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Selling these items for pure or item overpay. Sending of trade offers over adding is encouraged.
Tartantaloons - 3 ref
Pyrotechnic - 1.66 ref
Toy Soldier (Australium Gold) - 4.33 ref
Thanks for reading, have a nice day.
Backpack prices
Trade offers
Mobile Auth. is on.
Looking for TF2 offers in pure, items, or mixed. Use trade offers instead of adding. Please add a little overpay if the trade will result in a hold. Notice stickers. Thanks, happy trading.
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Send trade offer
Looking for offers, pure only, for this Toy Soldier painted Australium Gold. The hat itself is worth 2 ref and 1/2 the paint price is 4.33 - 4.66. Willing to take a little less as long as the offer is reasonable. I have mobile auth on. Thanks for viewing, happy trading!
I am selling this cosmetic for pure metal or item overpay. I don't accept skins, killstreaks, or uncraftable items.
Toy Soldier (Australium Gold) - Offers. The hat itself is worth 2 ref and 1/2 of the price of australium paint is 4.44-4.55 ref so make offers around that area. I'd be willing to accept a little less than what it's probably worth.
Brigade Helm - 2.66 ref
Both - 8 ref
If you are interested, please send a trade offer for the fasted trade, I have moible auth. enabled. Thanks for reading, happy trading!
Mobile Auth is on.
pure or item overpay
Use trade offers
Mobile Auth. is on.
Pure or Item overpay accepted. Use trade offer. Thanks
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Buying these craftable hats for pure metal. Not interested in paying extra for spells or paint. Please use the trade offer button above, I do not accept random adds.
Conjurer's Cowl - 2.33 ref
Brigade Helm - 2.33 ref
Cold Killer - 2 ref
Thanks, Happy Trading!
Mobile Auth is on.
Buying 1 Flapjack for 7 ref. I'd prefer you send a trade offer rather than add me.
Mobile Auth. Enabled

Drummer Mann - 3.11
Big Mann - 3.44

Item overpay is accepted. All offers are subject to approval.
Use trade Offers
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Send a trade offer.
I am selling these items!

A Hat to Kill For - 5.66 ref

I will accept pure metal OR hats/cosmetics for the classes scout, soldier and sniper. Cosmetics for any other class must be overpay. Mixed offers of these 3 catagories are acceptable. All offers are subject to approval.

I will not accept stranges, anything having to do with killstreaks, or uncraftable items. I do not add extra value to items with halloween spells or paint. I will consider the adding 1/2 value of the paint if I like the paint on the hat.

Send a trade offer please!

Thank you for reading, and happy trading!
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I am selling this Dogfighter for the backpack.tf price of 6.66 ref, pure only. If you are interested and have the metal required please send a trade offer. No Escrows please :#

Thanks, have a great day :D
Self explanatory. Metal only. Send a trade offer. 1 scrap = 2 weapons
Selling this Dogfighter for 6.33 ref pure or scout, soldier, sniper or demo cosmetics. Overpay is required for other class hats. Please do not offer killstreaks, skins, uncraftable items, halloween stuff. Not paying extra for paint (sorry I don't like paint). Send a trade offer. Thanks!

This is kinda odd, but whatever we'll see how it goes I guess...

I am currently trading this Hound Dog for other hats. I AM NOT ACCEPTING PURE METAL! (that is, unless you wanna pay like 4 keys for it in which case go ahead :3). I am primarily interested in tradable, craftable, hats for scout, soldier, demo or sniper of equal or approximate value to my hound dog (2.33 ref). All offers are subject to approval and I do not add value for any halloween effects or paint, primarily because I'm too poor to add extra to pay for it.

If you have any hats that meet these criteria, please send a trade offer!


Happy Trading!
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Selling these items for pure metal.

Decal - 2 ref
Duel mini game - 1 rec
Emotion Detector - 1 scrap each

Send a trade offer,

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1 decal tool for 1.66 ref. Send a trade offer. Thanks
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-No adds please, trade offers only because they're a lot easier and keep people safe from phishing scams. Trade link or click arrows ---> https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=132427569&token=mMTguSRZ
-Australium Paint is worth 5 ref ( 1/2 backpack.tf price) I lowered the base price a bit because I'm nice :)
-Pure only unless you're paying 100% item overpay. I don't accept killstreaks and your offer is subject to my approval.

Nine-Pipe: 1.66 ref
Kringle (uncraftable): 5 ref
Graybanns (australium gold): 14 ref
Brusier's (australium gold): 28 ref
Genuine KE (australium gold): 15 ref
BMOC (australium gold): 3 keys + 16 ref
Rogue's (australium gold) (uncraftable): 6 ref
Hat of Cards (australium gold): 7 ref

Thank you for reading and hopefully obeying the rules to make trading simpler and easier. Have fun trading! (its tough :/)
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Kringle for 5 ref
Nine-Pipe for 1.66 ref
Send a trade. Pure Only. I don't accept adds from random people, thank the phishing bots for that.
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2 ref for the nappers and 3 ref for the fed. Send a trade offer. Thanks
1:1 Send a trade offer (arrows) instead of adding me. I don’t accept adds due to phishing bots, sorry.
Thank you
backpack prices
50% on paint
send a trade, I ignore adds (so many phishing bots)
pure only
Thank you
1 key for all of it
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This super awesome strange pro ks degreaser for 16 keys. Please notice the Halloween spells (2) and strange parts (3). It has singularity killstreaker with team shine. Please do not add me, all adds will be ignored. Instead offer a trade or post here. I expect item/unusual overpay, no crappy effects or robot hats please. Do not offer other killstreak items. I won't add pure to balance out your offer, sorry! :(

Other payments:
Bill's = 3.2 key
BMOC = 6.5 keys
(they're worth more to me if painted australium gold)

Thank you and have a nice day.
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These are backpack prices with paint counted at half price rounded down to the nearest ref. Pure metal only or double the price in item overpay (no killstreaks)
Kringle - 5.33
TS Rack - 12 ref
TS Locker - 8 ref
Australium Gold Cockfighter - 10 ref

Send a trade or add me. If you add me leave a comment on my steam profile first for verification you aren't a phishing bot. If you do not you will be ignored.
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Looking for pure metal offers on this really nice degreaser
Team Shine
Halloween Fire Spell
Exorcism Spell
Posthumous Kills SP
Allies Extinguished SP
Projectiles Reflected SP

All adds will be ignored, so please leave a comment here with your offer or send a trade. A hide is a kind no thank you and I expect Item overpay if you aren't paying in pure. I'm not interested in other killstreaks, please do not offer those.

Thank you and have a nice day!
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Backpack prices
pure only
leave a comment on profile before adding me, otherwise just send a trade offer
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send a trade
Backpack prices
pure only
leave a comment on steam profile if your adding me, otherwise send a trade
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-Backpack.tf prices
-Notice After Eight paint on Mann of Seven Seas

Thank you,

Happy Trading!
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Backpack.tf prices
Bread bit is .33 less than Backpack
Notice After Eight paint on Mann of Seven Seas
I do not accept random adds, please send a trade offer using the arrows instead

DEAL: Buy it all for 1 key

Thank you,

Happy Trading
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Status: At my computer
Selling Double cross comm for 2 keys no charge for paint. Send a trade

This is my robot parts shop. I buy and sell Battle-Worn parts only.

Buying: 1 scrap/part
Selling: 2 scrap/part

Do Not Add Me!
Send A Trade Offer Instead!  https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=132427569&token=mMTguSRZ

Thanks for reading and happy trading!
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Buying trading cards for TF2 and Dota items!

1 Trading Card for 1 scrap metal (TF2)
3 Trading cards for 1 rec
8 trading cards for 1 ref 

1 Trading Card for 1 Common (Dota)
2 Trading cards for 1 uncommon 

SEND A TRADE OFFER INSTEAD! https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=132427569&token=mMTguSRZ

Thanks for reading and happy trading!
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backpack prices
trade offers
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trade offer
Trade offer only
Selling this fancy stuff for metal. All hats are worth backpack price, if it's a range then pay whatever you feel right. The kit is 1.44 ref on scrap.tf so I'll sell for 1.66 because they lowball a bit. Send a trade or add me. Thanks!
Looking for these two fabricators for 2 reclaimed (.66) each. Add me or Send a trade. If you have a suggested price let me know.
Buying these 2 kits 4 ref each. Send a trade or add me if Im on.
Hats are backpack.tf price.
Killstreak Charge and Targe Kit: 2 rec
Specialized Killstreak Fabricators: 1 rec

Trade offer only please. I don't check adds very often.
Battle worn: 1 scrap each
Reinforced: 1 weapon each
Prinstine: 1 rec

Trade offers only please. I don't look at my adds very often.

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Buying the following items for the following prices:

Australium Gold: 3.33
Mann Co. Orange: 2.66
Radigan Brown: 1.11
Deep Purple: 3.11
Name Tag: 2.66
Desc. Tag: 1 ref
Decal Tool: 0.66
Back Pack Expander: 3 ref

Add me for a quick trade or send a trade offer (most convenient)
Thanks for reading!
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Buying Robot Parts for these prices.

Reinforced Parts: 4 for 1 weapon (Overstocked. Temporary Price)
Battle Worn Parts: .11 each
Pristine Parts: .33 each

Send a trade please.
If you want to add me LEAVE A COMMENT FIRST! Otherwise I'll assume your a phishing bot.
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I have a bunch of reinforced parts for a scrap each. Send a trade or add me. If you do add me, then please Leave a Comment First.

Thank you,
Enjoy your trading!