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Offers in buds/keys/bills/whatever... or you can overpay in unusuals. Your choice.

I'll consider PayPal offers but only if we go through a middleman.
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Selling Sunbeams Nano for 3.5 pure or equivalent unusual offers.

Don't add me unless I've accepted your offer or you're offering pure.

I'm very interested in getting either a Roboactive or Anti-Freeze Nano, and I will be more interested in those if any are offered up.
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Rejected offers:
- 2 scrap
- 4 scrap
- 2 rec
- 2 ref
- 2 keys

- bill's
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Offers, please. Don't add me.

I'd be more likely to accept Tusk offers ;)
Buying Filamental, 2 ref.

Add me etc etc.
Looking to swap for a Scout hat. Don't add me.
Looking for offers on this extremely rare, god-tier effect Spy unusual.

Please note that this is 1 of only 2 Sunbeams Nanobalaclava on the market. Only three are in existence, and one of those is in a scammer's backpack.

Am I going to sell this for a low price? Probably not. It's my favourite effect on my favourite hat, and I am NOT going to let this go easily - so I'm setting a buyout on this hat of 9 buds.. Lowest offer I'll even consider is 7 buds.

Do not add me. If you add me, I will reject your offer no matter how good it is.

Anyway, offer and such.

(oh, and that backpack.tf price is solely based on the ludicrous price I'm setting on this individual hat. It's inaccurate - as one of the only people selling, I think I can maybe afford to set the price.)
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backpack.tf prices (so 1.33 ref on everything but the Sir Hootsalot, which is 4.33).

Add me, et cetera. Please check my Reddit Admin status on Steamrep to verify that it's me: http://steamrep.com/profiles/76561198000124166
Selling for 6.66, which is lower than the backpack.tf price. Add me, etc.
1:1, add me.
Selling for 3 keys - that's 1 lower than anyone else because I really don't give a crap about market values.

I'll also take 1 eerie + 1 normal key.

Add me! If you try to negotiate a different price I'll bitchslap you, just a warning.
Looking for UNCRAFTABLE/DIRTY hats. Leave your offers here!

I'm looking to start a collection, even! Hit me up with offers on Unique, Genuine, and Unusual hats. Note: if you're offering unusuals, please do not offer any effects below BURNING FLAMES.

Nanobalaclavas to collect:
* DIRTY Nanobalaclava
* CLEAN Nanobalaclava
* GENUINE Nanobalaclava
* UNUSUAL Nanobalaclavap
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I will reward anyone who can find a seller of a Cloudy Moon Nanobalaclava. Comment here first, I'll add you if you did a good enough job.

Tradin's a good job, mate!
It's bloody easy work, all indoors.
I guarantee ya won't go 'ungry.
-cuz at the end of the day, as long as there's two people left on the planet...
Someone is gonna want someone else's hat.

Please keep in mind that I'd like an overpay of at least a couple of buds in unusuals.

C/Os, in chronological order (for now):
>Stormy Storm Head Warmer + Circling Hearts Pugilist's Protector + 18 keys
>Steaming Brainiac Hairpiece + Smoking Hot Rod + S. Gunslinger
>What's in the Sandvich Box?
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I am QUICKSELLING this hat for either 27 KEYS or 1 EARBUDS.

If you buy this hat, you WILL make a profit! [url=http://backpack.tf/unusuals/344/Crocleather_Slouch]backpack.tf lists this hat as 1.6-2 bud hat[/url], in case you think I'm kidding.

First to add me gets it - be quick!

Also, the BMOC is 24 keys.
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2 buds minimum. Hit me up with offers!

Buyout: 2.5 buds.
Well hello there, cowboy.

Buyout: 2 buds.

Current offers:
- 61 words of incoherent babble by =Bbt=CJ MFS !!!!! INFOTIKOM@\[ (Rejected)
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1.5 buds or overpay in unusual offers. Please offer here, I'll get extremely pissy if you add me with a subpar deal.
Holy shit, what a fantastic deal.

Seriously, though - Lugers don't sell for much less than 9 these days - go ahead and add me!
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Hey there! I'm not buying these hats - this is a post to inform you of a list I made of Craft Number Marxman/Human Cannonball hat trades on TF2OP.
Check it out!
Taking offers on this beautiful Spy hat - I'm not trading this off any time soon unless I get a great offer on it! I'm not going to be considering any offer under 2.5 buds.

- 4 buds

- Stormy Storm Sergeant's Drill Hat
- Vivid Plasma Tam O' Shanter + 1 buds (if he adds a little more)

Rejected C/Os:
- White V. Bill's
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Simple. Add me if you're up for the trade.
26 keys only, please - I'll take offers on them too. If you're paying the keys, add me.
Taking offers on these buds!

The offer MUST contain:
* at least 1 Bill's Hat
* 1 Strange Revolver
* 1 Strange Dead Ringer
* Enough sweets on top of this to make it worth my time

I am ALSO taking Soldier unusual offers on this - NO OTHER CLASS, thank you!
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Looking for a level swap on my Level 13 Vintage Pyrovision Goggles.

I'd like a Level 5 item, though other offers would be welcomed. If you have a level 5, I'll be happy to throw in a weapon or two for your efforts.
I have between $60 and $160 to spend on a Medic unusual. Taking offers. Hearts effects preferred.

My rep: I'm a moderator of Reddit Steam Game Swap (http://ste...t.com/) - I run middleman services regularly and many people will vouch for me. If you don't trust me, I'll be happy to utilise a SteamRep or TF2Trade middleman.
Looking for offers/quicksells on my clean, non-duped Max's Severed Head. Feel free to offer anything!
Note: I'm probably not going to add sweets unless it's for an item I really love.
Note 2: I do not accept TF2Pricecheck as a valid price checking source. Its values are invariably wildly inaccurate.

- 5x B.M.O.C. / 2 buds + 10 keys / Flaming or energy effect Nanobalaclava

- Orb. Planets Hustler's Hallmark
- Smoking Nanobalaclava + Nuts n' Bolts Shooter's Sola Topi
- Green Energy Nanobalaclava

Rejected C/Os:
- Orb. Planets Your Worst Nightmare
- Orb. Fire Your Worst Nightmare
- Stormy Storm Batters' Helm
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Looking for UNCRAFTABLE/DIRTY Pyro hats/miscs. Put prices below, and I'll accept if I deem them worthy.. nothing above 2 rec, please.
Picked up this sexy all-class hat (CRAFT #3!), now I'm looking for offers. Hit me up!

B/O: ????

- 2 buds (trade server, see my TF2TP post)

Rejected offers:
- Warhammer: Space Marine + Bioshock 2
- G. Confetti Detective Noire
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Hello there! This is a copy of my other trade - the 2 bud c/o was on a trade server from a guy who was a bit of a douche, so...

I'll take offers in either high-tier Festive weapons, B.M.O.C.s, or promos. They must add up to at least 1.5 buds - let the bidding begin!

If you think you've got a super fantastic mega awesome offer then feel free to add me on Steam - I won't bite unless your offer sucks!
Probably not selling this off for a while - until then, hit me up with offers! It'll have to be a good deal to make me sell quickly :)

Oh, and let's say the B/O is... 3 buds, to stave off lowballers.
2.66 each, add me for a fast trade.
Looking for an effects swap OR offers. I can add keys.
My Orbiting Planets Nano for 3x BMOC, add me.
2 key instabuy, add me.

Looking for offers.

4 keys (off-site)
5 keys (trade server)
5 keys, 1.66 ref by Neau

6 keys

Fun facts about the number 97:
Did you know that in 1997, Team Fortress version 2.5 Beta A introduced the concept of headshots to the FPS genre, revolutionizing gameplay forever?
Throw me some more!
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Looking for an effects swap.

Please do not offer these effects:
- Bubbling
- Steaming
- Orbiting Fire
- Smoking
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Taking offers on this surprisingly-nice-looking hat.
Wonderful effect on a nice looking hat, only 2 buds! Add me. :)
My CLEAN High-Five taunt for your CLEAN Schadenfreude taunt + 2 refined.
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2 keys firm, add me.
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I'm looking for at least 6 keys, offer up!
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Add me for a fast trade.
Add me for a fast trade.
Add me for a fast trade.
1:2. Add me for a fast trade.
Buying all scorched craft ingredients, 3 for a reclaimed. Add me!