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1 of 2, other one NFS for ages. I'm looking for 150 pure or equivalent-ish amount in items. Don't be afraid to offer-- I'm sure I've seen worse.
I'll go lower for pure!
Shoot me some pure or Unusual offers around the bp.tf ballpark.
Shoot me some offers—I'm flexible!
B/O: Let's call it 70-100ish.
1. Ghastly Ghosts Company Man
2. Time Warp Teutonic Toque Disco Beat Down Winter Woodsman
3. Aces High Galvanized Gibus + Pro KS Unusual Hana Shotgun (Field-Tested and Isotope)
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I'm brokering this Unusual Hana War Paint (Field-Tested) for around 40-50 keys. If it isn't in my inventory, it's on SCM.
My client is particularly interested in a Strange Hana War Paint (Factory New). If you've got that, then here's a sweet deal.
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C. Heart Spook Specs: 80 keys
• 1/2 in existence
Secret Hound Dog: 80 Keys
I'm buying Unusuals for 25-30% off with KEYS!
Current key stock: 44
The Bubble Pipe is 1 of 1, and the Spook Specs are drastically outdated—keep this in mind!
SBTWC Bubble Pipe: 120 Pure, 135 OP
C. Heart Spook Specs: 90 Pure, 110 OP
Vivid Plasma Naggenvatcher: 35 Pure, 50 OP
Im looking for something around 80 pure, but I'll pretty much accept any items.
I'm looking to buy quicksells for 20-30% off. Also, I'm actively searching for a Burning Scotch Bonnet and/or a Burning Mountain Cap.
P. Energy Ground Control: 170
Secret Hound Dog: 82 (RESERVED)
V. Plasma Naggenvatcher: 40
Disco Panama: 26
Go ahead and add me if you need to; I'm always willing to discuss!
Disco Beat Down Professional's Panama - 28
Vivid Plasma Das Naggenvatcher - 40
It's a Secret to Everybody Hound Dog - 80
Purple Energy Ground Control - 180
Secret Hound Dog - 85
Vivid Naggenvatcher - 40
Disco Panama - 30
Shoot me some offers. I'm open to negotiation :)
I'm taking offers on this Atomic Captain Space Mann. I'll consider all offers. Don't be afraid!
Shoot me some offers on this misc! It was unboxed by Geel, if that means anything to you (not charging extra).
1/1 on OP and extremely clean! I'm looking for around 140.
Extremely clean, 1/1 on OP! I'm taking offers around 140.
18 Keys each, plain and simple! Both are clean.
Strange Unique Direct Hit! Shoot me some offers!
Selling some Strange Unique items. I'm open to offers. Tradable 10-29-16
I'm buying Unusuals and Aussies! Just leave some offers below; I have 65 keys pure.
Two-person history-- incredibly clean. I'm looking for 19 keys. If it ain't in my inventory, it's on the market.
I'm taking pure or Unusual offers on all this stuff! Just shoot me some reasonable offers. Frontier may be on market.
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I've been looking for a Nuts n' Bolts Trencher's Topper for quite a while. I'm willing to give at least 10 keys for it.
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I'm looking for 40 keys pure or 50 in items. Add me or send an offer; I'm open to negotiate!
Gimme some offers! I'm open to stuff.
45 Keys; more in Unusuals, equal amount in CS:GO Knives.
45 Keys or other offers. I'll negotiate!
I'm looking for TF/CS offers on this. Knives and Unusuals are considered, but pure is priority! Add me!
Currently taking offers on this stuff! Please, do not lowball.
Kill-a-Watt Crone's Dome - 85 pure, 100 in items.
Orbiting Fire Trophy belt - 30 pure, 45 in items.
Australium Stickybomb Launcher - 14 pure
I'm looking to buy a Burning Soldier Unusual. I am seriously interested in a Honcho's Headgear!
Blizzardy Storm Condor Cap- 100 Keys or overpay offers
Orbiting Fire Trophy Belt- 35 keys or overpay offers
I am looking to buy a Burning Flames Honcho's Headgear with Unusuals and other items.
I am buying to keep, so I do not care if it is duped. Add me to discuss!
Oh look, a crafted knife.
1 of 1 and clean. Looking for around 150 keys pure or minimum 10% Unusual/Australium overpay (Not counting parts/KS)
B/O: 35 Keys
C/O: None

I'm taking overpay in clean Unusuals and/or Australiums.
B/O: 20 Keys
C/O: None

I'm taking overpay in clean Unusuals and/or Australiums. It might be on the market, so add me!
I'm selling a clean Australium Ambassador for 16 Keys pure or overpay in Unusuals/Australiums.
Add me or send an offer!
Hiya. I'm taking offers on all this stuff. I will add pure if your offer interests me. Offer away!
Looking for offers around their current prices. I'm open for anything.
I am selling some cheap skins:
American Pastoral (Factory New): 1 ref
American Pastoral (Field-Tested): 0.44 ref
Smalltown Bringdown (Field-Tested): 0.44 ref
Old Country (Well-Worn): 0.22 ref
Add me or send a trade offer!
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Selling each of these for the following:
-Killstreak Neon Annihilator Kit for 0.66
-Wilson weave for 1.66
-Uncraft Hotrod for 0.66
I am buying any and all Unusual Quicksells with pure. Third gens should have especially large discounts. I will allow negotiation! Add me or send a trade offer.
Both are clean, and I am heavily open to negotiation:
-Stormy Storm Brown Bomber 34 Keys or overpay Sold for 34 pure.
-Orbiting Fire Trophy Belt for 40 Keys or overpay
The following are both clean and I will accept Pure, mixed, Unusuals, and/or Australiums:
-Stormy Storm Brown Bomber for 38 Keys or other offers ( Cheapest listing as of now).
-Orbiting fire Trophy Belt for 40 Keys or other offers (1/1 on market).
38 Keys or other offers
10 Keys or offers
Hello! I'm open to negotiation, so add me if you want.
B/O: 40 Keys
C/O: None
Add send an offer if you are interested.
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