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Looking to sell this lovely thing for pure. very shiny
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I'm really looking to 1 v 1 this for a pyromancer of similiar or slightly lesser value. ( I would insta trade for a blizzardy mancer though ) However I will trade for pure as well but I will be more stingy with my prices.

Rack is now a misc and I am looking for around 4 buds (yes I'm aiming high here) . I am not rushing to sell as I do enjoy my hobo stag of the snowy mountains soldier.
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Hello, looking to quicksell(?) this unusual for 1 bud and 10 keys or 32 keys. Pure only please. Add me if you're interested in trading. I will not accept links to "friend" accounts or any other links and I will only trade if you add me yourself. Thank you
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all listed are 1 rec each. Feel free to to make any other offers.
please I don't want these things anymore :\ even if you want to offer metal go right ahead : P
trade any of above for a key
If you see anything else in my backpack you'd want instead let me know