I'm going to keep it simple: I just want a PLAIN and NOTHING SPECIAL Team Captain.

I don't want any unusual effects or paint on it. Just the good ol' hat.

Send an Steam Trade Offer if you're willing to sell that nice plain and empty hat.
Looking for an UNPAINTED uncraftable Heavy Duty Rag.

Seriously. What's with the Goddamned Distinctive Lack of Hue all over these rags?

Will buy for 0.6 Refined. (Backpack.tf price)

Trade: http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=38060061&token=m0E_M2dk
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If you have any one of these on the right, you'll get the crate.

Only one, by the way, so yeah.
A newly found clean Fortified Compound for 4 Refined!

Want this? Trade me here: http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=38060061&token=m0E_M2dk

A memento from an age long past.

A decorative crate collecter?

I'm selling the first crate for 1 reclaimed metal.
Buying another crate "in a single receipt" will make that crate 1 scrap metal less in cost, making your 3rd and next crates at a cost of 1 scrap metal each.
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Metal plz. :3
Selling 1.3 Refined for a no-parts-added Strange Frontier Justice

No exceptions. No bargaining.
Give me my scrap metal, and I'll give you your violent violet footprints!
Selling at bloody market price.

Yeesh, how hard is it to sell crates?
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Buying the Persian Persuader by its lower bound price.

(Priced by Backpack.tf)
Selling these crates at a weapon per crate.
Selling all these crates for a Reclaimed and a Scrap.
Selling 4 Coolers for 2 Scrap.

Priced by "Backback.tf"
1 Vintage Tyrolean : 1 Pocket Purrer
Both are at a value of 1.6 Refined

Priced by "Backpack.tf"
Selling a Brigade Helm for 1.3 Refined.

Priced by "Backpack.tf"
Just selling away 3 crates for 1 Reclaimed.

I'm not rich enough to get a key other than finding hats of such value and then sell them.
Towering Pillar of Hats for Towering Titanium Pillar of Hats.

Priced by "Backpack.tf"
Buying the UNCRAFTABLE versions of the Fed-Fightin' Fedora and Dillinger's Duffel.
Also buying the Digit Divulger.

Total of the remaining will be paid if you have what I need.

Single payment:
Fedora: Done
Divulger: 1 Refined & 2 Reclaimed
Duffel: 1 Refined & 2 Scrap
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Selling my #50 for 4 keys or around 20 refined.
Selling Crate #10 for 1 Reclaimed each.
Selling Crate #20 for 2 Reclaimed.

Co-respondent trade link: bazaar.tf/trade/220567
Selling crates:
10 = 1 Reclaimed
12 = 2 Scrap
16 = 2 Scrap
17 = 2 Scrap
18 = 2 Scrap
24 = 1 Reclaimed
25 = 1 Reclaimed
26 = 1 Scrap

Announce your will to accept the terms before I may add you to trade.
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Selling this RoboCrate for a key.

I'm probably not the only one doing. But hey, I bet you'll have more luck with crates than me. Because I really don't get to open any. I have no keys ever, since joining TF2.
Selling these spares for a scrap each.

Add me to trade.
Bid for a Naughty or Nice Crate!

Highest Bidder:

Nice Crate 1: N/A
Naughty Crate: DB9PRO : 1 Scrap < Winner
Nice Crate 2: N/A

Auction will end within 24 hours or so.
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Bid for a Naughty Crate! Bid starts at 1 Scrap!

Highest Bidder: Minestorms : 2 Reclaimed 1 Scrap

Auction has ended.
Bid a Nice Crate! Starting at 1 Scrap! :D

Highest Bid~
1st Crate: GOLDENTRIANGLES #px : 1 Scrap
2nd Crate: GOLDENTRIANGLES #px : 1 Scrap

Bidding has starting, the auction will end in 24 hours from 3AM (GMT 8+).
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First to notify here, add me, and message me, first served.
Selling my Eerie Crates for a Scrap each.
I just got one of these, and I thought that it would of no use for me... So... Go offer some stuff.

C/O: {9 Lives} Inshet with 1 Refined & 1 Reclaimed

No B/O's.
This Frying Pan costs 1 Reclaimed. (TF2 Spreadsheet Price)

Announce that you want to buy then add me if you want to buy it.
1 Refined for my Zepheniah's Greed.

Announce your interest in buying this paint before adding me.
Buying 3 Mad Milk, 2 Scrap for each. If you got 'em all, I'll buy 'em all for 2 Reclaimed.
Selling some spare weapons. (TF2 Spreadsheet prices)

Bazaar Bargain = 1 Scrap
Machina = 1 Scrap
Blutsauger = 1 Scrap
Brass Beast = 1 Scrap
Widowmaker = 1 Scrap
Cleaner's Carbine = 1 Reclaimed
Reserve Shooter = 1 Scrap
Quick-Fix = 1 Scrap

Announce that you're adding me below if you want to buy something here.
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Selling crates according to TF2 Spreadsheet market price.

Crate #19 = 1 Refined [SOLD]
Crate #21 = 2 Reclaimed [SOLD]
Crate #20 = 1 Reclaimed
Crate #23 = 1 Reclaimed [SOLD]
Crate #39 = 1 Reclaimed
Crate #38 = 1 Reclaimed
Crate #24 = 1 Reclaimed
Crate #29 = 1 Reclaimed
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Selling a Rainblower for 1 Reclaimed Metal. (TF2 Spreadsheet Price: http://tf2...t.com/ )

Leave a message then add me.
Buying 1.6 Refined for a Name Tag. (TF2 Spreadsheet Price: http://tf2...t.com/ )

Notify me here then add me.
Selling my Beggar's Bazooka for 2 Reclaimed! (TF2 Spreadsheet Price)

Add me for quick trade! Confirm yourself by adding message here.
Buying a Unique Direct Hit.
I heard the price of the Bazooka dropped, so this is a scrap trade now.
Buying the remaining Machina & Bazaar Bargain, each for a scrap. (TF2Spreadsheet Price)

Add me.
Buying a Flare Gun.

Add me.
Selling 2 Scorched Crates for 2 Reclaimed Metal. (Price from TF2 Spreadsheet: http://tf2...t.com/ )

Notify me here on TF2OutPost, then add me via Steam.
Selling my Janissary Ketche for 1.3 Refined. (Market Price)
Buying a Strange Equalizer for 2 Reclaimed Metal.