftable hat.
Add me to Steam.
(Note: No dirty or Uncraftable hats, please)
1:1 trade with the key!
Oh, and if you want to cut out the middleman and have a piece of Flair lying around, I'd take it off your hands!
Add me to Steam to trade.
Boris the Animal, Big Gay Biker, whatever you'd like to call this, it looks pretty neat.

V. Duty Rag(After Eight)- 2 keys 1 Refined
Security Shades- 1.33 Refined
Add me to Steam if you agree with those prices.
Trading the full set for eight keys.
Add me to Steam.
Ho ho ho! Buy my shit!

B/O: 6 keys 1 Refined

But hell, what do I know? You got another offer? Give me a shout out, either here, or on Steam.
Beep boop. Seven keys.
Bloop, Bleep.
14 keys
Your firstborn son.
Trading for:
15 keys
Clean Voodoo Juju
Your Firstborn Son
Unusual Offers

Add me to Steam if you'd like to trade.

..Yeah, I'm really only expecting 15 keys. Unless your son is willing and you provide postage.
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Add me.
1:1 2spooky key
Add me to Steam.
Hey, you want any of this stuff, feel free to gimme some offers.
Want them? Offer here, and I'll get back to you and work something out.
I'm the proud owner of a Haunted Boo Balloon!
Taking any and all offers.
Hey, you want this stuff? Gimme a message, I'll give you a good deal.

Add me to Steam for a faster trade.
4 keys for a G. Crafty Hair.

Two keys, or your best offer. Add me.

Post offers here, will check back periodically.

Add me.
Trading for three keys.

Add me to Steam quickly.
Trading the Track Terrorizer for one key.
Trading the Texas Half Pants for two keys.
Spreadsheet prices.

Add me to Steam to discuss.
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11 keys.

Not ten.
Not twelve.
...Okay, maybe twelve and maybe ten, but DEFINITELY NOT NINE. Fuck nine, worst number ever.
2 keys, or offers in hats.
Add me to Steam to discuss.
Trading the full Total War Master Collection set and two keys for one Big Kill


Two of any of the other items listed.
Howdy do, Outpost? Leave me some offers for the set.

I can wait out the storm to find out what these items are really worth. Particularly interested in the price of the Freedom Staff.
Two keys each.
Add me.
Offers on the full set OR offers on individual hats.

C/O: Just look below my friend.
B/O: None!
Hey, Outpost, I'll bet old man Valve will make these tradable any day!
Nyeh, Outpost?
Nyeh, Outpost?
Nyeh, Outpost?
Nyeh, Outpost?
Nyeh, Outpost?
Nyeh, Outpost?
Nyeh, Outpost?

Put down some offers, fellas.
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Currently trading for these items:

Teufort Tooth Kickers: Bought
Stereoscopic Shades: Bought
Kringle Collection: Bought
Bird Man of Aberdeen: Bought
Sneaky Spats of Sneaking: Bought
Vintage Fancy Fedora: 4 Refined

Current key inventory: 3

Add me directly to Steam if you would like to trade.

Please don't offer me any of these items as dirty. I do not want dirty items.

Want to haggle? Add me to Steam. Despite my profile pic, I am not Hasidic to the touch.
I will overpay by one Refined for good paints, possibly a key for Black and White.
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B/O: 14 keys

Oh, what's that, you've got another offer? Post it here, or add me right to Steam if you think your offer is good.
Taking offers on the set:

Current offer: Big Kill + 2 keys
Buyout: 26 keys/Earbuds
Super Buyout: 900 dillion Earbuds and your firstborn son

Taking any and all offers seriously. Feel free to post here, or add me to Steam with offers.
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Taking offers on the whole set.
20 keys is an instatrade; if not, offer here.
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Give me some offers. Taking them all seriously.
1:1, or offers.
Add me.
Trading my Fast Learner for (hopefully) six keys.
What's that? You have another offer? Well you can FUCK O- post it here, and I'll check them periodically throughout the night.
If you've got the six keys (or you think your offer's good enough), feel free to add me directly.


T. Hanks, and have fun.
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Taking offers on either the Chicken Hat or the AWPer Hand.
Not sure when these'll become tradable, so offer here.
Lowballers, while not exactly welcome, can be posted if you like.
Assholes, however, will not be tolerated.