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Halloween is upon us, college is upon me....

I'll entertain some offers
only looking to buy unusual hat of cards with halloween effects that I don't already own

nothing else

hmu, i'll see what I can do. really want the higher tier effect, thx
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note- craft #s
note - value of unusual
Looking for Hat of Cards w/ Halloween effects I do not already own.

Will try and buy when/if I have funds - add me/comment below thanks.

(Already know about slumber, HM, and Stare Beyond - low priority though)
Some cool crafts - feel free to offer.

Some cool crafts - feel free to offer.

offer - tradeable now
offer - more than bp
Didn't want to but I'm bloody bad at not spending money.

Looking for pure offers~ (reference bp price for rough ballpark, thanks!)
Sold to psycho for $75 on scm.
feel free to offer - glitched item

b/o - 8.66 ref
Quickselling these 3 for 60 keys pure
b/o - dunno

NS Tosslecap is 1/1 (as far as I know), gl getting it anywhere else.

Previous owner had some nice offers, you can find them on his page.

b/o - 100
but a b/o is just a b/o

Feel free to offer on the set~ (with knowledge of worth, tyvm)

it's happened twice in 8 hours - if you offer me absolute crap/1-2 key in items, i'm going to block you. thanks.
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taking this down for now at least
offer - not quickselling, sorry
offer - not quickselling
selling all my brawlhalla cards (17) for 1.5 keys

or offer~
this comes around sometimes

b/o - 100

a b/o is just a b/o, whatever I set it at doesn't mean the price is set in stone, lul

feel free to offer
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offer seriously, not jokingly/without knowledge of worth

Tradeable now.

Hat looks baller.

b/o: 120 k

offer away~
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Taunt is tradable now + level 100~

b/o: 100 k

Offer away.
These cost a fair bit on the scm, looking for key offers - thanks!
Relatively low craft # for a common wep (a weapon that has been crafted thousands of times).

Feel free to offer :P
Looking for offers~

Detonator has Exorcism Sold for ~5 ref in hats

Send me a trade offer~
I'll toss this up - why not?

level 100 & partner taunt - what's not to love?

Feel free to show me some love and leave an offer below ;)
"The Money Shot"


1/1 Strange DP Ritzy ; 1/3 Ritzy, 1/10 hatless hats.

Appears to just be really low unbox rates. Texas is most common.

Effect is glitched (supposedly going to be fixed). Fixed!
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Got 35 keys, looking for cheap max head/australiums. Thanks.
Feel free to make offers - Gut is a Sapphire (not cheap).

Huge OP in Unusuals, highly prefer other knives/skins/aussies/pure.
I get quite a lot of private adds for this - feel free to offer.

Massive overpay in unusuals / pure preferred.

Knives also preferred (with some overpay).
Looking fir key offers / Paypal offers - thanks!
Got 15 keys - offer me quicksales.
Some 90%s - some good, some bad; and rust 50%.

Offer - have 2 Deadly Profits~