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Write here your unlowball offers! Only dota 2 items, only much than common!
1:1 only, add me for fast trade!
Add me for fast trade!
1:2 with any others rares!
add me for trade!
1 my Rare :for your 2 anythink rares!! not need any Skins this example for Rare items.
add me!
1:3 + sweets! add me!
add me if have any of this!
2 keys. add me for fast trade.
also buying alchemist rare raspirator.
Buying this Alchemist items only! add me if u need my kunkka "set"
Want this items! add me! nothing more!
Looking for these items only, don't need full set!
Add me for fast trade!
Dota 2 key offers! add me for trade, lowball - goodbye!
3:1 , can add some commons, or Corpsemaker + Finblade for this one!
Add me for fast trade!
Add me to discuss price, have Corpsemaker.
Also selling for keys this set on DK.
2:1 add me!
Add me if u have this items!!! also need tiny skin, don't need others.
Key offers!
Want these items, for my rare, uncommons and commons. add me. don't need Helm. Swords 1:1!
All my tf2 backpack and something items from dota 2 for it!
All my backpack for dota 2 couriers, Rare, Mythical, unusual, items.
Not need TF2 items, real money.
add me if u have to offer anythink but not shitty greevils.
All this for announcer. add me.
2 uncommons.
All my TF2 backpack for these items.
Offer much then 1 key = okay add me!
Crescent Sickle of the Druid 1:2
others 1:1
add me for FT!
1:1 , can add anythink from my tf2 backpack.
Selling my TF2 backpack for dota 2 items, not need uncommon items, keys, crates, sets for drow!
Add me if u have any of this items in list, and if u have cool couriers too.
Highball - go away.
Keys, Dota 2 Dire HUD skin + rare ward Hellgazer + some rare item, or Dota 2 offers only!
Offer in keys and metal!
Lowball - hide!
6 : 1 only.
add me for fast trade!
17 keys = add me and u get it!
only keys!
Can buy Crysis collection + 10 keys for huntsman!
Bringer = 1 key
Strange = 2 refined!
add me for fast trade!
Strange = 2 refined
Other = 1 - 1.5 keys each!
Add me for fast trade!
1 key and 1 refined only! add me for fast trade!
Salvaged Strange Huntsman with 2 strange parts:Headshot kills and Posthumous kills on it!
In not so long time #40 crate stop dropping anymore, so price go up!

Key/buds offers only, also need Unusual Fez, not need stupid offers/metal offers/hats offers.
B/O:3 buds
C/O: none!
Write offer here or add me for fast trade for 3 buds!
Write that i highballer - hide.

Add me, i can sell it at monday.
1:4 in keys
Not need other else, only keys or my wishlist!

#227 = #228+ 1 weapon

Add me for fast trade!
1 rec!
1:3 only. add me for fast trade!
Not need anythink else!
1:2 only! add me for fast trade!
have 6 crates, each 1 weapon in tf2! add me for fast trade!

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Offer in metal and keys.
add me for fast trade!

Now need 2 spy-cicles!