Worst Nightmare Bubble : (Sold for 10 keys)
Samur-Eye Orbiting-fire(Clean) : (Sold for 11 Keys)
Green Energy Slick Cut (Clean and short history) : 50 Keys/60 Keys in unusual

I have high intrest in Soldier Unusual and Australium Stuff.

Thank you for you attention.
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50 keys pure or 70 in unusual overpay
No intressted in Unusual taunt and weapon
Looking for one of them
I have 34 keys in pure plus my kabuto
I can add more for green energy
Looking to upgrade my kabuto
  • Completed
Looking for 25 keys for it
Looking for offer on this sexy taunt c:
50 Keys or 65 in Unusual
Greetings everybody !
looking for 70 keys pure or 90 keys in unusual overpay for this good looking hat !
Looking for 70 keys pure or 90 in unusual overpay for this good looking hat uncrated by me.
Also i do have interest in Team Captain Unusual.
Thank you and have a good day.
40 Keys Pure Or Unusual Overpay Thx !
Looking for pure offer or Unusual overpay for this hat
Greeting everyone !

Quickselling this hat for 36 keys (bp price : 43 keys)
Greetings Everyone !

Selling this hat (tradable in few days) for a B/O of 43 keys or Unusual overpay
Selling my unusual (tradable in few days) for 43 keys or a Unusual Team Captain offer Thanks !
Quitting TF2 Looking for CS:GO Offer.
Offer below.
Bud and bill tradable sunday
Hi i'm gonna quit TF2 so i'm looking for 100 € Paysafecard ! Not paypal !
You need some condition to trade with me :
Steam level :Highter than 40.
You must be not a scammer.
You must have over 4000 hours on TF2.

I can go first for trade !
I won't trade with scammer or people you have -2000 hours on TF2.
Post here if you are intrested!
Scammer=Report and blocked
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Offer Pls
No Offer below than 4 bud for one
No Offer below 7 bud for both
B/O (Pure) : 8 buds
B/O (Unusual) : 9 Buds
No 3rd gen effect except Cloud 9
And No robotic Hat/Effect except electrostatic.
Fedora : 22 keys
Prussian : 26 keys
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Add me !
Prussian pickelhaube stormy storm is over 5 buds
Im looking for unusual el jefe they cost around 4,5.
Looking for one of them +2 key
No robotic hat !!!
Add me.
Looking for 8 buds or 48 keys pure for both.
Fedora :24 keys
Pickel :24 keys
Or unusual soldier or demoman or all-class
No robotic hat.
Offer pls.
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Looking for one of them.
Add a bud pls for drill effect i show.
No robotic hat !
Offer below.
Looking for one of them.
no robotic hat !
Add me if you have one them.
Offer below.
Looking for soldier unusual and demoman unusual.
Fedore for demoman unusual.
Prussian pickelhaube for soldier unusual.
No robotic hat !
I take any effect except Nut's n' bolt and orbiting planet
massed file.
Offer below.
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Offer in pure or in soldier unusual.
No robotic hat
B/o:50 Keys/Max Head + 1 bud
B/o (in Unusual/Item):Drill/Shako + S.F R.L

The unusual are on the steam market at the moment.
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Looking for one of them.
No Robotic Hat.
Hello !
I'm selling 2 unusual for unusual demoman and soldier.
I'm looking for 1st gen effect.
I'm intrested in Smoking,Orbiting fire,Circling Logo TF,Stormy Storm,
Steaming,Dead President,Aces high,Searing Plasma.
Not intrested in Roboti hat/effect or massed file,nut's n bolt or other
3rdgen effect.
Add pure if you unusual is below of my unusual.
Looking for 1 unusual demoman and 1 unusual soldier.
Offer below.
I will add you.
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Selling 2 unusual for pure.
8,5 buds for the 2.
60 key.
Or max with bud.
Prussian pickelhaube stormy storm : 4,5 bud
Fedora orbiting planet : 4 buds
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Selling 2 unusual for Pure or soldier unusual with a overpay.
I won't take any offer below 3,5 buds.
Looking for 1st Gen effect or max head.
Looking for 8,5 Buds in pure for all.
No Robotic Hat/effect except electrostatic or purge power.
No 3rd Gen effect.
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Prussian pickelhaube Stormy storm for max head.
Fedora orbiting planet for 4 buds or offer in unusual with a overpay.
No Robotic Hat/Effect (except electrostatic) No 3rd Gen effect.
Offer for fedora.
add me for Prussian.
Looking for pure but you can offer unusual ONLY soldier.
No Robotic Hat/Effect or 3rd gen effect !
Overpay please.
What im looking for ? \|/
8,7 buds pure for the 2.
65 keys pure
11 buds in unusual.
Max + some buds + some keys.
fedora orbiting planet=4 buds / 4,5 in unusual
Prussian Pickelhaube=4,60 buds / 5 in unusual
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Looking for pure or unusual soldier with a overpay.
Fedora:4 buds/4,5 in unusual
Prussian:4,5 buds/5 in unusual

No Robotic hat/effect no 3rd gen effect.
Don't add me i will add you.

I'm intrested particularity in a team captain aces high \(•_•)/
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Offer pls.
Prussian pickelhaub for drill with orbiting fire or bubble +1 bud and 2 key !
S.F Sniper rifle .............After the prussian i will make a offer.
Add me for pickel.
Wait for S.F Sniper.
Offer pls.
Looking for orbiting fire or bubble with a overpay.
Overpay must be in key.
Add me.
I won't pay more for killstreak.
Pure or unusual with a overpay
Offer pls
add me
Pure or unusual with a overpay
Offer pls
1 of 2 on outpost.
Looking for 3,5 buds pure or 26 Keys or a Soldier unusual or sniper Unusual with a overpay:
Overpay will depend of the hat.
I'm showing the maximun overpay.

1stGen:10% overpay
2ndGen:20% overpay
3ndGen/RoboticHat/Robotic effect :40% overpay
Halloween Effect: 15% overpay.
Cancer Effect : 35% overpay.
Also im looking too for a Strange Festive Rocket launcher.
I won't pay more for strange-part or KS.

Or im looking to put that on the steam market at 55€
The second man is asking for 29 keys,im only asking for 26 keys.
Offer,don't add me i will add you.
Thanks for you attention !
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Pure or a good unusual sniper 1st gen effect.
Offer pls.
Looking for pure or Unusual sniper 1stGen effect or halloween effect with a overpay.
Don't add me i will add you.
Edit 3rd Xp:
Looking for 2 buds or 20 keys pure.
In unusual looking for sergent drill hat or professional panama or stout shako with a good effect (1st/2ndGen)
(No Robotic hat or 3rd Gen effect (Except Aces High on sergent))
I'm intrested in the stout shako unusual.
Post offer.
Don't add me.i will add you
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5 key.
Add me.
Looking for 2 buds or 20 keys or a good unusual sergent drill hat or profesionnal panama with a good effect (1stGen/2ndGen)
(No Robotic Hat,no 3rdGen Effect)
Post offer, Don't add me i will add you.
Only pure.
2 buds or 22 keys.
Add me.
Looking for 2 buds pure or 22 keys
or a good sergeant drill hat with a good effect.
(no robotic)
Like searing plasma or circle thing.
post you offer
don't add me i will add you
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Selling Specialized Killstreak Festive Black Box for 1 key
add me if you are interested.
Thanks for you attention.
Looking for one of them with one of the effect i show.
2 buds for unusual
2,6 for unusual + festive strange grenade launcher
3 buds for unusual + festive strange grenade launcher + 2 keys
Post offer don't add me
I will add you ( NO ROBOTIC HAT!!!)
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