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35 keys in pure, in items, overpay (for items, I am not buying any unusual taunts or weapons ) don't be afraid to offer.
HI , i am this for 18 keys,(Real price is 19 -23 keys)
Also paying in unusual 23 keys
Can offer max head only
you can offer me or add me

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HI guys I am selling this for item offer or 11 keys
i will accept unusual
strange (but ples i don't want any skin weapons)
keys or buds
i don't want any ks kit
OFFER ME OR ADD ME or type ur offer down here ( if i like the offer i wil add u or accept it asap)
My trade offer link: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=76890106&token=5Iy0eF1h
Have a nice day guys tnx u
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i have 100 ref offer me something gud, i will not accept trde hold ppl
i want 14 ref for this if u are paying pure,or from hats overpay.
any other offers are welcome.
send trade offer to this : https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=76890106&token=5Iy0eF1h
I have my mobile authenticate activated,
selling for 3.66 pure,items over pay
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send a trade offer
14 ref metal send me a trde offer ,or add me
i want----- Unusual Carouser's Capotain--------PURPLE ENERGY, GREEN ENERGY (no gift ,no dup)

Also other Unusual hat with this effect


this my trade link -------https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=76890106&token=5Iy0eF1h----

also u can add me or type your offer below

have nice day
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i have 16 keys send me some gud offer
looking for unusual and other offers
(i don t like bolt and nut,flays,steaming,and storm effects) ples dont offer this effects ,
i will accept the best deal
send ur trade offer here or live a msg
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i am selling black box killstreak kit for 10 REF METAL ,if buying BLACK BOX IS FOR FREE

steam market price is ( 2.10 $ ) i am selling 10 ref

if u like to buy add me or send a trade offer my trde offer link is this

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demo hat is = 1.44 ref or u can offer a gud hat---sold
one weapon is= 1 scrap (page 14)
***also i give 3 weapons for 1 background pic or 100 gems***

TRADE OFFER LINK =https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=76890106&token=5Iy0eF1h

u can add me
send your offer

have a nice day
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selling this bud for 12 keys

add me or send a trade offer

selling it for 12 ref metal
hi , i am selling this wepons for 1scrap or 2 craft weapons,also any gud offers ,
1 game is 1 key or 13 ref metal or other offer of you

send me offer ,add me ,or type ur offer

have a nice day
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i am selling game zack zero game for 1 key or 13 .33ref

send me a offer or add me
selling this wepon and more wepons (page 14) for 1 scrap each ,

AND also selling this games for = 2 keys( 1 game is 2 key)

add me or put msg

garrys mod sold
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16 keys or 1 bud ,also can send me unusual offers(no smoking/steaming/flying bits/bubbles)

send me offer
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bill's hat------------------ 5.4 key----------sold*
s.pretty boy------------2 ref
s,force of nature------1.66 ref----------sold*
s.kukir-------0.66 ref---------sold*
s.huo long------0.66 ref------sold*
s,fist of steel ------ 0.33 ref
s.stick launcher----1.66 ref-------sold*
s.g launcher------1.66 ref
free to send offers
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buying keys for 7.66 ref
add me or send me offer
Genuine Pounding Father = 1.11 ref
strange Persian Persuader = 0.66 ref
Huo-Long Heater = 0.66 ref
chemstry set = 0.11 ref each
Enchantment: Eternaween =0.11 ref

send me offers
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Genuine Geisha Boy = 1.33 ref
Genuine Pounding Father = 1.33 ref
Strange Kukri = 0.33 ref
strange Persian Persuader = 0.66 ref
Lollichop = 0.11 ref
Huo-Long Heater = 0.66 ref
Rainblower = 0.11 ref

send me offers ,dont add me,( if u buy every thing i wil give it for 4 ref metal)
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Huo-Long Heater = 0.66 ref
Persian Persuader =0.66 ref
Kukri = 0.66 ref
Enchantment: Eternaween = 0.22 ref
Genuine Pounding Father =1.33 ref

send offers
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