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Selling Well Worn Case Hardened Flip Knife Add me or comment your offer
Playside: 75% blue
Backside: 52% blue

Looking for 45 keys or 50 key offer value, im open to all offers :]
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Offer up on the set bic bois, can sell seperatley too. Add to discuss
Open to all offers
Buyout: 200 keys pure
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"Give my love to a shooting star
But she moves so fast
That I can't keep up
I'm chasing"

WIll take 265 keys pure or unusual overpay
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"Boom boom boom boom
I want you in my room
Let's spend the night together
From now until forever"

Taking pure/unusual offers as set or seperately ;]
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What is love?
Baby don't hurt me
Don't hurt me
(send me offers, very open to offers unusual or pure or mix)
(Woah-woah-woah, oh, oh)
(Woah-woah-woah, oh, oh)
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Selling this nice clean all class unusual taunt for 195 keys pure send me an offer/offer below/ add me ;]
240 in unusual overpay
Trading Clean short history tesla coil brown bomber painted black, looking for 130 keys pure or scout set with max or 20 keys
Send me a trade offer of whatever
Selling this clean short history brown bomber for 140 keys B/O or unusual overpay
Will accept a Collectors frying pan chemistry set instant trade
Open to trade offers and adds
Taking offers
Ey b0ss, can i habe de pusi pls? (For attention)
--->Sellin Orbiting Planets Killer Exclusive painted black for sale on Opskins, its clean and has a short history
https://ops...729184 ($73)
Max head thing (for attention)
--> Sellin Orbiting Planets Killer Exclusive painted black for sale on Opskins, its clean and has a short history check it out
It's the most wonderful time of the year fam!
Here's the most festive tree and themed unusual you can get for the B/O price of 58 keys or 75 in unusual overpay.
Happy trading
Open to offers
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Selling Professional Killstreak Pan for 3/4 keys add me or send me offer
Selling this DISCOUNTED for 65 keys pure or unusual overpay
Add me, Send trade offers
Selling Cloudy Moon Tavish for 85 keys pure
Add me send me a trade offer im open to all offers
Taking offers, very open send me a trade, do what you please. (Keep in mind it has die job and headless horseshoes spells)
B/O 82 keys pure/ in unusuals
B/o: 72 in pure, 85 in unusual overpay
Now tradable

Very open to offers
Selling in Pure (preferred) or unusual offers (Scout/Sniper/Soldier)
Big topper- 26 keys (Cheap comapred to all these other peeps)
Baker boy (rabable on 22nd)- 12/13 keys
Big Topper B/o 35-40 keys, also taking offers (now tradable)
Baker Boy B/o is 13 keys (tradable on the 22nd)
Quickselling 24 keys
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check out this nice all class hat. A Steaming knife in head and just play dead. (Only one in market)
B/O is 35 keys or 45 in unusual overpay
Open to offers around price range
Everything about this hat is a halloween special from footprints to haunted ghosts and being level 13, what's not to love :D
B/O: 25 keys Or any unsual headsplitter
Add me or offer below
Highest c/o: 16 keys pure (Jesse)
B/O: 24 keys
Add me :D
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Looking for offers brah
B/O: 42 keys
Super clean bombing run
B/O- 48 keys
unusual over pay- around 55 keys
Open to other offers

p.s- hat looks great with dead of night and polar pullover
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Selling for 8 ref
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Selling this newly unboxed S. Sucker slug tradable on the 19th
Could do 4 keys and 10 ref
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Taking offers on this clean bombing run
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Assassin grade engie cosmetic
New cosmetics will be tradable on the 18th :D
New cosmetics :D
Offer below if you want idk
Short history super clean
P.S the other dude on outpost selling this unusual is duped just saying.
Highest C/O: 10keys + spec ks c.a.p.p.e.r (long john silver)
12 keys (smiley)
Looking to trade for another painted lime unsual :D

Add me/or comment below
Selling for 21 keys pure or willing to downgrade
I have no trade holds
Add me if needed
LOOKING FOR 2 keys for all these items
*Birdman is still part of the deal, clicked on it by accident
I have NO trade holds, quick and fast trades only
Selling for 17 keys add me
No trade holds, i have mobile auth
Orbitng planets Masters yellow belt painted black + 10 keys + goodies for max
I have no trade holds, quick and fast trading :D
Looking for other unusual trade offers or pure
B/O 35 keys
3 in existence only 1 in market
Add me if needed
Peace and love man
Check out this chill and super clean spy set
Offer other cool sets or all class unsuals pure is cool too
52 keys b/o, 55mix or unusals
Um idk only 1 in market i guess (Super clean and 1st gen)
Yo this is some lucious long hair that your heavy could HAVE, buy this from me now and ill ad a vikings beard painted brown to match the hair becuase you know wearing that as a set IS SICK *cough* but yea hearts and stuff come out of it too.

Looking 36 keys pure only 1 in the market
Also interested in scout or demo unusuals
Add me if you want do what you like, or leave offers
Can negotiate :D
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Long lucious hair could be yours, just leave an offer ^-^
Cloud 9 bot dogger for your hot long dogger, know what i mean ...
So yea just leave an offer <3
Looking for pure
Offer away. Any type of offers allowed :]
(Not really wanting to let go)

Unusual cool brick house minigun
Circling peace sign le party phantom + 12 keys
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31 keys or 40 keys unusual overpay
Looking for offers
Looking for upgrades in unusuals or pure offers :]
Selling for 45-50 keys or any offers
Dont be shy offer away