Hey. Check out this Pistol, it's p cool guiz.
View it in game if you wanna.

- Themed effect and skin: Hot on Shot to hell
- Perfect exterior to match, not too beat up but not like it just came outta a carbon copy factory: Minimal wear
- Matching Killstreaker sheen and effect: Manndarin Tornado, looks closest to orange flames
- Clean as hell

Taking offers, likely to turn down unusual offers, they've gotta be at least 20% overpay. I will not accept robo effects(except time warp or green black hole), massed flies, terror-watt or kill-a-watt.
Offers have to be good, not even fully sure if I want to sell this thing
-B/O 70 keys pure

Do not add me.
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I don't know either.
Valve, what are these things
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Selling this all class unusual. One of only TWO on the market right now. My buyout is 175 keys pure.
Taking unusual offers, but the overpay will need to be at least 200 keys worth. I am in no rush to sell this hat. I quite like it, so an offer needs to be good.
Keep in mind though that this is below other prices. Looking at all offers, but there are no guarantees I'll accept them.
My offer preference:
I. Pure keys (buyout)
II. Pure keys in general
III. Soldier Unusual weapons (currently only really looking at unusual shotguns right now as I have a primary.)
IV. Pyro or Engineer Unusual hats
V. Medic Unusual weapons
VI. Anything else.

Effects I prefer:
Hats -
I. Burning Flames
II. Sunbeams
III. Scorching Flames
IV. Purple or Green Energy
V. Vivid or Searing Plasma
VI. All other first gen effects

Weapons -
I. Energy Orb
II. Isotope
III. Hot
IV. Cool

Comment here FIRST. I will periodically check any replies. Do not add me under any circumstances. If I get an offer I like and we come to terms with, you can send me a trade offer. Or, I will add you if necessary. This should go without mentioning, but you must have the mobile authenticator enabled to trade with me.

NOTE: I only accept FIRST GEN effects and THEMED effects offers. I do not really like many other effects. They are simply not my type. An acceptable themed example would be a Bubbling Sole Mate, although I'm not necessarily looking for one.
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One of two on market right now.
Get this shining beauty while you can.
Willing to part with it, but... mainly willing to trade up to Burning Flames Softcap (with me adding sweets that I can get), or downgrade 1:1 to a Scorching Flames Softcap.
Either one of these two offers is an immediate yes. I'm not open to any other unusual offers, though. So, please don't try.
So far as I can tell, this hat is clean.
Comment here if you're interested.
I am willing to take pure equivalent in price to either of the two effects of the same hat I'd prefer.

Update: contemplating buying a new TV, Steam Link, controller and some games, so I may sell my items. Pure only in this case. Feel free to offer pure.
DO NOT ADD ME. Not unless you have commented here and we have discussed things first. Otherwise, I WILL BLOCK YOU. No exceptions.
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Only one on the market right now.
Get this shining beauty while you can.
Willing to part with it, but... Only willing to trade up to Burning Flames Softcap (with me adding sweets that I can get), or downgrade 1:1 to a Scorching Flames Softcap.
Either one of these two offers is an immediate yes. I'm not open to anything else, though. So, please don't try.
So far as I can tell, this hat is clean.
Currently, this is untradeable, I know. But on the 10th of October, it'll become tradeable.
Comment here if you're interested. Do not add me. I will add you once we have agreed on something.
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Uh. If you don't mind looking at the comments. this is mostly just asking for help bringing justice to someone.
The little crapface who commented first scammed me.
Offer up on this beauty. Anything under 14 keys will be an offer.
Buyout is 12 keys. I'm not all that keen on selling it, jut wanting offers for the most part, as I kinda like it. If you make a good enough offer I may sell it. Best of luck!
Note, it's also level 1.

Another note. Please refrain from adding me. Offer here.
I'm selling this unusual for 6 buds. Pure buds or keys ONLY. If it's an unusual offer, it has to be quite a lot of overpay. Otherwise, I'm not accepting it. I am in NO rush to sell this, seeing as I have two years before I officially quit TF2.

I will take unusual offers into consideration, but it has to be at least 10 buds if first gen, 14 if second or third gen.
Pure is welcome, and will most certainly catch my eye. In case you didn't know, this is the cheapest hat of its kind on outpost.

Do not add me. Ever. If you add me, you will be blocked. I will add you if I like your offer, which you can post here.
Thank you, cheers!
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Bill's hat painted black for 7 keys! Price is firm. Add me if you agree! Pure only.
1 key for Brotherhood of Arms! Add me!
A reel for a key! Add me!
Selling this nice taunt for a key! Add me!~
1 key for the bottles, 2 keys for the hat.
Add me!
Add me! Trading this nice taunt for the square dance, AND adding a few ref~!
1 key each. Do not add me, send an offer and put a message here saying you've sent it.
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Trading my Aussie Scattergun plus some keys in sweets for a team shine (any killstreaker effect, except hypno) Aussie Scattergun. Let me know if you're interested. I AM NOT SELLING THIS, only trading it for team shine.
My scattergun: emerald, tornado
At least 10 keys please. Any lower, and you will be ignored. This is the cheapest there is! I don't appreciate lowballing, since I'm actually putting this up as rather cheap.
Add me! If you add me to offer a lower price, prepare to be ignored.
Strange Specialized Killstreak Australium Scattergun: Manndarin Sheen! 2 buds pure, or 42 keys! Offer here, or add me!
Hello! I am selling this unusual. I go by backpack.tf prices.

For real money: $25. You must have lots of high rep, and no negative rep. I will check. I will add you and exchange paypal info later.
For keys: 14 keys quicksell.

Add me if you agree to these prices!
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Cuban bristle crisis for 3.66 ref
Gift wrap! One key each! PLease add me if you agree to this price... POSSIBLY willing to negotiate, but if I say no, then don't get mad.
I AM BUYING THESE, not selling.

1.33 ref for well rounded rifleman.

Feel free to add me!
Gift wrap, one key each! Pure only please. feel free to add me, or send me an offer.
Pink as Hell Merc's muffler for 1 key and a half a key. Add me or send a trade offer
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Hi there. I am trading SHINY competitive 5iv to 6iv Pokemon from X and Y for tf2 items. Here are my prices.
One pokemon = two keys = $5.00 = 30 kr (my country, Norway's currency)
Four pokemon = 7.5 keys = $18.75 = 112 kr
10 pokemon = one bud = $43 = 256 kr (NORAML VALUE OF $50)
BULK ---> BEST DEAL 20 pokemon PLUS two 6iv ditto and one 5iv ditto (while supplies last) = two buds = $86 = 510 kr
20 x 5 = 100
Therefore bulk is best deal :D

Here is my list of pokemon and their stats
Non shinies:
• Level 84 Ditto (Genderless) -
Jolly, 31/31/x/31/31/31
OT: Asuna, 26182

• Level 60 Japanese Ditto (Genderless) -
Timid, 31/31/31/31/31/31
OT: Japanese, don't know how to type, 18100

• Level 54 Ditto (Genderless) -
Adamant, 31/31/31/31/31/31
OT: Dawn, 09903


• Level 59 Shiny Gengar (Male) -
Timid, Levitate, 31\8\30\31\31\31 Egg moves: Disable
OT: Hazeglow, 13761
• Level 64 Shiny Greninja (Male) -
Hasty, Protean, 31/31/31/28/31/31
OT: Chris, 43025
• Level 50 Shiny Goodra (Female) -
Calm, Hydration, 31/31/31/x/31/31
OT: Mikura, 11440
• Level 52 Shiny Togekiss (Male) -
Bold, Serene Grace, 31/x/31/31/31/31
OT: Jaye, 30891
• Level 50 Shiny Azumarill (Female) -
Adamant, Huge Power, 31/31/31/x/31/31 Egg Moves: Aqua Jet, Belly Drum
OT: y, 14259
• Level 1 Shiny Larvesta (Female) -
Timid, Flame Body, 31/x/31/31/31/31
OT: :3, 00766
• Level 51 Shiny Talonflame (Female) -
Adamant, Gale Wings, 31/31/31/x/31/31
OT: Korean, can't type, 30343
• Level 54 Shiny Mawile (Female) -
Adamant, Intimidate, 20/31/31/31/31/31
OT: Leith, 04132
• Level 54 Shiny Rotom (Genderless) -
Modest, Levitate, 31/x/31/31/31/31
OT: Dak, 21691
• Level 60 Shiny Aegislash (Female) -
Brave, Stance Change, x/31/31/31/x/31
OT: Burak, 10565
• Level 62 Shiny Ferrothorn (Female) -
Brave, Iron Barbs, 31/31/31/31/x/x
OT: Cloud, 33119
• Level 1 Shiny Eevee (Male) -
Modest, Adaptability, 31/31/31/31/31/31 Egg Moves: Wish, yawn
• Level 68 Shiny Ampharos (Male) -
Modest, Static, 31/x/31/31/31/31
OT: Erza, 30502
• Level 28 Shiny Charmander (Male) -
Modest, Solar Power, 31/x/31/31/31/31
OT: Banksee000, 24944
• Level 13 Shiny Honedge (Male) -
Brave, No Gaurd, 31/31/31/x/31/0
OT: Xavier, 43252
• Level 73 Shiny Terrakion (Genderless) -
Jolly, Justified, 31/31/31/x/31/31
OT: Japanese, can't type, 21232
• Level 27 Shiny Bagon (Male) -
Jollu, Rock Head, 31/31/31/31/31/31

Also have plenty of ability capsules I could throw in as a bonus. Typing space is limited, so pm me for a full list.
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Reasonable offers only please. At the very least, 3 ref for any of them. Please be honest. I will scour the internet, or ask for a link for a price before trading.
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The law for one key! Let me know, thank you!
I'd appreicate it!
Thanks :3
Yay, thank yoo ~ ^3^
Thank you! ~<3