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Looking for an UNPAINTED uncraftable Heavy Duty Rag.

Seriously. What's with the Goddamned Distinctive Lack of Hue all over these rags?

Will buy for 0.6 Refined. (Backpack.tf price)

Trade: http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=38060061&token=m0E_M2dk
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If you have any one of these on the right, you'll get the crate.

Only one, by the way, so yeah.
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A newly found clean Fortified Compound for 4 Refined!

Want this? Trade me here: http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=38060061&token=m0E_M2dk

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A memento from an age long past.

A decorative crate collecter?

I'm selling the first crate for 1 reclaimed metal.
Buying another crate "in a single receipt" will make that crate 1 scrap metal less in cost, making your 3rd and next crates at a cost of 1 scrap metal each.
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Metal plz. :3
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Selling 1.3 Refined for a no-parts-added Strange Frontier Justice

No exceptions. No bargaining.
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Give me my scrap metal, and I'll give you your violent violet footprints!
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Selling at bloody market price.

Yeesh, how hard is it to sell crates?
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Buying the Persian Persuader by its lower bound price.

(Priced by Backpack.tf)
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Selling these crates at a weapon per crate.
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Selling all these crates for a Reclaimed and a Scrap.
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Selling 4 Coolers for 2 Scrap.

Priced by "Backback.tf"
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1 Vintage Tyrolean : 1 Pocket Purrer
Both are at a value of 1.6 Refined

Priced by "Backpack.tf"
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Selling a Brigade Helm for 1.3 Refined.

Priced by "Backpack.tf"
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Just selling away 3 crates for 1 Reclaimed.

I'm not rich enough to get a key other than finding hats of such value and then sell them.
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Towering Pillar of Hats for Towering Titanium Pillar of Hats.

Priced by "Backpack.tf"
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Buying the UNCRAFTABLE versions of the Fed-Fightin' Fedora and Dillinger's Duffel.
Also buying the Digit Divulger.

Total of the remaining will be paid if you have what I need.

Single payment:
Fedora: Done
Divulger: 1 Refined & 2 Reclaimed
Duffel: 1 Refined & 2 Scrap
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Selling my #50 for 4 keys or around 20 refined.
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Selling Crate #10 for 1 Reclaimed each.
Selling Crate #20 for 2 Reclaimed.

Co-respondent trade link: bazaar.tf/trade/220567
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Selling crates:
10 = 1 Reclaimed
12 = 2 Scrap
16 = 2 Scrap
17 = 2 Scrap
18 = 2 Scrap
24 = 1 Reclaimed
25 = 1 Reclaimed
26 = 1 Scrap

Announce your will to accept the terms before I may add you to trade.
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Selling this RoboCrate for a key.

I'm probably not the only one doing. But hey, I bet you'll have more luck with crates than me. Because I really don't get to open any. I have no keys ever, since joining TF2.
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Selling these spares for a scrap each.

Add me to trade.
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Bid for a Naughty or Nice Crate!

Highest Bidder:

Nice Crate 1: N/A
Naughty Crate: DB9PRO : 1 Scrap < Winner
Nice Crate 2: N/A

Auction will end within 24 hours or so.
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Bid for a Naughty Crate! Bid starts at 1 Scrap!

Highest Bidder: Minestorms : 2 Reclaimed 1 Scrap

Auction has ended.
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Bid a Nice Crate! Starting at 1 Scrap! :D

Highest Bid~
1st Crate: GOLDENTRIANGLES #px : 1 Scrap
2nd Crate: GOLDENTRIANGLES #px : 1 Scrap

Bidding has starting, the auction will end in 24 hours from 3AM (GMT 8+).
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First to notify here, add me, and message me, first served.
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Selling my Eerie Crates for a Scrap each.
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I just got one of these, and I thought that it would of no use for me... So... Go offer some stuff.

C/O: {9 Lives} Inshet with 1 Refined & 1 Reclaimed

No B/O's.
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This Frying Pan costs 1 Reclaimed. (TF2 Spreadsheet Price)

Announce that you want to buy then add me if you want to buy it.
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1 Refined for my Zepheniah's Greed.

Announce your interest in buying this paint before adding me.
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Buying 3 Mad Milk, 2 Scrap for each. If you got 'em all, I'll buy 'em all for 2 Reclaimed.
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Selling some spare weapons. (TF2 Spreadsheet prices)

Bazaar Bargain = 1 Scrap
Machina = 1 Scrap
Blutsauger = 1 Scrap
Brass Beast = 1 Scrap
Widowmaker = 1 Scrap
Cleaner's Carbine = 1 Reclaimed
Reserve Shooter = 1 Scrap
Quick-Fix = 1 Scrap

Announce that you're adding me below if you want to buy something here.
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Selling crates according to TF2 Spreadsheet market price.

Crate #19 = 1 Refined [SOLD]
Crate #21 = 2 Reclaimed [SOLD]
Crate #20 = 1 Reclaimed
Crate #23 = 1 Reclaimed [SOLD]
Crate #39 = 1 Reclaimed
Crate #38 = 1 Reclaimed
Crate #24 = 1 Reclaimed
Crate #29 = 1 Reclaimed
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Selling a Rainblower for 1 Reclaimed Metal. (TF2 Spreadsheet Price: http://tf2...t.com/ )

Leave a message then add me.
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Buying 1.6 Refined for a Name Tag. (TF2 Spreadsheet Price: http://tf2...t.com/ )

Notify me here then add me.
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Selling my Beggar's Bazooka for 2 Reclaimed! (TF2 Spreadsheet Price)

Add me for quick trade! Confirm yourself by adding message here.
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Buying a Unique Direct Hit.
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I heard the price of the Bazooka dropped, so this is a scrap trade now.
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Buying the remaining Machina & Bazaar Bargain, each for a scrap. (TF2Spreadsheet Price)

Add me.
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Buying a Flare Gun.

Add me.
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Selling 2 Scorched Crates for 2 Reclaimed Metal. (Price from TF2 Spreadsheet: http://tf2...t.com/ )

Notify me here on TF2OutPost, then add me via Steam.
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Selling my Janissary Ketche for 1.3 Refined. (Market Price)
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Buying a Strange Equalizer for 2 Reclaimed Metal.