Bud offers only

If you want to offer real bad send me a trade offer.
Swapping my items + 1ref for white counter parts.

Add me, or send trade offer.
Bud offers only, do not add me for any reason.

If you want to offer that bad, send me a trade offer.
1 key

Trade offer, or add me.
2 buds
Simple, trade or add me.
Want paypal mostly


Add me
Well I unboxed


Not sure what I want, think an awp or a knife or something
1 Key

Send trade offer
Violet Specialized Festive Fish - 5keys

Send trade offer
So I unboxed

Looking for an awp mostly

Offer away
Offers N stuff
So I unboxed this.

1 bud
Strange Specialized Killstreak Carbonado Rocket Launcher Mk.1

Killstreak price on Market ~£3.50
Carbonado Price on market ~£0.70

Thats ~£4.20

Ill do it for 2keys

Thats savings of like ~£1.20

Ceeebs to do conversions to other currencies.
2 ref

Send trade offer.
1bud for Australium Blackbox

Add or send trade offer.
Selling this stuff for discounted price from bp.tf (Paint is free):

Spook Specs: 2ref (0.66 off bp.tf)

Do not add me, send a trade offer.


paint is free
2 buds + 14keys

Killstreak is free for paying pure.

Add me.

Or 3.4buds pure.
I have 4 buds.

Looking to sell them for real world money.

I have no rep or whatever so i will go first. Looking for a pretty respected buyer.

Shoot me what you will pay, and we can make a deal.

Bandana: 3keys
Spook Specs: 1key

Add me, or trade offer.
4 pure, nothing else.

Heres a picture I made: http://i6....zv.png
Conga: 2keys
Square Dance: Sold
Deep fried Desire: Sold

Add me.
4 keys

Add me, or send trade offer.
Key, add me.
Key, add me.
Looking for an Unusual Yellow Belt.

Mostly after Purple fetti, and Peace sign. I have a few more buds for higher effects.

Offer here.

Low Bp.tf price, send trade offer or add me.
3 keys, send trade offer or add me.
4 pure

Trade me, or add me.
2 buds - Gifted Level 1/7 Maxs.

Add me.
Offer up!

YWN: 3 Buds or A clean non level 1/7 max's. (Cheapest on market)
Veil: 4.5buds Or Max's + 1bud
Baker: 2buds Sold for 2buds

Cashing out, mostly interested in pure.
1.33 For scarf hat.
I need drug money.

Macho Mann: 5.66ref
Arm Guard: 3ref
Headwear: 1.33ref

Trade request, or add me. I dun care m8.

Add me.
1 key

Add or trade me.
Selling for discounted prices, I am also not charging anything extra for the paint:

Sub Zero Suit: 1key(1.6-1.8 keys on bp.tf)
Der Wintermantel: 1.66ref (2ref on bp.tf)

Add me, or send a trade offer.
1 bud + 15keys
13keys, cheapest on market.

Add me.
Taking offers on this.

Picture (Made by me): http://i4....te.png



2 buds + 5 keys for Sniper rifle (Has Damage done, and Killstreak)
13 keys for SMG

3 buds or max's for both.

Both cheapest on market.


Add me.
Fast sale - 3buds Pure

Add me.
Finally complete, my completely Purple scout set, let me give you a run down:

- Purple Confetti Tossle cap; Painted Purple
- Strange Summer Shades; Painted Purple
- Buck Turner's all stars; Painted Purple
- Strange Scattergun; Specialized Killsteak (Villainous Violet)
- Strange Pistol; Specialized Killsteak (Villainous Violet)
- Strange Festive Holy Makerarl; Specialized Killsteak (Villainous Violet)
- Sexy, like purple.

Mostly looking for a Purple Confetti Jefe, but offers wouldn't hurt.

Picture: http://i1....4F.png

Cheers, and all the best. c:
Bud n' a key,

Easy, trade or add me.

Quicksale, trade me.