Pure or offers, hit me up
uuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhh... looking for 47 keys///// Add me for offers
This is the only one in the market atm
Looking for around 46 keys, or overpay in unusual offers.
Hit me up or whatever.
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Selling for around 2.5 keys or overpay, Pink, Voices from below, add me
Yo I'm selling this unusual thing for about 40 keys pure or offer
Send me a trade or add me.
Key or Unusual Offer
B/O: 30 keys~~~
Add me, etc...
Selling this thing for about 35 keys or some unusual offers and such. Add me, trade me, whatever.
Tradable after Sunday, but I'm still down for offers.
Looking for quicksell unusuals. Sadly I can only trade after the 6th of november, but I'm still looking for offers, so hit me up.
Edit: got 13 keys with me so yea.
I'm looking for 11 keys or any offer with item overpay

Feel free to add me
Selling for 3 keys or item overpay
Add me or send a trade offer
Quickbuying any unusual for 7 keys. Doesn't matter quality.
The keys are tradable on monday, but feel free to offer below.
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I'm taking offers or just pure.
Robobelt: around 8 ref
Das Fantzpartz: around 9 ref
just add me or something :DDDDD
looking for 5 keys because of parts
full thing would be 9 keys but I'm cutting 4 keys
just add me to offer
Professional killstreak winger: 1.5 keys
The jacket: 1.5 keys
just add me

strange specialized killstreak festive eyelander: SOLD
strange clubsy the seal: 1 key
killstreak festive rocket launcher: 2.5 keys
team spirit graybanns: SOLD
strange dead ringer: SOLD
strange shotguns: SOLD
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1 key+2 ref
just add me
1 key for the seal
add me C:
Unboxed this a while ago
New effect from the EOTL crates
looking for about 14 buds or 16 overpay in items
15 if mixed with a decent amount of pure
17 if third gen effects
Offer below and add me if you must
Don't bother adding me if your hat/offer is worth very low
Will ignore private profiles, private inventories, etc...
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Wartime Warmth: 1 keys
North Polar Fleece: 5 ref
Coldfront Curbstompers: 6 ref
Double Dynamite: 3 ref
just add me
Looking for 3.4 buds for this hat
or a good unusual overpay of 3.8
Add me or comment
2 normal keys or 2 EOTL keys
Add me
Selling many MANY KITS from my BP
most are from the munition crate because well... I wanted to unbox goods :P
All 1 ref add me
Shotgun kit=1 key
GoR kit=6 ref
Add me
looking for 3 keys OR 3 EOTL keys
just add me ;P
3.2 buds or 3.6 in unusual offers
Add me or comment to offer
15 keys
Add me
12 keys
add me
All 1 key
Add me
7 keys
add me
Selling this hat for about 1.3 or 20 keys pure
Pure would be recommended but I can take offers
add me
Selling this hat for about 1.1 or 18 keys pure
Add me to offer or pay pure
Weapon Price
Ambassador: 4.55
Kunai: 1.33
Knife: 1.88
Revolver: 0.33


add me to trade
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Looking for 1.5 keys
Half price for the paint
add me on steam
15 keys add me
Fresh unbox
New effect (unnamed unusual/floating ghost)
Offer below :D
looking for about 3-5 buds depends on your offer
C/O: australium sniper rifle
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New hat with new effect?
I'm looking for offers at the moment
Offer below DONT ADD
I am looking for about 5 buds
All the unique kits come from crate 83's
Killstreak Kits: 1 ref
Specialized Kits: 1 key
Professional: Spycicle- 3 keys
Shotgun: 8 keys
Add me
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Looking for about 23 keys for this hat or 1.5 buds
2nd in the market
5th in the game
Add to offer
OR just offer below
Happy trading C:
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Selling this Professional Killstreak Ambassador Kit
Looking for 8 keys or offer overpay in items
Add me C:
normal kits are 1 ref each and the specailzed kit is 1 key
accept overpay in items
add me to trade
Selling this PRO KIT for 4 keys
add me to trade
1 key for the kit
or overpay
add me
Selling each for a key each
or overpay in items
add me
Specialized Kits are 1 key each accept the gloves they are 7.88 ref
Other kits are 1 ref each
Add me if you want.
Also taking overpay
Looking for around 4 buds

Offer below or add me to offer
1/1 on market Kill-a-watt Compustible Kabuto

B/O: looking for about 6 buds/6.5 in first/second gen unusuals
5th owner C:
Comment below to offer or use the URL
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Selling this Screaming Tiger Taunt
Price : 5.5 buds
6.1 buds overpay items
Comment below to offer
Selling this DP executioner
PRICE: 7 buds pure
Its also on the steam market so... yea
Selling this Unusual Terror-Watt Rather Festive Tree
Price: 4 buds
Offer Overpay: 4.5
Add me
Selling this Freshly unboxed hat for 1.4 buds or 1.7 buds item overpay
Send a trade