Think I'm finally done with this game, looking to cash out my backpack. Rarer items are included in this listing (note that's a clean/clean haunted scrap) but I also have a pretty good collection of vintage hats/weapons, popular uniques, and all of it's open for offers. Prefer payment in bitcoins tied to whatever current market value is in USD at the time of trade, but paypal is also acceptable.

I'll be pretty busy for the next 2-3 days and won't be able to respond during that time frame but feel free to offer on here and I'll get back to you over the weekend.

edit 4/22: Max, Earbuds, and S.F Sniper have been SOLD.

edit 4/28: Done for now, thanks everybody.
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Looking to trade 4x earbuds for 5x North American BL2 Season Passes.