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I love safe and sounds. I can do most safe and sounds for my sniper but if needed i can add a b.m.o.c. Good ones please. I can not add more then my sniper and a b.m.o.c. Soon i may have more. Offer up:)
taking offers on this strange festive sniper rifle. it has headshot kills,Snipers killed and long distance kills.
No C/O yet
Taking offers on this specialized killstreak australium black.
B/ 30 keys
C/O none yet
Sheen is mandarin
B/o 2 buds.
Its a nice spec killstreak aussie box. offer below if your interested
Taking offers.
B/O 32 keys
C/O none yet
Taking offers
Taking offers on this wetworks. No b/o and no c/o. Offer up!
Taking offers on this pro killstreak stickybomb kit.
No B/O
So offer away
Taking offers on this kit.
I can add sweets.
C/O nothing yet
Taking offers on this Unusual.
B/O 2 buds
C/O Prof killstreak sticky kit plus 7 keys. Beat that and its yours
Taking offers on this unusual. No B/O and No C/O at the moment
Its the only one in the world. Proof: http://backpack.tf/unusuals/Safe'n'Sound
Best offer wins.
Hide= No thanks
Tick= Added
Im taking offers on this awesome unusual. B/O none yet
Only one in the world.
No C/O yet. Waiting for offers.
best offer wins!
Buying cheap quicksell unusuals

I dont want smoking
Or nuts and bolts
And no robo hats

I have 41 keys.
Offer up
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Buying any Unusual for 9-10 keys. Offer below
Buying this quicksell unusuals. I want a good offer. less than backpack.tf
Offer below.
Hide= Polite no thanks

Happy Offering
Taking offers on the unusuals and black box.

Texas ten gallon
B/O 18 keys
Familiar Fez
B/O 19 keys
Strange Festive Black Box
B/O 4 keys

Im also accepting overpay in items
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My unusual for a clean max
Taking offers on this hat.
B/O 46 keys buds.
55 in unusuals.
Offer below
Hide=No thanks
Tick= Added
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Taking offers on this unusual. I will add keys if its a big overpay in items. But i expect an overpay in items.
B/O 25 keys
For australium sniper I will add 9 keys 3 ref
For australium rocket i would add a bud
B/O 32
Taking pure or overpay in item offers.
Unusuals and australiums accepted.
Offer below
Taking offers on this unusual.
B/O 1.5 buds
Items 2 buds
Australium sniper: I will add 10 keys if im doing it for australium sniper
Austrlium rocket launcher: I will add 19 keys.
Offer below or if paying in pure add me
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B/O 2 Buds Bp.tf price is higher. Im also taking an offer in unusuals. Offer up or add me to pay 2 buds
Buying quicksells under 19 keys. Offer below. I want it cheaper than bp.tf price.
I may pay up to 29 keys if its a good offer!
Buying quikcsells. Offer up. Got 1 bud at the moment

I got 1 bud and some cosmetics at the moment. Offer below.
Ill do 1:1 with a good unusual. Offer up
Ill probably do 1:1 if its a good unusual. Offer up
Taking offers on this dead presidents unusual
Taking offers on this unusual. Post your offer in the comments
selling these hats. also taking offers on this unusual
Cut throat: 2.33
Kringle: 6.33
G.Awper Hand. 6
Weight room warmer: 3.33
Some stranges (not all, for quicksell)
Other hats worth between 4-6 for 1 ref under bp.tf price
hats worth between 1 key and 2 keys for 2 ref less
hats worth between 2-4 for 0.66 less
Add me
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5.66 for genuine awper hand
Paying 0.44 under bp.tf price
taking offers on any of these hats. ADD Me to buy one of these
taking offers on this blood botkiller sniper rifle
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taking offers on this strange blood botkiller sniper. Two strange parts. Damage dealth and demomen killed
Im taking offers on this villains veil painted white
im paying the following for these items:

Warsworn: 1.66
blood banker:1 key
mercs muffler:1 key
detective noir: 1.11
king of Scotland: 2.33
tartan: 2.66
Bubble: 1.33
Add me

Don't worry if I don't have enough metal ill get enough
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Pure in 7 ref or 1 key or offers
Australium smg. offer below.
7 ref for a taunt high five. 6.66 for an uncraftable
Post your offers below
Taking offers on this smg. Post your offers in the comments
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Im taking offers on this Austrlium smg
  • Completed
Selling this nice unusual add me!