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metal or keys only

add me
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offer metal or keys only

add me
  • Completed
All Father - 2 keys
fast learner - 2.33 ref - SOLD
anger - 3 ref - SOLD
kringle - 8 ref -SOLD
quadwrangler - 4 ref - SOLD
dashin - 8.66 - SOLD
brain piece - 2 ref - SOLD

G. Brigade - 3 keys
  • Completed
Buying Strike suit zero cards 2 scrap each

add me
  • Completed
Buying Trine 2 cards 2 scrap each

add me
  • Completed
buying Risk of rain cards 2 scrap each,

add me
  • Completed
I don't hardly look at outpost so add me to offer
want keys or buds, or steamcash (offer, don't ask me how much)
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Give me some offers
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Taking offers for these items

No lowballing

Only Pure offers (Metal/keys)
  • Completed
CSGO guns plox
  • Completed
Essentials - 3 keys
Double cross - 3 keys

nothing but keys
  • Completed
add me
  • Completed
Paying 2 scrap each for any Don't Starve trading cards
add me
  • Completed
bulb - 1 ref
digester - 1.66
battle worn - .33
reinforced - .22

add me
  • Completed
Throw me some offers hun
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Throw me some offers
  • Completed
you know the deal..

offer away
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add me
if I don't respond send trade offer
  • Completed
buying 7 days to die 2 pack for 9 keys

add me on steam
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add me
  • Completed
paying two keys for CSGO copy, add me on steam
Paying 2 scrap each for CSGO cards
Add me
Pure metal/keys only
Trading these unusuals for others, or pure bud/key offers

larking/tam o shanter will be sold for other unusauls so you don't lowball with key offers :)
(You can also buy them at a bud each)

Low ballers posts will be hidden so GL!

If you think you have a good offer add me

i would take another lvl 100 hat and some sweets
1 ticket each, add me
TF2 Scrap Banking Bot
This Bot buys 2 weapons for one scrap and sells weapon for a scrap each!

Wait a couple of second after you invite it to a trade. Be Patient.

http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198117387705/ <==== ADD ME HERE
1.5 scrap each
Or a class token
3:1 add me
offa somthing GUD :D
1 professional killsteak Tribalmans shiv kit fabricator
1 killstreak maul kit
1 specialized killstreak tomislav kit fabricator
1 specialized killstreak Frontier justice kit fabricator
1 specialized killstreak three-Rune blade kit fabricator
1:1 add me
I like High effects boi :D
minimum offer is 14 keys, don't offer below 14 pure keys
It will take alot to take the dragonborn off my hands

Dragonborn is the only one on the market, same as coupe
LVL 100!!!
selling reinforced parts for 1 rec
selling pristine parts for 1 ref
selling battle-worn parts for 2 scrap
add me I have many
Yo, Looking for unusual or Key offers ONLY
3 ref each add me
add me
2 scrap for the battle worn items
1 rec for reinforced items
Selling dat golden Force of nature for offers :)
HEYO, I am giving away 2 rec if you can meet the requirements!
Need to own Garry's mod
Some spare time (10 mins, to join the server)
All you will need to do, is join me in-game
~add me for details

im also taking offers for my ref, Don't add me
1 ticket each
add me
3 ref for tod ticket, add me
3 ref for ticket, add me
Buying Tour Of Duty tickets for 3.33 each
4keys for contagion, add me
High end of spreadsheet price

metal/keys only
Just add me..
i have this hair painted with the halloween spell spectrum

Offer anything you like, expt for games

I really like keys, other hats/miscs with spells, s.f. sticky

highest offer: 18 keys