Taking offers on this.

Picture (Made by me): http://i4....te.png



Offers guys,

Mostly interested in Purple Confetti, and Purple Energy Scout hats.

B/O: 3buds Pure

C/O: 3 pure (retracted)

Cheers, and all the best~ <3
Finally complete, my completely Purple scout set, let me give you a run down:

- Purple Confetti Tossle cap; Painted Purple
- Strange Summer Shades; Painted Purple
- Buck Turner's all stars; Painted Purple
- Strange Scattergun; Specialized Killsteak (Villainous Violet)
- Strange Pistol; Specialized Killsteak (Villainous Violet)
- Strange Festive Holy Makerarl; Specialized Killsteak (Villainous Violet)
- Sexy, like purple.

Mostly looking for a Purple Confetti Jefe, but offers wouldn't hurt.

Picture: http://i1....4F.png

Cheers, and all the best. c:
Bud n' a key,

Easy, trade or add me.

Quicksale, trade me.
2 bud Quicksale

Add me.
2.5 Buds

Quicksale, cheapest on market.

Add me, or send trade offer.

Quicksale, add me.
4 buds Quicksale.
Anger (Purple): 4ref
Scorch Shot: 0.33ref
Camera Beard (Purple): 2.33ref
Toothkickers (Purple): 4ref

Send me a trade offer.
Some stuff:

- Hornblower (Purple) - 1key

Ill throw in 1 of the other 3 items for free for the first three sales, you can choose what you want.

Add me, or send me a trade offer.

4.5 buds Quicksale.

Cheapest on market, by 3.5 buds.

Picture(Made by me): http://i6....ih.png

Add me.
5 buds Quicksale.

Cheapest on market, by 3 buds.

Unless your hat, is like 10buds on bp.tf, do not offer, do not add me to offer.

Picture(Made by me): http://i6....ih.png

Add me.
Open to any offers, however scout unusuals are higher priority.


B/O: 5buds Cheapest on market.

If adding me, leave a message first

(Cloud 9 is a crappy effect)
5 buds

Quick sell, add me.

Cheapest on Outpost, both the others want 8buds.

Picture (Made by me): http://i6....ih.png
Chapeau: 3.66 (-1ref from bp.tf)

Add me.
1 regular key each.

I will 2:1 for the heat of winter.

Add me.
Looking for a Specialised Killstreak Fabricator for a scatter, however only Villainous Violet.

Nothing else, I will hide all other offers.

Selling purple painted hats on page 8 of my bp, for -0.33 off bp.tf prices.

Add me.

Excluding the Anger. (Didn't mean to put that there)

Or send trade offer:
Looking to upgrade, or swap my jefe for another, or downgrade.

Mostly after Purple Confetti, but I am fully open to others.

Max's is gone.

Quicksell for 5 buds on Jefe.


Max's for Australium Sniper.

Add me.
Kind of just want this stuff gone, so:

War Pig: 2ref (- 0.5ref Bp.tf)

Company Man: 0.66ref

Add me.
Both discounted from bp.tf price:

Greybanns: 1Key 2 ref (2ref off)

Add me.
Looking to sell my Jefe.

Want, mostly pure offers, but will also accept unusual offers.

B/O: 6buds


2 buds

Level 1 Max's head.

Add me.
Buying an Australium Sniper;


Add me.
Selling my S.Festive Bat.

1bud and i give 2 keys back.

Leave a comment and add me.
Bud, and ill give 2keys back.

Add me.
I'm looking for a really cancer max's, so Gifted, level 1 or 7, duped n Shit.

21 and counting.

Ive got a new pinkie.

1.66 for a rack.

Add me.
Looking for an Unusual Jefe.

You add if it's low.

I can add a bud.

Any offers will do. c:

Fast Sale for 5.5buds


Picture (Made by me): http://i3....ZP.png

Charge N Targe

Unique Killstreak Item x 1
Battle-Worn Robot Money Furnace x 17
Battle-Worn Robot KB-808 x 7
Reinforced Robot Emotion Detector x 4
Reinforced Robot Bomb Stabilizer x 1

Sheen: Agonizing Emerald

No idea what it's worth. Offers.
1 bud.

Quicksale, add me.
Buying a incredibly cancerous Max's Head, the worst you could possibly imagine, so things like it being:

- Duped
- Gifted
- Level 1 or 7

Any of those will do, or multiple if you have one.

Of course i'm not paying a key, i want offers.

Cheers, and have a good one.
Bud + 3 keys

Or offers.
1.66 each

Add me.

Out of all items removed.
Simple, add me.
Dis hat tho?

Hit me with some offers.

1 of 4

3 keys, i don't mind what key it is.

Add me.
Sapper - 5keys

Add me.
2ref for sniper hats.

Don't add, send me a trade offer: http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=82259955&token=fIUYwQNx

Other offers here.
1.66 each

Add me.

Only these left.

Have dupes of some.
2 keys

Notice parts, bp.tf says it's 3.6keys

Add me.
Purple Energy Desert marauder:


Or Scout Offers.

Quick sale, add me.
Ubersaw killstreak kit.

Offer here.
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We run ads to help cover the costs of running TF2 Outpost! Don't let us down!