Violet beard the weird
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Hey i'm selling this clean strange voodoo juju for 50 keys a little over 10 key discount from its 60 key price plus the kills strange part on it i can negotiate if need be add me if you wanna negotiate or send me a trade offer if you want to buy
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Here i'm selling this industrial festivizer for 14 keys pure add me if you wish to discuss and i will look at any item offers with some overpay
Here i'm posting this in advance because i can't trade due to having to reset steam guard but i can trade soon (on the 4th and this will become tradable on the 3rd) so i'm selling my vivid plasma razor cut i am its only owner as i unboxed it not too long ago and i'm looking for 66 keys pure or about 73 or higher in unusual offers so post here if you're interested to buy when I can trade or if you have an offer and I'll get to you asap
I am selling this nice clean Miami nights tyrants helm for 32 keys or unusual offers can be discussed
Hello I am selling these 2 nice unusuals for keys pure or unusual offers

The Miami nights tyrants helm-B/O 47 keys

The searing plasma mercs mohawk-B/O 380 keys
Note the mercs mohawk is discounted at 20 keys cheaper than the other seller on outpost
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Hello everybody I am selling these nice unusuals for keys pure or unusual offers

The Miami nights tyrants helm-47 keys B/O
The searing plasma mercs mohawk-380 keys B/O

Please offer below or add me if interested
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I am selling this Miami nights tyrants helm for 47 keys add me if interested