Selling for 7 keys and 10 refined or item offers! Cheapest on the market!
Re opening this trade as im interested as hell once again in bird items. I have 70 pure atm
Well. Found 1. Currently saving. Will still look for others
I normally gain at least 1 key profit each day so anyone who wants to make a future deal keep in mind i keep making profit. Sometimes i purchase items which slow down my progress

I have PURCHASED and sold the collectors Birdman of Australiacatraz.

I would also love a collectors deadliest duckling! Forgot to put it up there. I was informed THERE IS A KIT FOR THIS..

I know bobsplosion has a red army robin, compatriot, AND sir hoot so no need to tell me :3. Asked for over 1000 keys for each

I already contacted this guy http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/25801115.
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Selling for 30 keys pure or item offers!
Trading Cards

Buying price: 1 scrap a pop

Hit the bird man up
Avian Freedom Fighters



Chicken kiev: 10 keys(Bought:1)

Medimedies: 5 keys and 1 ref

Freedom feathers: 4 keys

Mann-Bird: 4 keys and 9 ref

Sir Shoot: 3 keys and 24 ref

Hit the Bird mann up
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Clean: Looking for 65 keys in pure or item offers
Companion Birds

Archimedes: 2.77 refined

Compatriot: 2.22 refined (bought 1)

Red robin: 1.66 refined (bought 1)

Bird-Mann: 1.33 refined

Aristotle: 5

Maggot muncher: 11.77 refined (bought 1)

Ein: 1.33 refined

Grim Tweeter: 1 key and 4 ref
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Medic Bird head

Medimedes: 6 keys pure
Scorchin Flames
Selling for 65 keys pure or 70+ in unusual item offers!

Hit the bird man up
Red Fish, Blue Fish, One Fish, Two Fish

Selling this all class smokin dappers for 24 keys pure or item offer.

Pure price is negotiable
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star....

Selling for 35 key pure or item offers. As always, pure price is negotiable
Taking offers

Chicken kiev: 10 keys and 4 ref(SOLD)

Freedom feathers: 4 keys and 12 ref

As always, cheapest on the market
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High Tier unusual Weapons

High tier, best effect, killstreaker degreaser

Selling for 45 keys pure or item offers (negotiable)
Pyro stranges

Wraith wrap: 1 key and 19 refined

Spec ks strange Festive Flare gun: 1 key and 15 refined

Strange pro ks neon: 2 keys
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Sellin for 4 keys or item offers. Im the only seller as of now

I take item offers at buying price

Hit the bird man up
All class

Selling for 55 keys pure or 65+ in item offers
Past/Current offers
Orbiting Planets Mercs mowhawk+ 7 keys
Tundra top ghost plus 10 keys pure
Searing Starboard crusador if I add

Selling for 60 keys pure or item offers!
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1st Gen Misc

Selling this baby for 57 keys pure or 60+ in item offers.

Pure price is very negotiable
Purple Energy

Facts: First Gen.

Getting raised on bp.tf

Recently sold for 50 pure[/color]

Past/ Current offers
41 keys pure
eldritch Hellmet plus 7 keys pure
Terror wat muff and Orbiting Planets Luchadore
Circling tf logo boxcar bomber if I add a little bit of sweets
Disco Beat down Bonk helm plus 17 keys
Circling tf logo samurai eye plus 22 keys
Fountain of delight Scorching Skater
Hong kong g fetti cone if I added sweets(no longer valid ;-;)
Various offers iv forgotten

Selling this totally EPIC Purple Energy Trilby for 50 keys pure or 55+ in item offers!
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One of two on the market!. Looking for 45 keys pure or item offers! Price is negotiable

Sold literally in like 30 minutes for a pe energy trilby
Selling for 10 keys and 16 ref or item offers! Cheapest on the market
Selling a EPIC steaming tyrantium helmet with a 4 man history for 15 keys in items or pure! Hit the bird mann up!
All class HOLY GRAIL of a taunt. Discounted a ton for all you non taunt lovers >;3

Selling for 15 keys or item offers. Hit the bird mann UP!

DEAD presidents Infernal Impaler

Selling this 3 man history themed unusual for 15 keys pure or item offers (C/O 13.5 keys pure/ Dead presidents Ye old baker boy if I add 2 keys)

Hit the bird man up >;3
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Disco Beatdown Elf Esteem!

Selling for 13 keys pure or item offers!

Selling this high tier absolutely beautiful holy grail of a taunt for 13 keys pure or item offers!

Hit the bird mann up >:3
Dueling banjo: Skill gotten gains

Quick selling for 8.5 keys or offers
Selling for 27 ref! Cheapest on the market!
Cheapest on the market!

Selling for 4 keys and 4 ref! Hit the bird man up:3

Will take items!
Newest birds on the flock

Maggot Muncher: 20 ref or items

Aristotle: 6.33 ref or offers
Chicken kiev

Selling for 9 keys and 25 refined(Cheapest on the market)

Hit the bird mann up
Buying spy australiums

Ambassador: 12 keys and 18 ref

Knife: 16 keys and 5 ref

Hit me up with a trade
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Freedom Feathers

Buying price: 3 keys

Hit the bird man up
Selling for 7 keys. Cheapest on the market

Also taking sweet item offers
Strange widow maker

1 key and 25 refined (CHEAPEST)

Hit the bird mann up.
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Chicken kiev: 8 keys 15 ref
Medimedies: 4 keys and 9 ref

Hit the bird man up if i dont have ref provide change :3
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Buying Freedom feathers for 2 keys and 5 refined and sir shootsalot for 2 keys and 12 refined

If i don't have the ref provide change :3
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5 keys pure, cheapest available!
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Buying for 1 key and 11 refined
Buying taunts

Pool Party: 3 keys and 4.33 refined

SchadenfreudeL 24 refined

Rancho relaxo:: 17 refined

Rock, Paper, Scissors: 11.88 refined

Table Tantrum: 1 key and 2 refined

Mannrobics: 1 key and 3 refined

Kazotsky Kick:1 key and 20 refined

Scottsman's Stagger: 22 refined

If I do not have ref available please provide change
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Buying Halloween items!!!

Marsupial Muzzle: 4 keys pure

Mr Mundees wild ride: 7 keys pure

Chicken kiev: 8 keys pure

Hundkopf 18 keys pure

Medimedies: 4 keys and 18 ref (If i don't have ref provide change for 5 keys
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Batsaber: 9 keys an 6 ref

Capper: 2 keys and 2 ref

Hit me up
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Selling a spec ks capper with the best sheen for 2 keys and 25 ref!
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Always buying :3

Buying for 10 keys pure
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Buying quick sells with 23 keys pure! Comment below or just send an offer if your interested in selling something for a cheap price
Buying for 11 keys and 10 ref
Selling the beep man for 6 keys and the mundee for 7 keysCheapest anywhere mundee is selling for 9.6 keys atm lmao
Cheapest on the market! Selling for 8 ref while everyone else is selling for a key!
Selling for 10 keys and 10 ref or offers! Hit the man up
Selling this level 99 freedom feathers for 2 keys and 15 ref or offers hit the bird man up