I want the original vintage weapons without effects/effect + keys. All my vintage weapons has the Exorcism effect, some have 2 Halloween effects. Check out my genuine weapons, they have Exorcism effects too.

Vintage weapons SET and some of the Genuine weapons ONLY. Ask for anything else, blocked. I will also allow KEYS offer only for the WHOLE SET.
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1.33 ref each
Vintage weapons with Exorcism effect. Please do check my backpack.
Some have 2 effects;
Ex: Vintage Backburner has Exorcism + Halloween Fire / Vintage Ullapool, Loch-n-Load have Exorcism + Pumpkin Bombs

Looking for really good offers on the whole set, or Vintage weapons WITHOUT the effects + your key/metal offer.
Set does not include Vintage Fan o' War or Concheror
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Taunt: 2 rec
Spells: 2 scrap each
Balloon: 1 rec
Looking for LVL 13 or 31.
Offer up.
Looking for LVL 13.
-My glove + metal for your LVL 13 Glove

ONLY NEED: Genuine and Unique/Normal
Looking for Halloween PAINT spells?
Can you actually get them now or...?

They did said:
"Luckily, you can now play previous years' Halloween spectaculars to get your shock tolerance up in advance of the update. Simply boot up the game, hop into multiplayer and quickplay any of our past five Scream Fortress updates. If you've missed out on previous Team Fortress Halloweens, or are new to TF2 in general, this is a perfect time to catch up."
Backpack.tf's price: 1.2 buds
The paint itself is 1 key.
-Short history

Offer up.
Looking for Collector's Powerjack. Offer up.
Looking to upgrade OR downgrade to a different effect. Can add up to 7 keys.

Effects I DON'T want: Nuts, President, Fetti, Aces, Bubbling, Flies

Want to buy this hat? Backpack.tf's price is 1.2 buds and the paint itself is a key.
Now it's selling for only 20 keys.
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1.11 ref
[Respectless Glove]
-Short history
Paint: 1 key
Backpack.tf price: 1.2 Buds, not including the paint

Now selling for: 20 keys

[Gym Rat]
Backpack.tf price: 11-12 keys

-Now selling for 10 keys
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1 key + 2 ref
-Short history
Paint: 1 key
Backpack.tf price: 1.2 Buds, not including the paint

Now selling for: 20 keys
-No craft number
-Halloween Effect: Spectral Spectrum
-Outpost shows the wrong effect

Bought for at least 3 keys. Offer up.
To show how much I bought it for: http://i.i...D3.png
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Looking to downgrade effect to Blizzardy Storm or Orbiting Fire
This Glove also have a short history of owners.

Orbiting Fire: Must add 1 key
Blizzardy Storm: Must add 2 keys
7.66 ref
Not taking less than 1 bud. Overpay in unusuals.
Offer up.

What I DON'T want:
-Anything less than 1 bud
-Craft numbers
-Killstreak anything, professional or not (I don't care)

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It's simple.
Buying Degreasers for 1 scrap each. I need about 100.
Do NOT add. I don't want shit load of people adding me for Degreasers.

Send trade offer here: http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=97453718&token=o9DKrA-z
Need 200 Degreasers.
1 scrap = 2 Degreasers
1 wep = 1 Degreaser

So far, got 29 Degreasers. Please help, I would love to complete the set quick.
-Had this trade up for at least a day now and no one even bother selling any Degreasers to me...
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Looking for Collector's Degreaser CHEMISTRY SET.
If anyone has seen any on sale, please link it to me.

Also, I'm doing 1 scrap for 2 Degreasers.
Probably won't sell for personal reasons, unless I get a good offer.
Not taking any offers less than 2 keys.

This Degreaser is specialized, and has halloween effect to it. It also has some parts like Pyros killed, Posthumous Kills, and Allies extinguished.

Also, if anyone has seen any Degreaser [Collectors CHEMISTRY SET] for sale, please link it to me.
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Battin - 4 ref
Rock, paper - 2 keys
1.11 ref
Glove - 1.33 Ref
Tartan - 1.33 Ref
Offer up, don't really care about these items.
Just give me a reasonable price and dont lowball.
Paying 8.44 for a key.
Looking for both Vintages. Offer up, I got up to 26 ref.

Please, it's for my Vintage weapons collection.
Please try your best and not highball me.
3.66 Ref -Cheap
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Toowoomba - 5.66 Ref
Conj - 1.33 Ref
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Quickselling. Do not want.

Madame - 1.11 Ref
Cotton - 1.11 Ref
El Jefe - 2.66 Ref
Toowoomba - 6 Ref
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Buying a key for 7.22 ref
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1.11 ref each, cheap.
Aspect - 1.66 Ref, cheap price.
Wilson - 1.33 Ref
Cute - 6 ref, cheap price
6.66 ref each
1:1 or I can buy one for 2 ref
1 Ref + 1 wep
Ellis - 1.11 Ref
Whiskey - 1.55 Ref
1.11 Ref
5 use = 1 rec
3 use = 1 scrap + wep