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7 Keys Pure Or High Item Overpay.
No Low Balling.
Feel free to add me -http://steamcommunity.com/id/YukiYori/
Send me a trade offer! -https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=111739111&token=FqO6Wv58
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Selling My Team Fortress Two Items For Csgo.
Steam Trade Offer Only.
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I am currently buying quicksell low tier unusuals

if you need pure fast,this is what i can give for each low tier hat.

The guide below will show you the price of your hat(on the left) , and what i will pay for your unusual of that value (on the right)

10 keys -> 7 keys
11 keys -> 7 keys
12 keys -> 7 keys
13 keys -> 8 keys
14 keys -> 8 keys
15 keys -> 9 keys
16 keys -> 9 keys
17 keys -> 10 keys
18 keys -> 10 keys
19 keys -> 11 keys

My prices are firm,so please don't add me and try to negociate a higher price.
i am not looking to buy third gens.

Send a trade offer here:

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Selling this beautiful unusual for 12 keys pure or 16 keys in unusual.

Add me if interested. Negociatable.

Not Duped.
Selling this wonderful unusual for 10 keys pure or 14 in unusuals.

Add me if you're interested.
Intangible Ascot : 0.44
Haunted Demo Soul : 2 ref

Send me a trade offer if you're interested.
Buying any craftable hats for 1 refined eat. Please add me if interested.
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Selling This Clean Unusual Flipped Trilby ( Kill-a-Watt) For 12 Keys Pure OR 75%(9Keys) Unusual Overpay.

If Your Interested Add Me.
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Buying A Professonal Killstreak Australium Rocket Launcher For 57 Keys!Not Paying For Any Parts.

Add Me.
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Super Clean History.
Unboxed On The 23rd Of December . Tradable On 30th Of December.

Im Looking For All KInd Of Offers---- Keys , Vintage Bills , Max head And Unusual Offers.
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Hey bros!

Im Selling A Unusual Stately Steel Toe Effect : Aces High For Offers!!

C/O :

Pls Do Not Add Me!

-Thanks- :D
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Scatter Gun : 5 Ref

Sniper : 4 Ref

Medi :1.66 Ref

Knife : 3 Ref
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Hey ,
Im Selling This Unusual
For 3 Buds!

I Accept 1 Max Head Which Is 2.7 To 3 Buds

Add Me!!
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Hey Guys,

Im BuyinG any Craft Hats For 1 Ref Each!
But not Buying Elis Cap Of Course :3

Ref In Stock : 4

Hats Bought : 0

Just Add Me And Sell me All Ur Hats U Do not Need No More To Me For 1 Ref :3
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Hey Guys,

Im Buying Buds For 18 Keys Pure

Keys In Stock :18

Buds : 0

Add Me :D
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Hey Guys :3
Its Me With Another Trade!

I Am Trying To Get Some Profit Here!
So Im Buying Buds For 18 Pure Keys!


Thanks If U Would Like Sell Ur Bud To Me,It Would Be ThankFul.
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Hey Guys,

Im Selling This Wonderful Last Breath For 5 Ref

If U Would Like To Help Out Buying This,Add Me As A Friend And Trade Me!

Thanks And Have A Nice Day!
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Hey Guys :p

I am Selling This Wonderful Strange For Only 2 Rec :P
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Hey Guys :3

This Are The Items Im Selling :D

Ten Texas Gallon ( Dirty ) -> 1 Ref

Strange Sydney Sleeper -> 1 Ref

Add Me For A Fast Trade !
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Im Selling This Unusual For About 23 To 24 Keys!!

If Ur Interested,Just Add Me And Trade Me =]
Direct Hit = 2 Ref

Solvem Vow = 2.33

Grenade Launcher = 6 Ref

BrotherHood = 1 Key And 1 Ref\

Concheror = 1 Ref (SOLD)

Add Me As A Friend If ur Interested In Any OF These!! :3
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Im Selling This Unusual!

B/O : 3 Buds

C/O :
Im Selling Minnesota Slick For 2.66!!

Add Me If Interested!
Im Selling My Spy Boots For 1.33!!!!

If ur Interested Add me As A Friend !!!

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