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Well, I am selling this Strange Professional Killstreak Kritzkrieg (effect: Agonizing Emerald Cerebral Discharge) for 3 Earbuds and 5 keys.

Add me for trade, but price is firm
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Selling those weapons for 1 scrap each - add me to trade
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Selling robot parts, add me to trade:

Bomb Stabilizer - 1 craft weapon each (I have 3)
Emotion Detector - 1 craft weapon each (I have 1)
Good day. I am selling those miscs for just 2 refined each.

Add me for trade, or post here, if I am offline.
Greetings, fellow traders of TF2. I offer my Strange Festive Specialized Killstreak (Agonizing Emerald) weapon set for Medic.

All of them comes with good strange parts, too.

As for the price, I'd say, 5 earbuds OR 100 keys will do just perfectly.

Don't add me before writing here, please.
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Good day, everyone. I am selling S. Stickybom launcher for 1 refined metall, and Clean Sticky jumper for 1 reclaimed metall.

Fell free to add me for a fast trade
Good day.

I am just selling some unneeded stuff...

Every weapon - 1 scrap

Uncraftable Stash and Helm - 1 rec each

Uncraftable Bootie Time - 2 rec

Add me on Steam, or type right here
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